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  1. Sure..here s my mission: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2p00ve But I cant remove a unit addon, cuz the mission demands it.. I dont know does that unit belong to ACE or not though. I can send u my mission and init files, if u cant open the mission. Thx for helping me..
  2. Hey! I got an issue, with the LEA loadout. The thing is when I using it, my mission are too delayed..it is showing up almost in the middle of the mission. I could show you my mission.sqm or LEA, if u can find the problem. Thx!
  3. gibanica

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Nice rat. BOV texture,and that long vehicle texture is not what we are used to from you..its a little bit shiny and flatty, comparing for exp your t55 texture its kinda too "new", but I can take it though. All sounds are perfect, real life clips sounds imported, maybe M70 sound are too short, w/out any delay or echo. Empty on some way. Everything else is nothing but perfect. I ve been waiting for JNA and Teritorial Defence for a while..but unfortunatly there s no news such as WIP or Screenshot. Keep it go, all the best!
  4. Ice are the houses are "enterble" on the map? What type of those did u use? Is there any open fields on the map or just the mountains? Thx
  5. I cant see anything on this SS but a plane. So, I dont see what's GORGEOUS did you notice too. Podagorsk is just fine. Why do u think its bad? Chernarus is a peninsula also, and its one of the best maps for arma2. I would mostly like that balkania is open world ground, not an island. Mission makers could easily prevent the cheating on mission. If its island its loosing on the real world looking shape, and there was just a liitle fighting near do costline in exyu wars, mostly in-land..but its on mapper to decide.
  6. PLS add a village in a mountain.
  7. gibanica

    [SP: Balkan War Mod] Battle of Solibor

    Taviana does not actually represent the terrain what do they fighting on. Operation Storm was executed on mounty, rocky turf of croatia, near the adriatic see. And they were fighting against VRSK..I hope for a good entertainment though. Keep it up!
  8. gibanica

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    nice to hear.. when we can expect 1.3 dont forget tommy gun pls to bring into 1.3 ! ;)
  9. gibanica

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Much improvements but.. Gunner on BOfors is undead..bullets passing through. Sight on PAP (optic), M84, M60, is not in line.
  10. gibanica

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Any news abt JNA? Any plans?
  11. Do I need 3.0.3 ver of TS3 to make ACRE working? 1. I have TS3 3.0.5 and 3.0.3 2. ACRE_V1.3.16.469 3. I ve pasted all ACRE_V1.3.16.469 content ts3 to ts3 arma2 to arma2 and Im constantly getting dsound.dll not loaded mEssage. 4. ARMA2 1.60 CO I tried every single tutorial I ve found on the internet, I ve been trying with ACRE_V1.1.1.244_hotfix autoinstaler, runned as administrator, but nothing! Im getting message ACRE is not connected with TS3 although Im possesing it in plugins. I cant belive that's so complicate and confusing addon of 4mb! Im fighting with it for a few days..and I cant figurate out.. Why there's no simple auto-installer in a couple of steps, to make it easy for everyone! :(
  12. gibanica

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    new rifles aint work as it should. Nove puske nista ne valjaju..ponovo ni jednoj ne valja nisan. Nemoj to da zaboravljas, jer su apsolutno neupotrebljive. na svega par komada radi kako treba. a m80 i slicne vrste M-ova, papovka, itd..sve pucaju u pod. ArmA2 SERBIA MOD has been released today, so you could give us a shot trying it..probaj, nije los mod. http://pnk2.prophpbb.com/topic130.html Welcome
  13. gibanica

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    M80 rifle doesnt work as it should. Mortar aiming works well but full and semi dont. Spustena ti je prednja musica, te se ne vidi kroz nisan, pa meci lete u pod. To je jedino sto sam probao do sad. :butbut:
  14. gibanica

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Couse the broken english, and lack of interpuction signs, I can't even guess what would you wanna say, but I suppose that the point was that the rep. of Srpska and Serbia are the same thing. Hell, no way they are! Those are two similar, but quite different regions, cultures, entities, languages, people, army, countries at the end.. And BWM contains Rep of Srpska (bosnian serbs) army not Serbian!