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  1. I have the same problem with LOD shifts. I went from a NIVIDA 285 to a NIVIDA 680. I changed to a SSD.
  2. I couldn't do this IRL. Maybe I missed something in Map and Compass training. Some missions have the objectives marked with a yellow caret. Personal waypoints can be set and show as a green caret (Left SHIFT click on the map).
  3. Gremlin

    Illegal copies may degrade

    Sakai, your post is not helpful to the solution. The server gets corrupted by cheats.
  4. Gremlin

    Illegal copies may degrade

    This occasionally happens on our server. The server has to be restarted and the message will not show.
  5. I already fixed it for myself. I admin a lot on the ArmA II Free server and see a lot of kicks due to the languagecore.pbo missing. I have been playing this series since 2001 and always put the extra effort out. There are a lot of gamers that will not research this for a variety of reasons. I am just looking for a real solution.
  6. This request is in a way attached to the Beta patches, as it will result in the next formal patch. Our Squad has a dedicated server running ArmA II (not Combined Ops) used as a recruiting tool. The last formal patch did not include the update to 1.11. Those that have the disk copy, and have upgraded to ArmA II CO ,get the languagecore.pbo error and are unable to connect. This makes it difficult to have them join, along with their friends (as potential buyers). The Beta changes have been superb and I appreciate BIS's efforts. I will continue gaming ArmA II CO but I hope we can still bring others in with ArmA II Free/Demo. The next formal patch needs to fix the ArmA II languagecore.pbo error.
  7. Gremlin

    Cannot connect locally

    Could it be a "port" isssue as ArmA II uses the same fixed port? The second game should have in command line something like, "-port=2350" (no quotes). The port number used does not matter. So the numbers could be 2351, 2352, 2353...
  8. Gremlin

    ACR is unplayable

    I get the same issue and have to Shift Num- "flush"
  9. BasileyOne, you must be intellectually challenged. Your comments are rambling gibberish.
  10. BasileyOne, I used to think that way; when I was five years old.
  11. The ArmA II Free is an excellent recruiting tool. We run an ArmA II Free/ArmA II server in addition to our Combined Operations server. Although we have our griefers, we have gained regular players that purchased the full game. It just requires the admin to do more monitoring, but I think the payoff is worth it. Most of the griefers are short on attention span. They don't stick around long and move onto the next demo. NeuroFunker is correct in that there are fewer griefers when people purchase the game.
  12. Gremlin

    Interface discussion

    Single player does this effectively.
  13. I enjoy Chernarus the most. The only complaint I have is that they never fixed the physics of the rocks and the vehicles flip/fly in the air when the rocks are bumped. Totally unrealistic. :raisebrow:
  14. I guess I will never understand why someone would join a multiplayer game and will not communicate with others on the server, acting as though they are playing single player. I have been stationed in the military, outside my country, and realize that I have to adapt. I understand some people are reluctant to talk in a foreign language as they don't want to make a verbal mistake, but they know how to type in the language being used on the server and fail to do so. If needed, I go on the "translate" page and to the "pronunciation" websites. I don't mind making a mistake as I enjoy gaming with others around the world. Sometimes gamers speak your language and then they put you on ignore, maybe because of age. I can tell as I can read their pings and know they are close. Hey, we are all in this to have fun together! This is just a pet peeve of the multiplayer mode.
  15. Gremlin

    Tank speed

    Don't tanks have "speed governors"? I think the uphill is appropriate, but the down-hill is unrealistic. The "WEEEEEeeeeeee" factor is just unreal (although the comment is lol).