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  1. Yea, i know, but I was able to solve my issue. Just deleted the mission I created and started over from scratch and now I an move the objectives around. This is still a great way to create missions.
  2. @mecharius I just started using the Anvil Editor, great job! However, after placing the objective in Anvil, I can't fine the markers in the 3D editor. When I click Play, the objectives are showing way off the map. Any idea as to what is causing this?
  3. I've been running TADST servers for a long time and with the 64bit edition of Arma 3, I still have no issues with getting on my servers. All my friends are able to join as well with no issues.
  4. I just downloaded this utility, however, whenever I double click the .jar file, I get an error saying Incorrect command line. I do have the latest version of Java installed on my computer. Is there another way to run this?
  5. @mousetrap I'll have to try that out once I get a chance. Gonna be busy the next few days with work at Skirmish.
  6. I have recently added BAF units to the AI Hut and I would like to have the screen show what units are US and what units are BAF. Is there any way I can have that done? I have looked through all the scripts and can't seem to find what script is actually used to list the units in the AI Recruit Dialog box.
  7. I have been using the Steam versions for both Arma II and Arma II OA for quite some time now and both of them are in separate folders. I also host a CO server and have never had any issues with loading Arma 2 content when launching my game via a desktop shortcut for Arma II OA. One way to verify if your Arma II content is being loaded is when you get to the main menu screen, click on Expansions and check to see if the box to the left of Arma II is green. If so, then all of your Arma II content is being loaded.
  8. medic8402

    Domination in Chernarus or Takistan?

    I currently host a Chenarus CO public server and much prefer that over Takistan. Like was mentioned earlier, it is much harder to capture a town on Chernarus than on Takistan. If the interest is great enough, I may be able to port Domination over to other islands as well. I used to have it on Panthera and that seemed a bit harder than Chenarus.
  9. Xeno, in relation to Bug#27795 that I reported to you in DE, is there a way I can fix this issue on the Dom 2.60w mission I am currently using or do I need to redownload the 2.6w again and port everything over?
  10. BelgarionNL, I believe what you are looking for is something like this: this setPosASL [position this select 0, position this select 1, 15.9] I took this off of a Domination Carrier based mission I have. This is used for setting objects on the main flight deck of the carrier. You might give it a try with what you are working on with some editing.
  11. medic8402


    Is there a way to modify the scripts so that every player is able to mobilize the MHQ as well as repair vehicles at the base without having a squad leader? It gets a bit frustrating having to log out of the game and back in again as a squad leader when a previous squad leader leaves the game.
  12. Well, I actually turned off the Teamspeak overlay and installed all of the latest beta patches. I haven't crashed yet but I am still getting occasional 2-3 second freezes every few minutes.
  13. I am having pretty much the same issue, after playing for a certain amount of time(which varies quite a bit), my game will just freeze then a window pops up saying: "Arma 2 Reinforcements has stopped working". Now, here is the kicker. When I am on a server by myself, I have no problems, when certain people join my server, then that is when I start having problems. Especially if I have an AI in my squad or someone else in my squad. But is always random. I have checked my RPT and there is nothing in there about Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 009D6EA1. I am getting very upset with these crashes and am about to give up on the game even though this is the BEST game out there.
  14. I was having BE issues as well but about half hour ago, BE was updated to version 1.128 and now everything is working fine on my server.