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  1. Jordo94

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Hey dude, love the mod! I think a good idea for feature is to make the blood textures visible in thermal vision. it'd work a treat with the new thermal vision from apex. only if possible of course.
  2. Hey, i think it'd be a good idea to re-texture the Raven Vest for the CTRG, to give them a unique vest.
  3. Hey not sure if the Dev's even read this, but the raven vest retextured would make a good unique vest for the CTRG
  4. Hey mate, love your mod adds heaps of variety. one issue I've been having though is the fact that whenever i activate your mod with optre the crew helmets don't appear, just the shadows, making insurrectionists look a bit goofy. I'm not a modder by any means but i assume you may have tinkered with the RVmats or something for your pmc units and broke the existing helmets. keep up the great work
  5. Jordo94

    OFP Addon request thread

    1. ghillied up supressed m24 (can't find one) 2.crysis marines, weapons and flying vehicles. 3. ACR assault rifle + loads of variants. 4. Kriss super V i especially want the Crysis one (i love the jump jet, transport sorta thing)
  6. Jordo94

    FN Scar-L/H ???

    been curious about these in ofp after seeing a video on Youtube that includes this weapon, just curios if anyone knows of an upload or that can upload this addon... the gun is shown in edelweiser's 2.8 months later at about 0:45 here's a link so if you have it or know someone who does i'd like to get my hands on it.... thnx guys :confused::confused::confused:
  7. Jordo94

    suicide bomber??

    thanks guys!!
  8. always wondered if there was an effective suicide bomber i already have a car bomb but ive wanted to do a market place bombing anything would be apreciated
  9. Jordo94

    Call of Duty 7: Black Ops Trailer...

    cod4 was gud but after they released co5+6 i was devistated, it just turned to complete shit, super thumbs down for those guys.... :(
  10. wanted to know this because ive been getting into stealth ops and was wondering how to drop off several soldiers from a chopper, then have the loud annoying give away, buzz off to an lz really really far away. ps zip lining would be good to know as well, because ive been into the BAS MH-47E, and several of the blackhawks thnx guys!!!