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  1. I've seen pictures of a NATO helmet with grass/camo net on it. Is that helmet in-game, was it scrapped or is it obtainable with a mod?
  2. svarun

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Does this mod support ALIVE?
  3. How could this be achieved? I want the trigger to fire once IR grenade is present in the zone.
  4. Hello. I am trying to use the Task Type Icon from the new overhaul but I can't seem to get it working. I've read the wiki, but I still don't understand what I have to write there so that icon will work. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Age: 25 ArmA3 hours spent: 1000+ Region: GMT+1 Looking for an EU based squad that is focused on milsim PvP/TvT.
  6. How can I limit the number of revives that a player can have? I am using the regular Arma's End Game revive sytem.
  7. Hello. I am trying to hide/delete/remove those big windmills on Altis. Can it be done?
  8. Excellent map! Really well done. My only complaint would be that FPS drops quite a bit near forests. I also hope that ALIVE support comes as a standard feature soon. :) Keep up the good work! Much appreciated.
  9. Is there any fix for the DAGR/Hellfire not locking?
  10. svarun

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I've heard some people say that RHS doesn't work well with vanilla weapons. Something about armor values making vanilla weapons not so useful against RHS vests and vice versa. Is this true or are these just silly rumors? Can I safely use vanilla weapons with RHS? Thanks in advance. :)
  11. Could NIArms - Complete Pack be published on Steam?
  12. Yup, that was it. I feel so dumb now. Thank you for your help! :)
  13. Hello. I am new to SQF scripting and need some help. So this is my situation; Simple, respawn marker is set to truck's position every 30 seconds. Now I'm trying to move the respawn marker to another object, while the truck is destroyed. And when it respawns, it goes back to the truck. And this is a wrong to do it. :( Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Can I use more than one MULTISPAWN module in one mission? How can players select where they will spawn?
  15. Squad name: Black Tails Timezone/location: Central Europe Gamemode preference: Coop and PvP Contact Steam: =BT=Albireo Contact Skype: hellcat678 Website address: https://units.arma3.com/unit/blacktails Short description: Causal milsim community which mainly plays on Sunday and understands that real life gets in the way sometimes. Language: English
  16. Who are we? Black Tails is an European, casual milsim Arma unit. We have been playing together since early Arma 2 days. Are you interested in a casual and friendly community? We're recruiting! What do we do? We play PvE and PvP, casual milsim missions on Sundays at 20:00 GMT+1. Anybody can select any available role that they want, as long as they fulfil their role and don't go running off on their own. We occasionally also run training missions for those who want to learn more about Arma. Do you use mods? Yes. We mainly use mods like ACE3, ALIVE and TFAR, for added immersion. We also use weapon, unit and map mods when needed. But we keep the number of mods and file sizes to a very reasonable level. What do we expect? The only real requirements we have is that members are nice to each other, act in a mature way and are team players. We don't have a minimum age or skill requirement. We also don't have rules in regards to the attendance, we understand that real life has priority. I want to join or have questions! If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please send a PM, or add me on steam; =BT=Albireo. You can also send an email to: blacktails.vfs@gmail.com Looking forward to meeting you. :)
  17. svarun

    EricJ Release thread

    I've heard that this pack includes IMI Galil. Is this correct?
  18. Excellent mod! Some gloves would be nice, but we'll live! Good job.
  19. svarun

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Does this work with Alive?
  20. Thanks! I will try it out. I have another question; Can ALIVE spawn animals? Like goat herd in Afganistan or something along those lines?
  21. How can I limit which civilian vehicles spawn? I only want offroads to spawn since they fit better into the scenario.
  22. svarun

    Zee Identity Pack

    That's quite an improvement! Good job, your work is much appreciated. Our sole female member will be happy to see this. :)