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  1. Ok thanks, well I looked around some more but I'm stumped so far so if I can't find anything I'll just have to let this idea slide :P
  2. You're not understanding me, the arma 1 download says it's version 2.0 on armaholic but in the readme it says 1.4 beta, anyway I used to have it working before (Even the dead guys rifle was set up with it in to the grave) but for some reason now even in arma 1 itself that doesn't work and arma 2 it just disappears the body after dragging. I looked through some COSLX pbo's and there's still references to the bury command etc. So I don't know if you know what files it used to use in the original SLX. (this is my main problem cause I'm sure I had it working in arma 2 also but somehow now it's not even working in arma 1, original SLX was probably REALLY buggy:p) I also re-downloaded that version of SLX to see if I didn't mess something up but somehow it doesn't work for arma 1 now either. Anyway I know it's dependent on SLX_wounds, SLX_Shout and SLX_Netcode, and I think I just used those three into arma 2 (with CBA off course) and it all worked. Now after dragging it just disappears the whole body. And even using all SLX files in arma 2 or 1 it doesn't work either. I looks like somehow the mod developed a bug all by itself after playing awhile..^^ It's really annoying I can't pin point the problem lol. For this second one I was just curious if you know something about otherwise just let it slip it's not so important (it would be nice though for it would be more like arma 3 movement, having 2 walk speeds, slower/faster); And I wasn't talking about walking faster onto hills, it was just letting you know what I'm talking about (Normal walking (weapon up(W)) Faster walking with weapon up(W+(For example)space(Holding them)) Is already in arma 2 you just need to set your controls different (I used the mountain analogy to show you what I meant cause it only plays that move then if you use default control scheme). Anyway SLX from arma 1 and I think that same animation is still in most COSLX files for arma 2 also are the same animation just a bit faster; Pressing W will go forward (regular speed) But if you in controls set for example space or another key with that(with W), and you hold them both it won't sprint like for example tapping W twice and sprinting, it will make you walk a bit faster with your weapon up.(This animation plays also when you press shift+W on a hill<Reference for you) I don't want to run onto mountains just ask if you know where this animation from original SLX is located so perhaps I can use it in arma 2 (personal use) for that same animation in arma 2 is way too slow compared to SLX's edit from arma 1.
  3. Hi Günter Severloh, I wanted to ask something about SLX_wounds. I have SLX 1.4 on arma 1 and I saw that you where able to bury a corpse there. I had SLX_wounds and the necessary pbo's that it uses and just used them in arma 2 co and it seemed to work, dragging and not just hide the body but even the grave part worked.:) So I was happy. However as I was also doing some other things with mods I deleted it accidentally again and after awhile I really missed the option as I was waiting for enemies and my team members bodies where piling up.:p So I tried to get SLX_wounds back in and it didn't work. I tried SLX 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.3 and I know that in CoWarMod / ACE and COSLX 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 it isn't working for me either. I can drag just not get the body to get into it's grave nor hide it anymore.:( I don't know if this is a bug or perhaps it's something I can bypass. Another thing is I have seen that in Arma 1 SLX there's a "run" (Shift+w) animation that is faster than the fast walk (With weapon up, ready to shoot) animation of arma 2 co (I use W to walk forward and then hold space with it if I want to fast walk (with my weapon up to shoot), It's like running the slope of a mountain where you can't run normally(When hold shift+W)) Anyway I don't know if this animation (of arma 1) is just a file or it's scripted that way, I don't understand the scripting part that much. I would like to see if I can get that animation in my arma 2 for that animation is somewhat too slow compared to normal walking (it's faster just not fast enough) I just can't find the .rpt file for that animation anywhere in the pbo's. Thanks in advance.
  4. :j: For some time I had this problem http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?135584-The-Alt-Looking-%28Freelook-Freeaim-%29-Locks-around-center I tried 1.63 but it isn't fixed in there, anyway I wanted to ask if anyone else has this problem.:butbut:
  5. For some time I had this problem http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?135584-The-Alt-Looking-%28Freelook-Freeaim-%29-Locks-around-center I tried 1.63 but it isn't fixed in there, anyway I wanted to ask if anyone else has this problem.
  6. I wouldn't really know how to narrow down the problem on this however you might want to try and contact someone that is a server admin that might help you locate it, it might be a problem with the server instead of your client, try and see if they have a website where you can ask around. Or perhaps it has something to do with your connection. It could be a wide range of issues.
  7. RavoC

    Wrong CD Key.

