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  1. sandman1980

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Hi genesis92x, i have a doubt. I read in past post that some people talk about Dissension 1.5 but i only see for download the 1.2 version. Is the 1.2 the official version? Where i can get the 1.5? Thanks
  2. Hi pierremgi. I don´t think if the issues are the same. In my case before and after the update 1.62 i had a lot of mods and i see the mods in the Launcher without problems. But the problem in my case is when i try to add new mods from the workshop. They download but not appears in the Launcher. Hi BIS_Wizard. Now i am at work, but when i get home i send you the logs and the mods that i suscribed.
  3. Sorry but you can be more especific? because i can't see the option you say. I don't talk about the A3 Launcher. I talk about Arma 3 Launcher vanilla.
  4. Hi, first of all i must say that i already have subscribed mods from the Steam Workshop and I never got any problems; second i have the default config for Arma3 Launcher. But today i notice that when i subscribe to some mods, they download but never appears in the list of mods in the Launcher. I find the mods into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\ but i don't know why the Launcher don't recognize them. If i subscribe to missions there is no problem. Only i can't see the mods. Someone can help me? Sorry my bad english.
  5. sandman1980

    Mod issues with 1.60

    People, only pass two days and there are updates for almost all maps! So what was so bad? Oh yes! one or two days without can play my favorite maps! Come on!
  6. sandman1980

    Mod issues with 1.60

    Hundred percent according to diesel tech jc and the1krisrob words!!! I so tired of this toxic people that complain and demands like babies with a broken toy. The mod community are great! and with time the mods will adapt to the 1.60 update. In the meantime... play other games, try the new things of 1.60 in Altis and Stratis Maps or get out and take a breathe and see people in real live! When come back surely the amazing modders have some news!
  7. sandman1980

    [Release] - CleanUp script

    Hi, this script only work on mission hosted on a server or if i host the mission over internet it must work? Thanks
  8. sandman1980

    [MP] FT-2: Fight For The Territory | Hi,A3 Project

    Where are the mission hosted? i mean in what country? I have a clan but we are from America, and if the server are in Europe it´s a problem.
  9. sandman1980

    New CTI going to be born.

    Hi! This mission can be played cooperatively?
  10. sandman1980

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Thanks for the reply! Yes, when i remove this maps from the startup server, all work well.
  11. sandman1980

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Sorry for so many questions, but i have a doubt. When playing co-op if for example i choose the West side, i must let the East side with all the IA slots activated or i can deactivate all IA? Thanks
  12. sandman1980

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Thhamm, i try the mission only with the All in Arma Mod and work well. Then i try with AiA + RHS only and work well!!!! I think the problem are that before i load in the server some others maps too (@australia;@panthera;@PRKZ;) i remove this maps and all was fine! Now i try the mission with ACE activated and seems to work. We must play some time but the mission load with this mod.
  13. sandman1980

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Thanks! i will Try! I ask this because i want to play arma missions with some IA improvements, because vanilla IA is very overpower. I and my clan discover that play with ASR and ACE give a better experience in missions. P.D. sorry my bad english!!! :wacko:
  14. sandman1980

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Thanks for the reply! i will try without ASR_AI3. One more question about mods: the ACE3 mod is supported?
  15. sandman1980

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Hi! the coop version of this mission work with the last Arma Update (1.50)? Because It is not running well, we spawn near two trucks but the commander don't have any options to construct or deply the HQ. This are the mods load on our server: @CBA_A3;@ASR_AI3;@allinarmaterrainpack;@australia;@panthera;@PRKZ;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF; can any of these create conflict with the mission? Thanks!