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  1. =kct=blackmamba

    Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017) Rest in Peace

    Rest in peace Bushlurker,
  2. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    @ Baconeo, It is set to 1.5 and stays @ 1.5 as is the Arm3 Stealthy Chinook. @ Robert, Not going to happen if u want to fly the MH-47 x version download Konyo's . @ Airwolf, It lifts everything "with slingload memory points" and a weight up to 11.000 + kilograms.
  3. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    Help accepted. [EDIT] I just did a quick test with the 3CB BAF Vehicles .. they lift them up just fine (both of them).
  4. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    use Deltagamers Chinook or RHS if they do sling the vehicles better. I don't like to undermine somebody else's work and hate to say a bad things about other peoples work.. I tried to make the CH-47 in this addon close to what it CAN do, how much fuel it actually carry's (without the use of extra internal tanks) not making it a stunt chopper that can lift a M1 Abrahams or anything like that. if I could make it sling in tandem I would upped the sling capacity by 3208kg but I cant.. so this is what it loads. don't like it don't use it.
  5. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    It should be able to lift the Coyote as well. According to http://www.warwheels.net/images/HMT600specsSupacat.pdf Weight with fuel and armor is 6600 kg. The (GVW) is 10500 kg. The CH-47F lifts up to 11792 kg.
  6. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    that is a weight issue, I had that issue myself in the Dutch MARSOF Units pack with the SH-14D. The jackals weight is off, maybe the author forgot to set weight to zero in the "geometry physics" lod. or the author who made the jackal for arma 2 has included fuel and cargo weight in object which in arma 3 it shouldn't have that included in total mass. fuel haves mass of 1 = 1kg per liter. So for example trying to lift the CH-47F with empty fuel tank should be easy (3825 kg) weight reduction. what I did is figure the empty weight of a vehicle and use that as the total mass of an object in my case the CH-47F. so what u should do is look @ what is the mass of the jackal in game, there are commands like "getMass" and check what is the weight of its real life counterpart's "empty weight".
  7. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    do they have sling load memory points ? is it under 11792 kilograms ? i just increased the weight of the CH47F in the "dutch marsof units" pack to its original empty weight +- 3000 kilograms heavier then it is in this mod and it lifts itself even with full fuel tank. (This mod started as the CH-47F in the MARSOF units pack same config setup)
  8. =kct=blackmamba

    NLMARSOF V2.185

    FrontPage Updated. ChangeLog V2.16 Added : SH-14D ACE3 Fastrope compatibility, Added : CH-47F ACE3 Fastrope Compatibility, Added : CH-47F ACE3 Cargospace Compatibility, Added : C-130 ACE3 Cargospace Compatibility, Added : CH-47F Roadway Lod (walkable hull) not in flight, Added : CH-47F "Gray" (new paint scheme), Added : CH-47F Window Whiper on middle window, Added : C-130 Hercules, Added : LandRover (GS), Added : LandRover (WIMIK), Fixed : SH-14D Weight decreased, Fixed : CH-47F Weight increased, Fixed : CH-47F Altimeter, Fixed : CH-47F Ramp (hight difference when ramp was open), Fixed : CH-47F Ramp "ServoSound" synchronized with ramp speed, Fixed : CH-47F rotorblur color Correction, Fixed : CH-47F and SH-14D External textures, Fixed : CH-47F and SH-14D SMDI layers (slight color differences), Fixed : CH-47F SlingLoad Weight distribution, Fixed : CH-47F Co-pilot more privileges (Pilot Controls), Removed : Infantry (Opfor Models), Changed : Mountain Leaders to Infantry, Changed : CH-47F Increased Fording depth, Changed : CH-47F RotorBlades texture, Changed : SH-14D Sound Startup sequence, Changed : SH-14D Sound Engine "Pitch" decreased (no more wasp on steroids), Changed : All Vehicles (UN paint schemes) Latest color scheme (Mali Mission ?), Changed : Mountainleaders uniform national flag size reduced + relocated, Changed : Infantry Names random (Dutch Names), Changed : Mountainleaders uniform Camouflage (increased exposure), Changed : Fennek Vehicle woodland Retextured, Changed : M81/DCU Backpacks and helmet Camo sizes equalized.
  9. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    strange I just tested it before release and deployed the ropes just fine, don't use the FRIES module. Sitting in the back (while in air) open the ramp, press ACE interaction fastrope down it works from both the cargo protection seats as in the cargo seats. @ Robert31178, Steam and PWS are up to date I really don't care which location u download from. @Kecharles28, Thanks for your fast response today ;)
  10. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    Fixed! Helicopter will stay perfectly level while lifting heavy loads.
  11. =kct=blackmamba

    Primer for new vehicle simulation

    I believe what I did with my CH-47F addon was: max Distance divided by fuel capacity = Consumption rate. AI checked the outcome by "flying" the outbound of the Altis map which a full round is 120KM x 6 = 720km + from base to edge and back = +- 25ish km when I came back home the helicopter made it back to base with only very little fuel left (reserve fuel).
  12. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    I think u got to go ask Draper.
  13. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    I know.. it is a arma 3 thing, the hatch is not exactly in the middle of the fuselage and.. well physics. so where a real life CH-47 would adjust the lift force to the rear to compensate in arma 3 u have to adjust the stick/keyboard input to get the same result.
  14. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    @ robert31178 It can Airlift more than just a Huey ;) But be careful if the speed is to high and u turn the auto hover on, the rotor can collide with the load underneath which most likely will result in a engine failure and a crash.
  15. =kct=blackmamba

    Boeing CH-47F V1.17

    @ khaosmatical don't use the fries module it is not needed for the ropes to deploy. The FRIES module will only fit a 3D model to deploy ropes to the side of the fuselage like in a Blackhawk for example. I set it up like the Arma 3 stealthy CH49 ? helicopter. It will deploy the ropes in the back of the fuselage but doesn't make use of the FRIES 3d model. if u have ACE3 active and "BattleEye" turned off for the .dll files to load (until ACE3 .dll files are white listed by BattleEye) u can just sit in the back and deploy the ropes by pressing the ACE3 interaction button. to survive the way down I suggest not to hover higher than +- 20 meters..