    Glad you sorted it out.
  8. Try deleting your cookies with CCleaner or just manually and then you can set the age gate again.
  9. Has this been fixed, I have the same issue however I don't have it in Arma 2 itself just in CO. I'm running 1.62 stable. I thought I located it somehow by creating a new profile but when I setted up my controls again it somehow came back, it's really annoying. It looks like when with iron sight up and free aim on (I have this on toggle when I use it) in the center it makes a small jump with the head to the left or right but the weapon stays in the same position. I tried the 1.63 beta patch but it's still in there. Ok i've also tried 1.60 and it's not in there for me. Guess we'll have to wait until 1.63 stable for this to be fixed, if they even notice it, perhaps it's just a new feature.^^
  10. Ok I fixed it, apparently my video card wasn't connected correctly into it's slot, I used to have an 260gtx before and it was locked in the slot (With some small plastic "trigger") I destroyed that thing back then cause it was really hard getting it loose when I had to get the card out to clean, nearly impossible so I sawed it of with a real small knife back then (That card died due to overheating). Anyway, because I didn't have that trigger in place any more the back of my case pulled back the slot of my card a bit so it didn't read the card out correctly apparently. It didn't error though, I just made a small home made fix for it (broke a bit of the back of my case and bended it, lol) anyway now everything works again, if it wasn't for arma I wouldn't even noticed haha. Only pc game good for real pc rendering and optimising. So if anyone has problems like I had with video memory settings in-game acting strange I'd suggest to check your video card's slot and if it's in there properly. My video memory setting is now on default again and running steady, matter a fact it's running even better then what the very high setting did when I had the problem. :) Happy me. Thanks for your support and happy gaming. :D
  11. Well I tried that but it doesn't change much, the very high setting runs very smooth but default still gives a constant small lag, while the very high setting lags more on load then default used to do. I'm going to try another few things perhaps reinstall the game without any mods or old profiles see what it does (I tried that already but I'll just see if I can render any potential problem out of there and see what it does) if that doesn't work I'll try the 1.63 patch, but it's so strange since 1.62 never gave me any problems. If that doesn't work I'll try to get my video card out and see if putting it back in changes anything although it's pretty much a long shot.
  12. Well I always have my CCC settings on default so that isn't the problem. I also tried to use a newly made profile in-game with all settings on default (new cfg etc) but that also isn't the problem, vsync off also, the default video memory still lags for no particular reason. I'll try to see if I can reconnect stuff in my case, I've build it myself so that's not going to be a problem but I don't really think that could be it, it's more like arma can't read my GPU on auto any more when it's on default and it just allocates some shitty default profile for the video memory that just renders my GPU useless.
  13. RavoC

    Wrong CD Key.

