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  1. I'd love to see this as well as ArmA 2 maps be added into ArmA 3 seeing as they've already put Malden into ArmA 3. I even wish all the scenarios could be moved over.
  2. Darkguerilla

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    NO! I prefer to have a hard copy which will mean I can install on any computer I like and not worry with troubles like I did with A1 like when I tried to get it on another computer and I had the hassle of getting another cd key. I prefer to have one cd key and a disk and be able to play it on my computer without another program having to run, which will take up memory. I don't want to have to use steam or a similar thing like origin. But hey I wanna play ArmA 3 so I guess I'll just be stuck with it. Oh well. Would rather they didn't force us to use steam.
  3. I just had a thought about water physics. How about when a typhoon or really bad weather strikes the island, the seas get extremely rough. We're talking the kind of rough that makes an aircraft carrier pitch and roll 30 degrees. It would be nice to fight in a mission where the weather is so bad most of the enemies stay in areas out of the wind and rain, whereas our boy will go and mess their stuff up.
  4. Think about it before doing something rash. Moonlight or Starlight hits clouds, clouds disperse the light over wider area. Like shining a flashlight on to a piece of paper.
  5. Darkguerilla

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    I'm afraid that won't work considering I'm using BIS scripts that already existed and I'm trying to modify them to work. EDIT:.................................................................................................................................................. I did manage to find the problem and fix it, but now a whole new set will take its place. Now I have to figure out where and how to change the upper right notice box that says "Take an M9" to "Take an M1911". If you try the BIS Bootcamp>Shooting Range you'll see what I'm trying to change. Also I need to know if a firemode name exists for the Thompson cause I'm pretty sure "I44_M1A1Thompson_FullAuto" isn't it. I have to know because it wants me to put the gun on fully automatic for 1 part of the test and if I can't then I'll be stuck for awhile. //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- // SWITCH FIRE MODE //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- BIS_AdvHints_THeader = localize "STR_EP1_mission_flow_3_rifles.sqf23"; BIS_AdvHints_TInfo = localize "STR_EP1_mission_flow_3_rifles.sqf24"; if (currentWeaponMode player != "[color="Red"]I44_M1A1Thompson_FullAuto[/color]") then { //Use %1 to select the <t color='#66ab47' shadow='1' shadowColor='#312100'>Full</t>-auto fire mode! BIS_AdvHints_TAction = localize "STR_EP1_mission_flow_3_rifles.sqf25"; BIS_AdvHints_HideCond = "currentWeaponMode player == '[color="Red"]I44_M1A1Thompson_FullAuto[/color]'"; } else { BIS_AdvHints_TAction = ""; }; BIS_AdvHints_TBinds = [ localize "STR_EP1_mission_flow_3_rifles.sqf26", {'ToggleWeapons' call BIS_getKeyBind}]; BIS_AdvHints_Text = call BIS_AdvHints_formatText; call BIS_AdvHints_showHint;
  6. Darkguerilla

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    Hello fellow Invasion 1944-ists. I've been working on something recently. Namely a replacement mission for the current Scenarios>Range Training. Its going farely well but I've hit a snag with BIS scripting methods. I'm using their Shooting Range tutorial mission and modifying it for I44. I have so far been unable to find the control that allows the player to move on if X weapon is in their gear since I swapped it for Y weapon. I'm wondering if there is anyone who knows where that control is so I can swap the X for Y in that as well, which would allow the player to move on.
  7. I'm hoping Novigrad will be like a glorified Chernogorsk, but have like a residential district and industrial district as well as the mix of both that represents a real society of having a low, middle, and high class system. If that can be pulled off it'd be a miracle. I can just imagine it now: A densely urban center of Novigrad with parks and various districts and slums. An incredible project that would definitely be something the City Life guys, due to their name, would probably love to have. I wish I could help you do this, but I don't know how to use any of the BIS tools other than TexView2. My mission making skills are mostly modifying what others have made, since they know how to make scripts and I don't.
  8. Darkguerilla

    Moschnyi Island (GSEP)

    I don't quite agree with an airstrip considering the CDF could fly from Novigrad to the island via helicopter and the planes can reach there as well. I was thinking of just a small garrison, an island guard if you will. An area about the size of the UTES ISLAND Garrison on top of the hill with walls instead of fences. You know small and functional and still keeps in line with your already made story line and doesn't disrupt anything.
  9. Darkguerilla

    Moschnyi Island (GSEP)

    I was wondering why there weren't any bases or even a small garrison for the CDF. I would especially think that the CDF in Novigrad and around there would be more dense. I was wondering if you could make a garrison on the Island that doesn't have holes in the walls, since after all the CDF are more well trained and well supplied near Novigrad. It's kinda hard to make a mission let alone a campaign if you can't find any reason for a CDF presence on the island and since the CDF don't have amphibious vehicles they can't really get on the island if they are blocked off of it. So really there needs to be a garrison with maybe 1 helipad. It just makes sense ya know. Definately helps with the whole airfield bit. No airfield but yes helipad=no required change in storyline.
  10. Has there been any type of script that can simulate an EMP efect on weapon sights such as Aimpoint and EOTech which will make the sights, for lack of better terminology, turn off? Has there been one for all the other guns that use similar sight types?
  11. Darkguerilla

    They better have female soldiers...

    As long as they make the females equal to males and not just sex symbols. To much of that around already. I am aware there are exceptions such as Half Life 2 and I would love to see the ArmA series join those exceptions. The addon Namalsk Crisis had you play as a female character which was refreshing.
  12. Shouldn't this be moved to the ArmA 2 section? ArmA 3 isn't out yet.
  13. I love this stuff and also your PvP zombie thing is awesome even with just 6-10 guys.
  14. Darkguerilla

    Stealth Kills?

    When I think of stealth combat in relation to knives. I don't think of stabbing the throat or torso. I'm thinking back of the neck to separate the spinal cord from the brain. This eliminates the enemy's ability to pull on a trigger or move. A stab to the front of the throat to sever the carotid arteries and wind pipe would be not only a slow death, but also a very noisy one as the escaping air combined with the large amount of blood would make very ghastly bubbling whistling noises. Torso stabs would do about the same thing. Now back on track with a spinal column stab, in combination with a grab around the mouth area to keep the enemy's jaw shut as well as to hold onto him and ease him down to the ground where you can pull your knife out and go for a second blow or two to finish him off. This gives the opportunity to reduce the noise of such a brutal attack. Now say the player did succeed in taking down the enemy and stabbed him in the spinal column and disabled him, but just so happens another patrol comes by and spots him before he can finish his work, I would like to think this give the patrol two available options 1. Kill him immediately to keep him from finishing off their friend or 2. Tell him to back away, drop the knife, and surrender immediately where they can then torture him. Just the fact that the player has been spotted by one enemy and that enemy has started making noise will alert the whole base through chain reaction and thus draw attention to where the player is and thus more infantry will be coming down on his position to take him captive. This would require some smart AI. Also would require the player to play smart and watch for patrol patterns instead of just walking into the base and knifing everyone as there would be X% chance of being discovered.
  15. Air Fuel Bomb-MOAB or Russian version. Can you say Maximum Destruction?