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  1. Nice! Are there any mods with the A-4 to complement it?
  2. jacobs

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    Love this mod man, can't launch A3 without it anymore. LOL
  3. Wow by far the best AK's of arma 3. Thanks a lot, this mod really grew on me.
  4. The supression effect is excelent too! Love this mod.
  5. jacobs

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Mega forces you to pay then in order to have a decent download speed. I refuse to pay a dubious company like mega...
  6. jacobs

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    No steam updates yet. 😔
  7. Guys sorry if this has already been replied to, but I couldn't find it anywhere. How do I interact with my inventory? For example, how do I put ear protection? How do I interact with the medical system? Does VTN uses custom user actions? Which ones should I map on my keyboard to properly use VTN features? Thanks a lot.
  8. Russian helmets are soo strange... LOL
  9. jacobs

    Theseus Services

    Loved the new "plaid" textures...
  10. jacobs

    US 75th Rangers

    Yeah... ok nice but just teasing and not releasing anything is frustrating. Probably this mod will not be released due to concerns about "loosing the assets" so, why are you still showing off your progress here? We already know you are talented artists. You should think about become 3rd party DLC or just keep it private to your community...
  11. jacobs

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I have a nice machine (intel i7 + 16gb RAM + GTX 1060) but I don't have much drive space (128gb for SO and 500gb for games). So, thinking only about myself, I don't see the point in 4k textures.
  12. jacobs

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Indeed, now let we buy you a beer. 🍻
  13. Looks like hawaii's 75th ranger mod. Nice!
  14. There is a mod on SW called SPS equipement that managed to do that... their Schmidt and Bender PMII High Power 1.1-8 x 24mm Sights is unpowered at the minimum setting... looks just fine. Toadie`s one looks fine too, both are exccelent
  15. thanks toadie you are awesome!
  16. It really would be great if BI could give some love to virtual arsenal. Your suggestions are spot on, mainly: It's really a pain...
  17. I have one small suggestion! It would be great if, on virtual arsenal, the game could "remember" my sort preference. It really annoys me that every time I enter VA, I need to set the sorting to "sort by mod". Us, "tactical barbie" players, would really appreciate this small enhancement.
  18. Nice to see some US Army love! Marines needs some attention too! cheers!
  19. looks a lot like a starship troopers bug
  20. I hate when you guys release these nice gear stuff because it keeps me stuck on virtual arsenal playing tactical barbie instead of actually playing the game... thanks guys! LOL
  21. Why do you guys always update the good stuff while I'm at work? Thanks for the CUPdate!
  22. jacobs


    Thanks for the update, you guys nailed the G36 reload animation! Really cool now! I have one constructive criticism though, the aimpoint sight is waaaay too small, you should consider resize it!
  23. I found the quality of your models and textures really great! In special, the vest is really cool. Thanks a lot!
  24. Great news! This plane makes much more sence in Arma3 than "stealth A-10 of the future".