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  1. Trees and AA looks better, also you get crispy pictures with increased 3D Res. It forces GPU a little. Mine the Perfect balance of GPU and CPU i use is setting 3d res at 133% and FSSA 2X. Much Better then 100% and 8xAA or 4xAA. I play at 1920/1080
  2. if you MUST buy only one of these too then go for the 4gb. Try one 1060 instead not too expensive
  3. Gera_CCT

    Arma 3 64Bit Worst FPS than 32Bit

    Just played 1 Hr of KOTH (US #1) with 110 peopple and got better FPS. Before 22-26 inside cities now it stays mostly 30 or higher
  4. Gera_CCT

    thinking of upgrading GPU for arma 3...

    Just aim for 30 FPS and you will be fine in ArmA. I have a 4790k and a 970 G1 and play MP and SP with 3D Res of 133% and setttings on Ultra/2AA. View Distance,objetcts and Shadow set to 2500/1500/100. With this i "force" my gpu a little more and get crispy images. Even in games like KOTH (Except Kavala and loads of explosions LOL).
  5. Just play KOTH Infantry only servers. Much better
  6. Gera_CCT

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Nvidia Users: For 1-2 Fps Boost use driver 361.91 (Feb/2016). Tested here with a 970 G1 5 times and in all tests the most recent drivers loose for 1-2 fps. It´s not much but helps.
  7. Launcher is nice and simple. I was playing time to time and indeed it´s the best MP out there but somehow with few people.
  8. Gera_CCT

    Why i love Arma 2, but Arma 3 makes me meh

    Nah. ArmA 2 had it´s days. ArmA 3 engine and gameplay is better. If you like ArmA 2, pick up the mods (CUP,ACE,...) and throw in ArmA 3 engine. Domination was fun in Chernarus but now KOTH is better
  9. Gera_CCT

    x99 system testing

    Increase 3D Resolution in game to 150%/133% and you will get better pictures and higher GPU usage. FSAA 2x or 4X Max Dont use nothing like max frames, detected frames, cpuCount, exThreads, maxMem, maxVRAM, etc. None of these works Use Just: -skipintro -nosplash -nologs -enableHT Your Aim to play ArmA should be around 30-40 FPS. Keed changing settings in game. This ins´t COD or BF fast paced to need 60 Fps. If you got 54 you are good to go.
  10. Gera_CCT

    Poll about Arma 3 and your opinion!

    I Hope the Expansion for Arma 3 adds another map and that its not similiar to current maps (Greece) Snow Please
  11. Gera_CCT

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    True Forgot CSE, let me fix ArmA 3 + Blastcore + JSRS + AiA + CSE + 10 Patches = Almost Complete :bounce3:
  12. Gera_CCT

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Thanks for this Amazing work! ArmA 3 + Blastcore + JSRS + AiA = Almost there LOL
  13. Gera_CCT

    How to revert to 1.32 version

    Defrag peple. Use a tool like O&O Defrag
  14. Gera_CCT

    Where do I fly the new heli's to fly?

    There is a showcase mission. Look for it
  15. I was getting 15 fps with a old system with a q6600. Then went to a 4790k and now i got minimum of 30 fps in MP like King of The Hill with 70+ players with same settings than before.
  16. Gera_CCT

    Arma 3 is too futuristic

    There are mods out there! JSRS 2.2 + AiA (Almost all maps) + Mods of Units and Weapons (lots from ArmA 2)! Use them in Arma 3 engine!
  17. Gera_CCT

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Not normal to me. I have a WD Blue 1Tb and use O&O Degrag every week.
  18. Gera_CCT

    Arma 2 VS Arma 3! You chose!

    ArmA 3 cause the engine is better. It is possible now to play ArmA 2 in the new engine (maps, some content etc.), so no reason to stay with only ArmA 2. Only if you are a ACE 2 freak.
  19. Gera_CCT

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    :confused:Maybe not. ArmA engine likes high clock speeds and better single core performance, that´s why the 4790k fits well.
  20. Gera_CCT

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I have a 4790k and i am VERY happy with it in ArmA 3. Even in MP. I had a Q6600.
  21. The bullet hit animations and some ragdoll deaths. Sometimes i like ArmA 2 hit and death animations more
  22. Gera_CCT

    [SP] Valley Of Fire

    Sounds good! Will try now. Thanks!