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  1. Hey all, In the last update (1.60) that introduced some new respawn menu features, I have my own respawn loadout role defined. However, there seems to be a default "rifleman" role that's always there which I can't figure out how to get rid of. The wiki states: "Mission designer can use roles already created in the game config, or custom roles can be defined in description.ext file." https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn:_New_Respawn_Screen But it does not describe how to use only custom and not pre-existing roles. Image below: My custom role that I want is "Insurgents". The role that won't go away is "rifleman" Thanks for any help.
  2. Regarding the AI Fleeing section of https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_AI_Behavior It reads: Specifically: Does anyone know what a "supply point" is in the given context? I have experimented with the AI fleeing behaviour with ammo boxes and the "Resupply point" location entity to no effect.
  3. hoizen

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    I am also curious about the headless client setup with BECTI. I do see CTI_IsHeadless stuff around and about the mission but in my tests I've found that running headless client results in the AI players not receiving any waypoints. With no HC. AI moves normally. with 1 or 3 HCs, AI does not appear to receive any waypoints.
  4. No unit mods. OPFOR FIA is vanilla. (sanity checked by launching pure vanilla: https://i.imgur.com/6WZ15SJ.png ) The modpack I referred to was not running during my test of the suppression mod. Rather, I threw together a core pack for testing purposes consisting of cba, ace, ASR AI, tpwcas. Just deleted half my post because I figured it out while reproducing lol. It's ace incompatibility. Unconscious units are considered civilians regardless of actual side and thus tpwcas treats them as civilians. (and then causing the error) At least for this error, a check for !isNil and true on "ACE_isUnconscious" when checking the side of a unit would probably fix this up.
  5. Hello, I'm loving it so far. I agree the vanilla suppression is not enough. I did run into an error with a test mission though. 19:03:28 Error in expression < - [%6] seconds", _unit, _cover, _dist, _tooFar, _tooLong, _elapsedTime]; }; [[> 19:03:28 Error position: <_tooFar, _tooLong, _elapsedTime]; }; [[> 19:03:28 Error Undefined variable in expression: _toofar 19:03:28 File tpwcas\tpwcas_runforit.sqf, line 114 Unsure what unit it was. The mission is just 3 blufor groups, 3 opfor groups, and move waypoints to each other on Malden. I'll try to look into this more as I would like to consider using this mod for my community's modpack but, of course, errors are concerning when considering new modpack additions. I'll let ya know what I can find! EDIT: At some point, the suppression mod considered the unit bis_o22 (an OPFOR FIA) as a civilian: "Civilian Unit [bis_o22] reached cover [2.22493]: [194] m - [any] seconds" which then resulted in the error above.
  6. A bit ago I begun working on my own little project to introduce simulated Fog of War to the Zeus commander to allow for a true Zeus vs. Player experience. The idea is simply unrendering objects that the zeus's AI are not aware of. Unfortunately I had to put that project on hold because I ran into a bug that seems unavoidable. That bug being that zeus is completely capable of editing supposedly non-editable objects and even if you remove all editable attributes one-by-one, the fact still stands that the zeus player can simply scan his mouse across the map and find the names/locations of any unit on the map (Ultimately destroying the idea of FOW). Zooming out on the map makes it even easier to discover "hidden" units as the clickable area for all units is increased with the zoom. Original discovery thread here and cobwebbed bug report here I've decided to come back and see if I can work around this problem with the idea of simply hiding the map when the zeus player is in the zeus interface. My hacky idea is this: When the zeus player is in the curator display (IDD 312), recognize when the map is opened (keydown on "M") and black out their screen. Possibly with the text "No map available" or what ever. The prototyping code is: if (player == ZeusCommander) then { fnc_blackScreen = { _blackScreened = _this getVariable "blackScreen"; //Screen isn't black if !_blackScreened then { cutText ["","BLACK",0,true]; //black it //screen is black } else { cutText ["","BLACK IN",1,true]; //remove black }; //flip boolean _this setvariable ["blackScreen",!_blackScreened]; }; ZeusCommander setvariable ["blackScreen",false]; waituntil {!(IsNull (findDisplay 312))}; _keyDown = (findDisplay 312) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","if (_this select 1 == 50) then {ZeusCommander call fnc_blackScreen;}"]; }; In the curator display, recognize "M" (50), check if screen already black. If not, black it, If is, un black it. Simple stuff. To much of my frustration however it seems like no matter what the Zeus map and zeus map unit icons are always ontop. I'm clueless with arma's UI and display infrastructure but it feels like the curator interface is just top priority. I have tried simply covering the map up for the zeus player with a giant area maker but it does not cover up unit icons (Only covers terrain) and now I have tried to black out the screen with cutText which which works perfectly on the normal map (display IDD 46) but not on zeus. It is clear the cutText is running but just behind the zeus map as I can see the BLACK IN fade when I close the zeus map. At this point I'm looking for any recommendation, fix, hacky hack, or what ever to just get rid of this damned broken zeus map. The player's normal map is fine. No unit icons, no ability to hover over the map to discover units, nothin. It's the zeus map that is the problem. If I can discover a way to, in any form, stop the use of the zeus map, then I will have my Fog of War functioning without any extremely obvious exploits.
  7. hoizen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Wonderful work, Rydygier. That did the trick. Thanks for your help. For anyone else who may also have this struggle, my BM-21s and Podnos were working with: RydHQ_Add_OtherArty = [ [["rhs_2b14_82mm_vdv"],["rhs_mag_3vo18_10","rhs_mag_3vo18_10","rhs_mag_3vo18_10","",""]], [["rhs_bm21_msv_01"],["rhs_mag_40Rnd_122mm_rockets","rhs_mag_40Rnd_122mm_rockets","rhs_mag_40Rnd_122mm_rockets","",""]] ];
  8. hoizen

