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  1. You're making up all these assumptions. This is an age-old myth with no basis on reality. Stop reading all this shit from some CoD facts forum. Have you ever seen how small a 50. cal bullet is? Not to mention, it's developed to be as aerodynamic as possible. You'd require something like an ion cannon to produce any sort of local trauma to the human skin with an over-pressure blast from a projectile going past you. Source: My unit's captain.
  2. This is wrong. Did you learn anything about physics and biology in school?
  3. Primarch

    A-10C for Arma 3

    This is definitely going to win something from the contest, otherwise there is nothing fair in this world. This is so incredibly good I am still trying to figure out how is it possible.
  4. Nice, that's exactly what I mean. The F-35 wins because of it's superior in maneuverability, sensors and stealth. It doesn't win just because it's newer like many here like to think. The better sensory systems would make the higher tier equipment much easier to use efficiently and give you an edge they should. Don't just make all the tanks carbon copies with similar types of usage with one tank having better overall stats. We're working with mostly stuff that was never finished.
  5. In A2 that's how they handled balancing. If you had a lower tier vehicle, you couldn't compete with higher tier vehicles, just because it was a newer vehicle. No matter how much better tactics you had. You realize that if the F-35 gets hit by a MiG-15, it goes down all the same as if it was hit by a newer plane?
  6. Instead make them all equal in every single way like in ArmA 3? Oh yeah, that's so authentic =D
  7. I mean the only way that I could compete with my friend at a duel with a T-34-85 against a TUSK is to shoot his barrel dead, then just go behind him and slug away some ten shells into the engine before he was disabled. I am sure that the abrams does not have over 100mm thick metal radiators over the engines. It's much better when you can actually deal damage if you see them first. That's tactics, that's realism. I think that the only differences should be that the higher tier tanks should move faster and have better optics/ shell velocity/ better sensory systems. Especially sensory systems and other electronics should be the main focus on the future tanks, since no realistic amount of armor is going to save you from current 120mm shells. It's all about who sees first.
  8. The fact that it can not deal any real damage even though you shoot an M1A2 in the engine department is balancing. It's lower tier vehicle.
  9. So? I think all tanks should do the same if we don't know the specs. That's for good for PVP gameplay such as Wasteland. T-34-85 is completely useless against any tank above its power level in A2, which is not realistic. That's balancing.
  10. Primarch

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    No, it would not be.
  11. Is it possible to have custom server lists that are like now (Six Updater) if you remove GameSpy support and have it steamworks only?
  12. Red Alert reference? Time machine DLC has been confirmed.
  13. A very nice approach in my experience is to give the tanks a second delay to "spool up" the engine before it actually moves. See: Project Reality: Battlefield 2. It removes all twitch and fiddle movement thus gives a great feeling of weight behind the controls.
  14. It is unrealistic and has no real purpose other than to seem unfinished.
  15. Modern 120mm sabot will pierce the frontal armor of any vehicle currently available. Their penetration capabilities are far in excess over all potential armor.