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    Development Blog & Reveals

    My supposition is that if the campaign was all put together there would be a lot less controversy about about its length. No blame on BIS here; development has its limits. Maybe some people should just play it all in one go.
  2. bobtom

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Very glad/happy/excited to hear that.
  3. bobtom

    Refined Vehicles

    @RedPhoenix Totally understand man. Sometimes a mission/mod combined with real world pressures can just burn you out. Wish you the best, hope to see you back sometime. Appreciate your work as well, -Craig
  4. bobtom

    The Undead Mod

    ^ | Intrigue.
  5. Here are two pages from ArmAholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15300 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13535
  6. bobtom

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Good question. Robust sounds good though.
  7. It's subtle, but I really like the fire selector clicks, thank you!
  8. EDIT: I'm sorry, this belongs in the Q&A section. Greetings, I have a quick question: (I know full instructions/guidelines have not been released yet, this is just a general inquiry) Would mods/missions that deviate from "Classical" ArmA have less of a chance of winning? For example, would a very detailed Starship Enterprise lose because it deviates from conventional warfare? Or say someone made another zombie mode, or a SP campaign of a serial killer loose on Altis. Does BIS want us to stick to detailed military combat that takes place in the 2030s? Thanks, -Craig
  9. bobtom

    indoor improvements

    I'm guessing the main reason they haven't done anything about this is the fact that rendering such lighting throughout a whole a town would cause some major performance problems. But maybe that's not the case, maybe it's just something to do with development resources or something. Honestly I'm quite satisfied with the changes from A2 in this department, and maybe some improvements will be made in future patches / dlc.
  10. bobtom

    indoor improvements

    I've never seen those newspapers before! They're awesome. I'd love a 3d editor, it was one of the things I was most excited for when A3 was announced, and it's sorely missing. But I nonetheless love the editor improvements from A2. -Craig
  11. bobtom

    Rate the second episode!

    I honestly haven't had any problems with the AI yet. Once they did all die, but that was because I put them in that situation. I agree with Lordaltair, very immersive, and very challenging. Good stuff. -Craig
  12. bobtom

    Rate the second episode!

    Just finished it. 8/10 I liked it a lot, probably better than Survive in my opinion. I really enjoyed the opening mission, and especially the first scene. Thanks Craig
  13. bobtom

    Google+ Official page

    I personally frequently use Google +, but I didn't notice the lack of updates on A3's page. It's a wonderful service, technically, but there just isn't the usage to make it a viable social media terminal, unless you heavily follow tech news. It's just another cog in Google's plethora of services (Hangouts, Photos, Maps, Gmail, etc, etc). I'm not sure why, of all those, Google plus receives so much hate (some of my friends verbally oppose its existence) as it's just not very popular.
  14. bobtom

    User Mission Request Thread

    My own Namalsk Zombies from ArmA 2 has zombies that attack almost exclusively via hordes, it's only 2 player coop, however. I, myself, very much prefer horde attacks, but the main problem is the cost in performance that inevitably results from this. It's a hard balance from a mission designers standpoint.
  15. Clothing issues are centered around the restrictions put in place by BIS. Blufor can't wear opfor clothes, civilian can't wear blufor or opfor, and etc etc. I don't think it's something I can change.
  16. Originally posted HERE Shalom, It has been quite some time since I've made a significant upgrade to DZS, and I'm proud to not only release this upgrade today, but to announce something much greater. In late 2011 the first version of what would grow to be the #2 COOP mission in Arma 2 and the #1 in Arma 3 (Armaholic hits). It became successful not because it was well done (it was quite rough around the edges), but instead because it was different. Open ended zombie survival of this type wasn't something available anywhere in the gaming industry at the time. DZS took that a step further with many parameters, integrated randomness in almost every aspect, and map independence. Now, as I start college, my almost year long hiatus has ended. I plan on taking Dynamic Zombie Sandbox into a whole new direction. I would like to revolutionize the system of goals, tasks, and objectives. People need something to do besides kill zombies. Because once you have multiple vehicles loaded with heavy weaponry, no zombie herd can stand a chance and gameplay becomes stale. In real life you can analyze so much more about someone than in a game. People carry wallets, phones, and more on their person, and that can lead to some exciting things. Example: You kill a zombie and search their body. You find their phone that is holding onto a little battery. Their last text was to his brother, who was planning on going to his house in the country where he was hoarding weapons. Boom, an objective. Think Skyrim's radiant quests, except with a lot more spice, and no clear indicator of where to go. Arma lets you place markers on the map, so do it. (If you can find a map) I intend to capture this ingame and that excites me. The structure for this is already present in the version I am releasing today and there is far more on the horizon. So if you have any suggestions, tell me. Now that my spiel is over it is time for the actual release info: Dynamic Zombie Sandbox A3 1.0 (Yes it says 1.0... I know the last version was .09, just forget about it... thanks :D) What's new: Buildings now play an integral part in the DZS experience. [*=left]A new system of zombie spawning done completely within buildings [*=left]New player spawning, within buildings, in their underwear as if they just woke up. (think Rick Grimes) [*=left]New zombie sounds, they are a work in progress so please give feedback on them [*=left]More stable spawning system [*=left]Completely redone file structure [*=left]Fixed time sync issues [*=left]And a new loot spawning system [*=left]You can search the personal effects of dead zombies and players [*=left]Cute heartbeat in the beginning [*=left]Messages to intro you to the mission Let me expand on a few of these:Things now spawn as the player moves around the map, and it is all done client side. This includes weapons, vehicles, and zombies. You can investigate a dead zombie or player's body. Open their wallet and learn their name, their age, and more. I intend to expand this into a whole new task system that also included vehicles and maybe buildings. Everything has a story, it's time to tell it.This update is basically a launchpad for the future. Disclaimer: DZS is very much WIP, I mark this as 1.0 because it is a new beginning for the mission and for me.Some things to expect: [*=left]Lagginess: There is a vast amount of things being spawned [*=left]Occasional errors: Config errors occur a lot in DZS, I'm working on it [*=left]Some parameters won't work. This will get fixed soon, worry not Download: Steam workshop (automatic updates, I intend to update this a lot): http://bit.ly/DZSSteam DynamicZombieSandbox.com (mission folder also included): http://dynamiczombiesandbox.com/downloads/ ArmAholic Mirror: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18759 Yeah, I'm in college. I could be getting a job instead of this, so if you are feeling kind: PayPal
  17. New menu theme audio: 47rBon2IiJ0
  18. I'm actively working on both, but currently 2017 takes precedence. A lot of what I'm doing overlaps to both, however. We have no plans to combine the two projects.
  19. bobtom

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Good to hear Purepassion, thanks for the update man.
  20. It's not like DayZ because none of the elements are from DayZ. Therefore it won't play like DayZ at all. Other zombie mods use DayZ loot systems, DayZ zombies, etc etc. But this won't use any of it. It's all in-house. This mod will have it's own style and it's own gameplay. But we are doing more than merely copying DayZ mechanics with our own code, we are doing something completely different. It's like how completely different Dynamic Zombie Sandbox's multiplayer is to DayZ's. Specifics will come later of course. -Craig
  21. bobtom

    [SP/MP] Pong

    This is great. Just great. Congrats man, I've always fantasized about putting a classic game into arma via dialog or something.