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Although it has already been discussed both here and in FFE, I still cannot for the life of me get any RHS artillery (and any third-party artillery for that matter) working with HAL. My current test mission defines: //includes RHQ_Art = ["rhs_D30_msv","rhs_D30_at_msv","rhs_2b14_82mm_msv","rhs_2s3_tv","RHS_BM21_MSV_01"]; RHQ_SPMortars = ["rhs_2s3_tv","RHS_BM21_MSV_01"]; RHQ_Mortars = ["rhs_D30_msv","rhs_D30_at_msv","rhs_2b14_82mm_msv"]; RHQ_RocketArty = ["RHS_BM21_MSV_01"]; //excludes RHQs_Cars = ["RHS_BM21_MSV_01"]; RHQs_HArmor = ["rhs_2s3_tv"]; Debug console watch for RydHQ_SPMortar_A3, RydHQ_Mortar_A3, and RydHQ_Rocket_A3 (and subsequently RydHQ_AllArty) all include their appropriate RHS classnames. HAL is initialized after these arrays are defined. Test results in "All batteries are busy." on any fire mission requests. However, the moment I place down a vanilla artillery piece, it works perfectly. EDIT: I have also tried at various distances :P
  9. Sanity Check! Commandline interface for CfgConvert does not seem to be working for me for both binarizing and unbinarizing. The appropriate files are created but no conversion is done. The lines I have tried are: "w:\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\CfgConvert\CfgConvert.exe" -bin -dst w:\test\config.bin w:\test\config.cpp "w:\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\CfgConvert\CfgConvert.exe" -bin -dst w:\test\config.cpp w:\test\config.bin "w:\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\CfgConvert\CfgConvert.exe" -txt -dst w:\test\config.bin w:\test\config.cpp "w:\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\CfgConvert\CfgConvert.exe" -txt -dst w:\test\config.cpp w:\test\config.bin Tried swapping source and destinations because even the wiki page seems confused which one comes first. (Examples and line syntax are opposites). Given a config.bin, a config.cpp file is created but contains the same binarized data. Given a config.cpp, a config.bin file is created but with human-readable data. The GUI works fine. Just not the command line interface. Is CfgConvert terminal working for anyone else?
  10. Didn't see the troubleshooting tools subforum. Could a moderator move this to ARMA 3 - BI TOOLS - TROUBLESHOOTING ?
  11. Latest arma update deleted some p3d model that Beketov uses. Loading the map now errors on missing: a3\structures_f\ind\factory\factory_main_part2_f.p3d
  12. hoizen

