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  1. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    He never stopped working on mod.
  2. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    As you say I got REASONS, first, my psu stopped working, and then GPU, I didnt have money to buy gpu immidiately, because i work for 180e, and i say several times. After two or three months i bought 8800 gts, you know because i asked you is that gpu is good enough just to run arma so i can work. I didnt stop to work on mod, never, you know how many times i uploaded source files for team through bitsync, so you can test new anims, models etc ...
  3. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    I currently do not own any of the new models, I got old in source files. All models are own by our 3d modeller so i cant release it.Its not planned, not for now. @Fox Yep. We started in good way with mod,but a lot of stupid ideas slow down a progress. We have a plan, first to do all infantry weapons, then someone come with idea lets model a soldier, that actually slow down weapon modelling, then new idea, lets do vest's, thats slow other, and then, new idea from other member, lets rework pbo structure, and thats fucked everything. Its almost a year since old release and we actually didnt do anything, we didnt release a single model. A in one moment everyone stop using forum for communication. I just leave mod team, because i have no time for something like that. Plan was: Infantry weapons, then soldier, then gear and equipment, then vehicles and last air transport. We got 6-7 member in team me - adding all the stuff in game jastreb - technical support - dont know aleksa - 3d - work for rhs now il padrino - textures - dont know kosmajac - 3d - started to work on apc m86, but after one month he left, inactive fuxna - 3d - started to work on boots for soldier, but after one.month inactive ljubisa - textures - inactive couple of months, he visiting forum but not responding to any messages, as i know he started to work on map a long ago Thats what happen when you dont follow plan.
  4. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    I personally do not work anymore. Most members(let's say everyone) just left team without any word, I tried more than once to contact them, but without success. But let's say that we who worked on configs and other things except 3d models are not working anymore. I am not sure what happening with models, everything I know is that our 3d modeler work in RHS Team now. I am not in contact with anyone now so I can't give 100% correct informations. The story is long and it's a bit complicated to explain whole situation and everything that happened in past months. But as I say, For further changes you will be notified in this thread.
  5. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    IMPORTANT NOTICE! All services that provided Arma Serbia from domain armasrbija.rs will stop working until the end of the year. Forum registration is not possible because of suspension of work domain and web hosting by year-end. The reason for this decision is the inactivity of members, both at the forum, in the game and in making modification. Therefore, admin team will not finance the costs of domains and hosting. For any questions please send a message to info@armasrbija.rs mail or ask in a thread. For further changes you will be notified in this thread. Thank you for your trust! ArmA Serbia Team.
  6. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Hello. As we already say, current version on PwS is older development version, it's there just to test the new PwS self-update function. The mod is still in development, a small team work on lot of content, and we will try to provide better quality as much as possible, always and always. There will be alternative links, Armaholic and mega.co.
  7. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Thanks. No plan's for Yugo SKS, M72 and M92 are WIP, and they will be released in SAF, not as independent addon. SAF(we hope) will also have our own modelled Western Weapons. Since Special Brigade uses H&K, M4, AUG ... in future we plan to add them to our mod.
  8. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Thanks. As I say before the version that is now on PwS as beta is dev version from march, there are new things but a lot of bugs, since it is on for Dev Team to test new things. It's just to test new PwS self update function. ;) I currently have problems with my supply power, it's dead, lol, I will try to buy new as soon as possible, after that we will start to release BETA Updates on PwS available for everyone with weekly updates, since the all data is on my PC and I forgot to synchronize with others to downlad data and continue work. Until that our modeller aleksa will try to improve quality on models. :) Also two new 3D Artist's joined to our team, so we hope we will replace all other authors stuffs with our own models and textures in future.
  9. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Ukraine General

    Russian artillery? lol Probably according to CNN and BBC. hahaha Did you found any proof that is Russian Artillery? I suppose No. What Hitler is doing in WW2, that now doing Germany, USA, NATO and EU, against Russia. But the end to new the Nazi and Fascist governement is very, very close. Soon Ukraine will be free from nazi's Most countries that joined to EU are on on the brink of bankruptcy, just look at Greece, Italy have worst social problem then some country in Africa, Austria want to leave euro zone, same for Czech, Zeman says he don't want to see american emassy in Czech. After all war crimes that america and nato do from 1945 until now, and you still believe in this shit? Compare war history between USA and Russia. How many Vietnamese and cambodian peope's died from americans napalm bombs, panama, iraq, cuba, afghanistan, yugoslavia, bomb's with uranium. In every war, they are first to join, why, because to colonize the country. Death to fascism, freedom to the people!
  10. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Some old version of development testing, to test new PwS option for self updating. :) We are have in plan of adding newest versions to PwS as beta's and dev builds, available for everyone. ;) You will be informed about that as soon as possible.
  11. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Help with reload animation

    Thanks. I understand whole thing now. I suppose that is something like "advanced" system, more smooth animation, or somethimg like that, since if put rightHandIKBeg = false; rightHandIKEnd = false; rightHandIKCurve[] = {}; leftHandIKBeg = false; leftHandIKEnd = false; leftHandIKCurve[]={}; that the animation will work.
  12. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Help with reload animation