    Have you reinstalled it from disc or steam? Or did you just copy a backup onto your computer directly. Because if that is the case you need to first use the installer to get it installed properly into your registry + the cd key and then copy your backup over it in order for it to work. Is the patch giving this error or the game itself, perhaps another OA patch works or not?
  14. Ok so two weeks ago one of my best friends came over to pick up on some arma 2 LAN again after a long time and everything worked fine, well except for the usual; sorting out the mods and so forth. Not that it was any problem, I always back up a lot of stuff off my computer and I've been playing Arma 2 since release and used to play with CWC mods back in the days too. Anyway, after he was gone I wanted to relocate my computer to another room so after this was done I started the computer again, all of a sudden it said Windows couldn't start due to some problems, it was trying to repair it (I noticed that on my motherboard a red light was flashing just above my GPU) I'd let the repair run and it said it couldn't fix the problem (Without telling me what it was); BAM, I got the hand and it shut down. I thought ohh well let's give it another shot, it started up no problem this time. Good everything worked all the games ran good until I got into Arma 2. I started noticing lag in the menu which was odd, I loaded up Utes placed a soldier and looked around some and I started having mayor lag issues (Nothing was changed from my video setting from the last years I've been playing Arma (2000 hours or so). I thought something must have been wrong with my computer due to the fact that it couldn't start windows up after I moved it. So I started randomly looking around everywhere if things where in order. They checked out really found nothing strange. But the problem was still there, so I thought perhaps something is wrong with my power cable or supply in the room I moved my pc to or something but that wasn't it either after plugging into a few other power sources around the room. So I decided to reinstall my windows and everything that comes with that, drivers, arma, get my backup copied over it. Arma ran finally after hours of waiting, but the problem was still there. So I thought well lets see if it has to do with arma itself, I started changing my video settings (that I've used for years with no problems whatsoever). Then I found out what it was; Video memory was set to Default and when I put it at Very High it was gone. I thought well what the heck no problem I just put it on that, but I forgot that the fact is that on Very High I noticed that it ran good but it started lagging more frequently under load (you could say bottlenecking). In battles especially, I never had this lag on the Default setting, but since I moved my computer and I had the error on start up (without specification) the default setting ran worse FPS than I'd experienced on my laptop which I tried years ago just for the sake of it. Now I understand I could play at video memory Very High but it just makes it unbearable to play even in smaller fire fights (Say me 7 AI friendlies and just a town with insurgents on warfare) and I see a lot of low textures popping in and out etc because it just isn't using my GPU's full potential. I played on a lot of drivers and never had problems, my latest was 13.3 beta 1, 2 or 3. Can't remember which beta exactly. But I ran it for quite a long time. Anyway. I thought well lets try the latest; 13.9 still got the problem. I don't know what it could be. I never had problems like this with the arma settings or my rig and I've been fine tuning it for a long time and never had to change anything when I got it where it had to be. (I also tried to play without mods mostly but it isn't mod related) Even Arma 2 itself without OA is showing the same problem. But none of my other games are. My rig and in-game settings: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz (2 CPUs) OCZ 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz ( x 2 = 4096MB ) Maxtor MaXLine Pro 500GB XFX ATI Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition 1gb GDDR5 Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Asus P5K, P35, Socket-775, DDR2, ATX, GbLan, PCI-ex16 demo Video Settings: Resolution: 1650x1050 3d resolution: 1650x1050 Textures: Very High Video Memory: Default (but doesnt work now^^) AF: Very High AA: Low ATOC: All trees+Grass Terrain detail: Low Object detail: Normal Shadow detail: Very High HDR: Normal PPAA: Disabled Postprocess effect: Normal Vsync: On now used to have it off a long time (But not related) Any help would be appreciated. I've seen more people having similar issues with the same card as I or ATI in general, but I never had those really and out of their posts and searching around I couldn't really get a solution and most of their problems weren't much alike nor much help to establish what the problem even was. I know it's not temperature related since I use MSI afterburner and it runs 58 C max. BTW my Arma 2 CO version is 1.62 stable. Thanks in advance. RavoC
  15. RavoC

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Yes I know that but the problem I had with Steam and a mate of mine too is when you have a back up or you've downloaded it once (then reinstall the files/copy them from your back up) they sometimes won't get in the computers register therefor Steam will think you haven't installed it yet therefor re-download it all over again. I live just South of Groningen, I used to live back in the city but we wanted to get out of there so I guess everything has it's flaws.. but the good news is that a town near here got new internet cables which are way faster so I hope that we will be able to use this positive news to our advantage.:D