    Map Bozcaada

    Latest arma update deleted some p3d model that Bozcaada uses. Loading the map now errors on missing: a3\structures_f\ind\factory\factory_main_part2_f.p3d
  13. Hello folks. Two questions: 1. Is there a function call that returns a boolean when a curator is actively using the camera? something along the lines of: "inCamera curator" => returns true when actively using the birds-eye view camera and false when controlling their normal physical character. Pretty much some way to recognize a trigger for when the player enters and exits zeus. my current awful solution is detecting the "Using Inventory" animation for standing, crouching, and prone. This, however, doesn't work if the player is in an advanced stance or in a vehicle. 2. Is there a way to disable unit markers on the zeus map for zeus. I don't mean the difficulty setting for all player maps (that's already disabled) nor do I mean removing units from the curator editable objects (that's also already disabled). Despite the magic map being off and the units not in the curator's editable objects, they still show up on zeus player's map. Anyway to disable this? Thanks for the read.
  14. 1. UI Event handlers look like what I need for the curator detection. Will have to follow up with progress on that. Thank you. 2. Do you have more on the topic of only showing the units from the same side as Zeus? In other words what defines "showing" or not? To my current knowledge the only limitations I can put on a zeus player is the (intended) ability to edit the unit or not; something I've already proven is actually not even functioning . If there does exist a function that allows you to manipulate what is shown to the zeus player's map then that would be perfect for me. However I cannot find anything like that and I hope I'm just blind and someone can enlighten me. Editing bug has been posted to feedback tracker https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121529
  15. A bit more investigation of the map situation: (Only mod being used here is RHS because those are the units I have setup as spawnable for zeus. no ace, cba, etc) Vehicle to the left is displayed on the map as a curator editable object, albeit outside the editable area limit (desired). Vehicle to the right is not displayed as a curator editable object (desired). Vehicle to the right is displayed on the map with its silhouette icon (undesired). Vehicle to the right is still double-clickable to open the zeus edit unit panel (100% undesired). curatorEditableObjects curatorObj returns: [O Alpha 2-2:1,O Alpha 2-2:1] which is just ["rhs_gaz66_r142_msv", "rhs_msv_driver"] aka the vehicle on the left and its driver. Vehicle on the right is not part of editable objects but is still, in a way, editable with the double clicking and is displayed on the map. This almost seems like an oversight with zeus's functionality. I can still edit a unit's stance, rank, health, skill via the map despite the unit not being in the list of the curatorEditableObjects (vanilla units included). I can even open up the Edit Unit window by double clicking on the spot on the map where I know there are located despite their silhouette not being displayed. (I do not know why some units display on the map and others do not). I believe I am in need of BI intervention as this might be undesired zeus functionality to begin with. If this just cannot be stopped, is there some way to outright remove zeus's ability to open the map?
  16. hoizen

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hey Genesis, It doesn't seem like _unit setVariable["NOAI",true] is actually disabling vcom on the AI. (or the _this setVariable["NOAI",1,false] that is listed in the OP for disabling VCOM). Namely for the hearing of gunshots. I currently have a mission where one enemy AI is standing ~200m away from another that I am killing with a suppressed pistol. With VCOM launching and the unit given "NOAI", true: (or false. tested for sake of sanity) The second enemy AI becomes alerted by the gunshot and enters combat behavior. Without VCOM launching at all with my game: The second enemy AI is completely unaware of the suppressed gunshot. Can you confirm that the expected behavior of the "NOAI" variable is to disable All vcom scripts on that unit? If not, is there a way to disable the hearing? Thanks. EDIT: Well this has been driving me mad for 2 days now and it wasn't until just after I posted this did the problem strike me in the face. It turns out VCOM was executing its "NOAI" variable check right before my script got to its foreach that set "NOAI" to true for all of the guards in an array. Putting that foreach as the very first thing that executes at mission load seems to have solved it. However this raises a new problem. It doesn't seem like you can re enable VCOM during the mission (vcom quits out on that unit if it sees "NOAI" at start?). Do you think it to be possible to create a function call to re initialize vcom on a unit mid-mission? The desired behavior I'm going for here are dumb(no VCOM) guards when relaxed and smart(VCOM enabled) guards when alerted. Of course, the alerting of guards will happen mid mission.
  17. hoizen