    Hello. I am currently making some reload animation, but animation for some reason "skip" some frames. For example, after using magazine from puouches left hand go directly to the end of animation, instead on magazine position. Right hand dont move from handguard, but it need to move the bolt. file="\saf_wep_m21\data\anim\M21ABS_Reload_Stand.rtm"; looped=0; speed=0.38; mask="handsWeapon"; headBobStrength=0.200000; headBobMode=2; rightHandIKBeg = true; rightHandIKEnd = true; rightHandIKCurve[] = {0,1, 0.023622,0, 0.338583,0, 0.480315,1, 0.771654,1}; leftHandIKBeg = true; leftHandIKEnd = true; leftHandIKCurve[]={0,1, 0.023622,0, 0.338583,0, 0.480315,1, 0.582677,1}; I think the problem is in Right and Left Hand IKCurve, I tried with some custom values, but still dont know what they present. So, if anyone can explain this. Thanks.
  13. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Hello. First of all, sorry for lack of activiry. :) We are working on mod in full war equipment. :) We are preparing some new Vest models for our soldier, updating mod to latest ArmA patch and of course doing a lot of fixes and reworking some older, outdated things. ;) First on list are hand animations for rifles. Zastava M76 DMR Zastava M21ABS
  14. Hello. I am currently adding some additional seats to vehicles, in this case BRMD2. So, the question is how to block turret from rotating when soldier get in. http://www.dodaj.rs/f/3a/Jm/2Flonuqw/arma320150203231107175.png (986 kB) class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret: MainTurret { body = "mainTurret"; gun = "mainGun"; weapons[] = {"saf_mgun_kpvt","saf_mgun_pkt"}; soundServo[]={\saf_a3_sounds\vehicles\turret-1, db-20, 1.0,15}; magazines[] = {500Rnd_145x115_SAF_KPVT,250Rnd_762x54_SAF_M84_Box}; class ViewOptics { initAngleX=0; minAngleX=-30; maxAngleX=+60; initAngleY=0; minAngleY=0; maxAngleY=0; initFov=0.200; minFov=0.058; maxFov=0.200; // (initFov=0.203; minFov=0.203; maxFov=0.203;) }; class ViewGunner { initAngleX=5; minAngleX=-65; maxAngleX=+85; //Rg 30; initAngleY=0; minAngleY=-150; maxAngleY=+150; //Rg 100; initFov=0.7; minFov=0.25; maxFov=1.1; }; gunnerAction = BRDM2_Gunner; gunnerGetInAction = GetInHigh; gunnerGetOutAction = GetOutHigh; gunnerOpticsModel = "\saf_veh_common\optika_BRDM"; gunnerForceOptics = 1; startEngine=true; stabilizedInAxes = StabilizedInAxesNone; class HitPoints : HitPoints { class HitTurret {armor=0.8;material=-1;name="vez";visual="vez";passThrough=1;}; }; }; class CargoTurret_01: CargoTurret /// position for Firing from Vehicles { gunnerAction = "BRDM2_Cargo03"; /// generic animation for sitting inside with rifle ready gunnerCompartments = "Compartment2"; /// gunner is not able to switch seats memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos cargo"; /// specific memory points to allow choice of position memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos cargo dir"; /// direction of get in action gunnerName = "Passenger 1 (Outside)"; /// name of the position in the Action menu proxyIndex = 5; /// what cargo proxy is used according to index in the model maxElev = 15; /// what is the highest possible elevation of the turret minElev = -25; /// what is the lowest possible elevation of the turret maxTurn = 45; /// what is the left-most possible turn of the turret minTurn = -15; /// what is the right-most possible turn of the turret isPersonTurret = 0; /// enables firing from vehicle functionality ejectDeadGunner = 0; /// seatbelts included enabledByAnimationSource = "Doors"; /// doesn't work unless the said animation source is 1 }; class CargoTurret_02: CargoTurret_01 /// position for Firing from Vehicles { gunnerAction = "BRDM2_Cargo04"; /// generic animation for sitting inside with rifle ready proxyIndex = 6; /// what cargo proxy is used according to index in the model gunnerName = "Passenger 2 (Outside)"; /// name of the position in the Action menu }; class CargoTurret_03: CargoTurret_01 /// position for Firing from Vehicles { gunnerAction = "BRDM2_Cargo05"; /// generic animation for sitting inside with rifle ready proxyIndex = 7; /// what cargo proxy is used according to index in the model gunnerName = "Passenger 3 (Outside)"; /// name of the position in the Action menu }; }; Thanks.
  15. Mladja-ArmASerbia

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Progress is going fine, as always, slowly but surely. :) As we say, optics. WIP ON M76B left and in the box and ON M76A right. Since our modeller is currently busy with optics and some new things that we will announce later, me and other member are currently reworking and fixing some "big" bugs in config, with that we also adding some new things, especially on vehicles and their functionality. ~Mladja