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  1. McSpeed

    Arma X problem that should NOT be !

    besides, keys and discs are NOT Bohemias responsibility or Problem. That's what Distributors are there for.
  2. THIS! there is no such thing as better or worse when it comes to keyboard /mouse vs controller. personally i find controllers are too slow when it comes to the hairy moments where you need to turn to direction of fire quickly, in certain games they do excel though (Assa creed for example) Its good to have alternatives and people mentioning those. But in the end its up to each and every player to decide what is most comfortable.
  3. it wont see the brake as such. it uses the gas pedal (lift for brake/reverse press down to accelerate and balance the pedal in center for no movement.) i believe this is called "combined pedal"? what steering wheel are you trying to use?
  4. McSpeed

    Blurry Everything

    hardware details would be useful no matter what other game you can play on the machine
  5. McSpeed

    Dedicated server wont run mission

    i cant see Lingor in your shortcut, you sure you have the island loaded?
  6. are you sure the additional port is not blocked by your firewall?
  7. using any addons? sounds to me like HDR mod
  8. McSpeed


    i LOVED "The Dark Descent" even though the ending felt somewhat "wrap-up-now" ish. Particularly how the did away with any kind of gore or violence altogether and still achieved serious immersion and hair raising moments :D hehe, just leave it up to the players imagination, nothing is more scary than what your own mind can do to you. looking forward to the next installment
  9. Hardware details might help.....
  10. McSpeed

    Why is it bugged as hell ?

    so don't.... or read through the forums before you post and you would have noticed that there ARE in fact certain bugs / functional differences between the FREE version and the one people pay for. show me one free game that is bug free... for that matter show me one game that is bug free at all... free or not.
  11. McSpeed

    Minimizing despite flushing the cache

    dunno if its been fixed by now but if you use skype try to set the visual style to "classic windows". (tools > options > general) i only use this since the new skype style caused random minimising of all sorts of games for me.
  12. McSpeed

    Steering wheel support?

    i had a logitech formula force and now a thrustmaster wheel... both worked just fine with arma and arma2. what wheel are you trying to use?
  13. Great idea and a nice tool indeed ...but... How does this affect MP?.. please tell me it is disabled in mp mode?
  14. McSpeed

    What Are Your Favorite Programs/Applications?

    HELL NO! Long live the buttons!!
  15. a graphic card may very well run and function without the power connected from the psu BUT you wont get anything even close to approaching full performance. it will only work with its most basic functions (displaying whats on the screen) without any acceleration at all (comparable to windows safe mode, in a way) no doubt it will add additional load to the psu though via the motherboard as any component inside your pc will. aside from that i have to agree with the rest of the guys: PSU way too small - you are running the risk of overloading/damaging the PSU which in turn may well affect other components. (you could use this calculator to determine the required PSU wattage) Heatsink Compound has to be reapplied - CPU overheats causing crashes and may cause irreparable damage to CPU. VGA card must be connected to sufficiently powerful psu in order to enable the required functions for gaming.