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    The only issue with the current setup is from a mission maker's perspective, without any way to limit who is able to use rappelling, this is almost exclusively a COOP addon or restricted to TvTs in where it makes sense for both factions to have rappelling. Otherwise, you'll have to trust people to role play "I am a hostage, I shouldn't use rappelling" or "I am a criminal/terrorist held up in a bank, I shoudn't use rappelling(But I can)" which is no bueno.
  18. hoizen

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    Superb mod. This is a great addition to improving arma movement. The github link is a 404 but I'd like to make a feature request (and possibly a fork to see if I can use what I know of arma scripting to get it working myself): Two possibilities: 1. a variable to give to specific units to disable rappelling for that unit. for example, canRappel = FALSE; probably the easier option or 2. an inventory item that enables rappelling for that unit. Just some way to enable/disable rappelling for certain units. It would be rather silly to watch a hostage in a swat TvT rappel out of the window while no one was watching.
  19. Hey all, I have lost my marbles over this. I am currently using BIS_fnc_loadInventory in each unit's individual init field with the line: [this,["missionconfigfile","BluGear","B_RS_TL"]] call BIS_fnc_loadInventory; with a "riflesquad.cpp" file in my mission folder with class definitions such as this example of the B_RS_TL class: class B_RS_TL { Items[] = {"AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage","AGM_Bandage", "AGM_Morphine","AGM_Morphine","AGM_EarBuds","RH_SFM952V"}; linkedItems[] = {"US_2010_Multicam_PlateCarrier","US_2010_Multicam_ACHHelmet1", "ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","NVGoggles","G_Combat","RH_peq2","tf_anprc152","RH_ta31rco_2d"}; magazines[] = { "30rnd_556x45_STANAG", "30rnd_556x45_STANAG", "30rnd_556x45_STANAG", "30rnd_556x45_STANAG", "30rnd_556x45_STANAG", "30rnd_556x45_STANAG", "30rnd_556x45_STANAG", "30rnd_556x45_STANAG", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag_Tracer_Red", "Chemlight_green", "HandGrenade", "HandGrenade", "SmokeShell", "SmokeShell", "SmokeshellRed", "SmokeShellOrange", "Chemlight_green", }; backpack = "US_2010_Multicam_Carryall"; uniformClass = "US_2010_Multicam_FieldUniform2"; weapons[] = {"RH_M4A1_ris","Binocular","Throw","Put"}; }; When players slot up and load in, Everything is super dandy. Everyone's gears there and everyone's happy. Dance party. Problem is: As soon as the server gets a JIP, everyone's gear gets wiped. Turns into pants off dance off and the only person with gear is the JIP. The Mission has a respawn_west marker with respawn = 3 for BASE respawn. Respawners go to a spectator jail where they can action menu launch a spectator script so this custom gear loadout only needs to load when they first come in. I would extremely appreciate any assistance anyone can offer to try to get this fixed. It is putting a huge limitation on my large scale missions without JIP and custom loadouts.
  20. class CfgRoles { class InsurgentRole { displayName = "Insurgents"; icon = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\sergeant_gs.paa"; }; };
  21. hoizen

    US Military Mod

    That is plenty. It's still labor no matter how much and without compensation. You have our greatest thanks for any amount of work you do.
  22. Hey, Dunno if you found a good solution but for yourself and anyone else who wants to get rid of the weapons on the LHD (CWIS and stuff), put this in the LHD's init { if (typeof _x in ["CUP_WV_B_RAM_Launcher_naval","CUP_WV_B_SS_Launcher_naval","CUP_WV_B_Phalanx"]) then { (deletevehicle _x); } } foreach nearestObjects [this, [], 200]
  23. I am with daishiknyte on the use of the game logic waypoints. I didn't use much of the polygon zones but setting user-defined waypoint locations for zones was super useful in a number of my missions. Is there an alternative for that in works? Thanks.
  24. Hey CUP Gents, Just wanted to say thanks for all the work. My community and I have never been so happy to drown inland.
  25. Aye. That's also what I got from the readme but just wanted to see if there was some known trickery out there. Thanks guys, I'll figure out a different solution.