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  1. Hi people! Like many other players, me to have problems wit low FPS during campaign Contact. As it seems to me, there is a problem with loading textures, as it goes very slowly. Do you have any idea how to raise my FPS and to play normally this campaign? Thank you!
  2. bboy

    Contact DLC: Review and Tips

    Hi to all! Well.. I bought Contact DLC, although I have read that many complain about the low fps during campaign. I dont have some strong machine, but to play other A3 stuff, I dont have some bigger problems. Well, with Contact DLC I have a really low fps, something about 15-20... 25 max! The specifications of my computer are: gpu: nVidia GeForce 670 2gb ddr5 256 byte cpu: AMD A10 5800k quad core (4.2 x 4) ram: 16gb ddr3 1866MHz I noticed that while playing the game, it has the most problems with loading textures, for example, when I approach a soldier, his head is blank at first, white ... only later the textures come into place. It is the same with objects, vehicles ... Whether in your opinion moving the game to ssd would solve the problem? Or, do you have any tips what should i do to raise FPS? Because this is how I feel I was throwing money at the bad DLC and i am very disappointed in bohemia...
  3. bboy

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    I fixed the problem... stupid thing with that launcher. never thought that I would try... ;) next problem: ...i escorted civilian to Pacamac, nothing happens... sorry for writing openly, i dont see option for spoiler...
  4. bboy

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    Great mission so far! I´m enjoying plaing it! But me too have problem with task where i need to contact the resistance... russian units are frozen and there are no resistance
  5. I replayed this campaign once again! ;-) Just to say thank you for your great work! You ported ArmA 2 on totaly another level... Had a great time playing your campaigns...
  6. The link for download SEAL team six 4 not working...
  7. I just want to thank you for all that you do. I played your campaigns and re-played many times! As many have noted, and are much better than the original Bohermia! And thank you for still worrying and udate old ones! But the download link not working...
  8. For savedbygrace: First, thank you on soo big feedback! ;) Im sorry that the mission not impress you... but, it is what it is! ;) Next thing, the Armacidents is known bug, nothing I could with... Other things, yes a left AI to spawn, but that is not exactly spawning. They are physically hidden in houses... depending on which trigger, zone around house you activate, they go out... I think that is realistic... i put trigger also that if you kill Leonid, everybody need to shoot at you... i dont know why it din't activated. And yes, i could do it much better, but i did it like this... according to taste... ;) Anyway, i stop making missions for A2, i just replaying some SP missions and campaign... Thank you for playing anyway!
  9. I uploaded on MediaFire... Enjoy and leave some feedback! ;)
  10. bboy

    Bitter Chill Mystery

    Ok, i just have whish to play again Harvest Red campaign. And as i tryed a lot of times before, I'm having the same problem... no matter how many times I revert... With modes or without. I downloaded CorePatch, nothing changes... And yes, i want to play it trough A2 CO! I tryed trough A2, i can play, but when i die and try to load save game, it says that i miss a lot of addons (i thing that thise are from OA)! every time... If someone has already found the problem in this?
  11. First to tell you THANK YOU for this great map and great mod! I enjoyed playing campaign and every else mission on this map! It's one of my best to play with! ;) Now, i'm making one SP mission for ArmA 3, and i making it on Namalsk... As you know, i needed to delete some pbo's to make it playible... But, do I have permission to put that SP on this forum? To share it with community... It's your map... ;)
  12. Hi Nettrucker! I already forgot this, since for a long time was no feedback.. Any way, the campaign should be a future project, one year maybe... :D For now this is only first mission! Put it in your Missions folder... Enjoy! ;)
  13. Do i need some extra addons? Cos' with those already listed it won't start... It blocks me A2 every time...
  14. Sorry.. it's not campaign... it's a sp test mission... the first mission that should be in campaign progress.. ;) i stopped working on it long time ago, but i still keep my work in computer... Maybe i'll finish some day... Feel free to try this sp mission...
  15. Glad to see that someone still working something with A2! :) Waiting for that download link..