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  1. mousetrap

    Cant open ports 2300-2400

    I Think for Game Tracker you need to temporarily rename your server to hostname="GameTrackerClaimServer"; till they scan it or whatever.
  2. sorry just noticed the Ace part I dont have ace so it may have different respawn setup good luck
  3. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?104827-Editing-Expanding-and-Modifying-Domination&p=2225567&viewfull=1#post2225567 ---------- Post added at 09:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:43 AM ---------- http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?104827-Editing-Expanding-and-Modifying-Domination&p=2225567&viewfull=1#post2225567
  4. for Domination 2.71 look in x_revive\xr_init.sqf find this line setPlayerRespawnTime 180; // punish players that simply do a respawn (around 148) change the 180 then go to stringtable.xml find this <Key ID="STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_907"> <English>You get punished for using ESC Respawn...\n\n3 minutes till respawn and you lose two lives!</English> and or this <Key ID="STR_DOM_MISSIONSTRING_908"> <English>You get punished for using ESC Respawn...\n\n3 minutes till respawn!</English> and change the 3 minutes to what you set it to if you don't you will still see the message 3 minutes till respawn but the actual time will be different
  5. anyone had this happen with this build VON not working can hear just can't Talk was on Domanation server went back to 95417 and VON works again
  6. I don't use steam but this is where my depboed go to use in the editor C:\Users\yourName\Documents\ArmA 2\MPMissions or C:\Users\yourName\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\yourPlayerName\MPMissions
  7. look in c:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta arma2oaserver.exe then Properties of arma2oaserver.exe then Details see Product version
  8. Xeno PM sent about Dom 270 bug (can't file report on the Domination site) Thanks FIXED in 271 Thanks
  9. In \x_server\x_f\x_serverfuncs.sqf find this _r = (_this select 2) / 5; change 5 to 3 for 3 satchels this is the section its in below ---------- Post added at 12:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:03 PM ---------- to Hellion38 your FAC =Foward Air Controler ? this is in Mission.sqm and called "RESCUE" "RESCUE2" Look in i_client.sqf maybe this will help
  10. Look in i_client.sqf around lines512 starting at this ---------- Post added at 06:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:07 PM ---------- Hey Medic8402 maybe you could add separate building and name it BAF recruit in i_client.sqf this
  11. Hello That is some great work on the A10 shark ..... Have you made any with like green,brown,gun metal gray camo for the Chernarus map? Thanks
  12. Hello the example mission works for me. The pilots walk up and the gate automatically opens and close only for them But for one thing how can we make it so the Default addaction open /close is removed from the gate ...because anyone can use it defeats the pilots only purposes of it. if A gate without the animations was used would the animate ["Bargate", 1]; make it work but not give the Addaction open/close? thanks for your help
  13. Hello Hey that may be what I need ....do you know what gates Do not have open /close animation? ..would it be a class name or what? Thanks ---------- Post added at 09:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:58 AM ---------- Hello Giallustio could you use it it a Sample map ? I am of the Monkey see monkey do type of person...lol =BTC= Armament System works great. Thanks
  14. Just to be clear... are you saying if you now change to the m16 in hand you will have 2 m107 in you gear list? or you just see if you look at gear list it shows 1 on the list ?
  15. running it with old GTX295 seems to be little better still get black receiving screen and will crash to desktop with game still running. (Shift + keypad - then type flush will bring it back to normal )