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  1. You are making a great work.Really good work.I will download the new version now. Suggestions: -Maybe you can use my Russian Units to east side too.I made units with some new camos like Flecktar and Digital,could be a good idea. -You added the AH1 to west side,maybe you can add a MI28(I don't know who made it) and a MI17(from the polish addonmakers) to east side with the new Russian scheme("Black" Aircrafts). Keep Walking and Thanks
  2. ivosm

    Operation Codeblue new announcements

    You can get some pouches from TQP SF.They are free to use.
  3. ivosm

    OFP Addon request thread

    DMA European resistance is free for modify,but I think it's not the same type of soldier that you are looking for.You can try to work with the UCS Mercs too,you have MLODS in the 0.9 version I think,you only need the permission of Relliki.I used the Jonny SF lot's of times without permissions problems(but you will need to send a MP).
  4. ivosm

    ]CDM[ Campaña De Los Andes.

    Great work,It's very nice to see some south american work to this game.I really will like to play with this mod.The Pampa is amazing.Gracias Hermanos.
  5. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    This game need a new weapon pack with modern weapons,like M240L,modern versions of M249,M110,M27 IAR,M107,SCAR...well it's an idea from a new addon.Not for me,because I don't have time to make 3d models.But its a good idea :p
  6. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    Can you be more specific?Addon works fine here.
  7. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    --USSOCOM Units-8 Camouflage Patterns-- This addon have soldiers from United States Special Operations Comand using a big variety of camos: -Digital Tiger Stripe -Desert Tiger Stripe -Marine Pattern Woodland -Marine Pattern Desert -Universal Camouflage Pattern -MultiCam -AOR1 -AOR2 Screenshot: http://imageshack.us/a/img411/4338/promopp.jpg Special Thanks to: Johny:US Army ACU Special Forces. This is not a official addon. This addon needs: Facestex 2.0 STGN M4 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?t13bpm31t36z0yn
  8. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    Thanks Nikiller,maybe I will try it in an upload.WW4 Units are very aggressive,I know :p.I will upload the addon now.
  9. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    Units working fine! GOGOGO IndyCar Racing will start,Brazilians will win!
  10. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    I decide to don't make units wearing woodland,US3 color desert,olive drab and tan.I'm without time to make it.Maybe in an upload when other addonmaker make good SCAR Rifles. I think it's all made here,now I'm testing units in combat.I will launch tomorrow.
  11. I'm sorry,but I can't download the 1.0 version alpha(I think this is the last version) from gamefront,the link is crashing here.Can you upload in other site?
  12. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    Yes I will put the STGN M4 in all units,but I will make it later.Now I'm only copy and paste config,this is the cause of units are still using the SCAR.I decided to use only STGN M4,because it's complete weapon,not a WIP like the SCAR.
  13. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    Thanks Revan9190 :) -RuN-,I made the SEAL camos,AOR1 and AOR2. Are you speaking about other SEAL camo?
  14. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    I'm sorry,but I don't understand...diggin?Yes I will do the woodland.Tan and olive uniforms,good idea,I'll think about.
  15. ivosm

    USSOCOM Units

    Desert Tiger Stripe and UCP(I don't like this camo,but it's a complete pack) units: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/744/tsucp.jpg Tomorrow I will make Woodland and US3 color desert Units.I think it's all.Anyone likes other camos? After that,I will put the STGN M4,make the wounded textures and test then,and publish.