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  1. ghostone

    Feedback Thread

    Hi, as for the pausing. Try running the game with nopause parameter. Otherwise thanks for the great feedback.
  2. Hi, I noticed that footsteps don't work in some cases. We are currently investigating the problem. I will add this description to it as well.
  3. ghostone

    Start Up Problem

    Hi, please refer to this post. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/197997-data-verification-failed/?p=3118933See if that solves your problem.
  4. ghostone

    Feedback Thread

    Hi, thanks. That would be awesome. We are already trying to adjust the map so it's not needed at all but any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hey, I'm really sorry to hear that. Did you try turning off the cam shake in options?
  6. ghostone

    Tenets of a good Zeus - hints/advices

    Thanks a lot. Just renamed to #Arma3ZeusTips. Feel free to ask for tips or ideas about playing Zeus either here or at Twitter.
  7. Currently seen weapon sway is untweaked engine technology that will be disabled until properly tweaked and explained. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  8. ghostone

    AI Configuration - feedback

    Me too :D However it may not be as easy as it sounds. I think, hypothetically it would make more sense if accuracy would be influenced by used ammo or custom compensator but not scopes. But this would require to rethink the whole system.
  9. ghostone

    AI Configuration - feedback

    Hi, not quite. Accuracy is set and defined by skill of the unit. It's not a config The weapon itself only influences this accuracy by AiDispesionCoefX and Y which is an added disperision to the accuracy value. Other values set in weapon can influence rate of fire, engagement range, probability of hit for example.
  10. ghostone

    The Grenade Thread

    To follow up on the grenade progress, currently we've just slowed down the rate of throwing grenades. That was the first step. The next step should be non-automatic switching to the next grenade type (for example, I'm throwing chem lights, and then I accidentally throw a grenade because it automatically switches to the next type when one type is exhusted). I can't promise any exact time when that happens but we're still looking at it so it doesn't get lost in development. :)
  11. ghostone


    We feel that bringing community closer to the development is quite beneficial. I saw numerous bugs and issues resolved on the feedback tracker.
  12. ghostone


    Yeah seems weird. Investigating now. :D
  13. ghostone


    What we call balancing is inspecting AI and making it more "balanced" for the player. Balancing of the weapons is not done by setting similar weapons to same values or by equating sides to be the exact counter parts. However some of the decisions we made are hard and very unpleasant to do. But it must be for the sake of fluent and balanced gameplay we want to achieve. I don't quite undrestand the argument about pistols and carbines - it makes the roles of soldier different (different effective range values). I don't think that the EBR/MXM point here is valid. MXM as the family of the MX rifle has full auto mode which makes it a direct counter part of the EBR but it has different type of ammo which has a different impact in the game. I understand that sometimes it may seem weird what you see in the alpha dev branch but this is why we chose it. We make changes - you coment - we react. I think this is one of the best cooperations between devs and the community.:)
  14. ghostone

    Grenade throwing animation

    Can I know the name of the track/band please?
  15. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1800319#post1800319 try this.:)