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  1. Hello everyone, I came here to pay my respects. I think what really shines through in this apparently-futile round-robin of custom user content is the level of true selfless sharing and passion that reveals that human beings can live as such instead than doing the typical "get/give/profit" ideas and they are trying to put us on, and the dreaded consequences such a mindset creates. I believe it's in the smallest of things that you find your strongest self. Thanks Paul, you inspired people, to me there's no best way to be a human being.
  2. Sorry for entering like this but: 1) Can a Linux server admin use these hotfix in any way (e.g. manual installation of some sort?) 2) Judging by what is fixed/addressed in every beta after the v1.60 release, these seem to be pretty serious issues in the game OR introduced in v1.60 patching: are these going to be part of a v1.61 patch or should we stay up to date with these betas? I am sorry but I am kinda puzzled by the fact that in the past betas were a way to introduce new features / experiment / test features before making them official and sometimes they had workarounds for problems...but lately, since v1.60 was released, the changelogs look (to me) massively fixing crucial aspects of the gameplay..some of these things made me go: "what?! *THAT THING* was broken!?"" Thanks,
  3. Nice package. One of my favorite weapons in my entire videogamer career (pardon the stretch). Just out of fun I was making custom sounds for the 971/973, but I can't seem to open the config.bin. Would you please share the classnames and their dependancies? That is, if you don't mind. Thanks for the great mod ;)
  4. Reezo

    EOD Mod

    Hi guys, I am working on the release of a final version before I stop developing this. Final means "no longer developed", not "perfectly working", so be prepared to send bitter words my way if things go boom the wrong way. 1) Evidence stuff on triggermen and suicide bombers: this should be working already and it is being developed. 2) MP Respawn compatibility: the modules, for the moment, work in a way that transfer the sync to the team leader to the next group leader alive. So if a TL dies, the module syncs with the next highest rank in the group, until the group is empty. The modules wait for the next leader to be alive, so even in the event that the entire group is wiped out, the module will still wait for the highest rank in the group to be alive and then it will start the loop again. I think I can improve it by making the while {count units _grp > 0 } do into: while { alive module } do because this way we avoid any possibility of the main loop exiting and never restarting. 3) Weird bugs, sounds, stuff etc: I've never experienced those, so you would need to provide me with repro steps. 4) Is the loudspeaker too loud or too soft in terms of audio intensity (= mere volume)? 5) A Thor 3 backpacks crate will be available 6) There will not be more or less documentation than the one that is already available. Best wishes for a 2012 full of working EOD mods, regardless of who will develop them ;)
  5. Nice addition, more love ;)
  6. Absolutely, EOD+CIM is now an absolute must, it is a no-brainer just by looking at the features of both mods.
  7. Thanks! ;) but if I get anyone here saying thanks to anyone but Nielsen, I am going to get upset :) CIM is great, we are hopefully going to use it for our Reezrepo campaign at SR5 Tactical, it is one of those things that should have been in a simulator in the first place ;) maybe BIS wants to test our developing skillzors ;)
  8. No intention to hijack the thread but the creator itself wrote these and I want to reply. Anyone has something against this talk to my lawyer (if you can find him). It does get the desired effect..because in that module the two variables work differently: _rangeMin is the range people hear your loudspeaker and _rangeMax is how far they move away when being evacuated. This is ..if I can remember correctly but I am pretty sure about it :) True, this might make me a final v2.24 sometime soon ;)
  9. Thanks mate! I really appreciate being in the credits for a mod that really got my attention on the news page!
  10. Reezo

    EOD Mod

    Did you try re-download the link and replace the EOD mod? I had the same issue, seems like a binarizing error of some sort..but it was fixed shortly after the release post..
  11. Reezo

    EOD Mod

    True. I'll make sure it's v2 ready when v1.60 breaks out. This way we add even more suspence to the 1.60 release date XD
  12. TS restarted but still..no transmission via Caps Lock..weirdzor. Not that I had much to say on the radio, anyway :)
  13. Reezo

    EOD Mod

    Updated to v2.22 - Fixed some init bugs (thanks Tupolov) Mirror away ;)