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  1. Stalkermight

    ACE for OA 1.13

    +1 Thank you!
  2. Stalkermight

    [SP] Zero

  3. Stalkermight

    [SP] Zero

    only sometimes
  4. Stalkermight

    [SP] Zero

    It happens that the save gives me a black screens, i can move and shoot but I do not see anything. Sorry for my bad English
  5. Stalkermight

    TGW RAH-66 Commanche for CO

    Yes, thanks GossamerSolid I'm sorry for my bad english
  6. Stalkermight

    TGW RAH-66 Commanche for CO

    I found this <<http://ew.moricky.com/>>, I hope will be useful, I am not able to play it
  7. Stalkermight

    ACE for OA 1.12

    Is the first post and dev-heaven.net link updated with these hotfixes?
  8. Stalkermight

    ACE for OA 1.12

    The link, on dev-heaven.net, to download ACEX_SM is broken :(
  9. Stalkermight

    ARMA 2 : OA beta build 84628

    Take this opportunity to get in half even with a small request if I can. You might consider this http://dev-heaven.net/issues/12240. Thanks and sorry for my bad English
  10. Stalkermight

    EOD Mod

    :459: Reezo is the best :pc:
  11. Stalkermight

    [SP] Sabotage: Shapur [A2OA]

    Hello Janat Shapur Sabotage is one of my favorite missions. I like the style lone wolf also because of the stupidity of the AI. Take this opportunity to ask you if you have or have made ​​other plans to do with it? Thanks and sorry for my bad English.
  12. Stalkermight

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Could you create a addons that allow you to use the slot that is normally reserved for the pipes AT & AA and let available for any secondary weapon? Waiting for B.I.S. insert it by default. The system "shoulder" for the domination and A.C.E. create in practice three slots, that are actually a little too much! Thanks and sorry for my bad English:(
  13. Stalkermight

    CONSPIRACIES: Operation Evac

    May you enter the list of required addons for this mod? Thanks
  14. Stalkermight

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Hey Sumrak, I haven't finished the campaign too, but I can already say that it is the most beautiful campaign I've ever played. If I were in BIS I wouldn't miss a talent like yours. Sorry for my bad english and thanks. :)