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  1. MrMasMola


  2. MrMasMola


    Congratulations on the release, i love the quality of the P8, G36, G28, etc., BUT, they have a very poor accuracy, those are my 9 shoot groups at 100 and 300 meters with the G28 and G36, both with the Steiner optic, prone and bipod. G28 100m: https://ibb.co/MMPbm14 G28 300m: https://ibb.co/5jvwpN6 G36 100m: https://ibb.co/b2b5f7n G36 300m (1 miss): https://ibb.co/60yvtJ1
  3. MrMasMola

    Tier 1 Weapons

    And a 3D version like the Elcan...? 🤐 So we can use the x1 magnification as a red dot.
  4. MrMasMola

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Dude, i love you. But, i've found a few things. First, the bolt of the SR-16 have HK markings . Second, when using the Elcan, you've this error "'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/Tier1_Elcan_156_C1_FDE/ItemInfo/OpticsModes/CX5455.opticsZoomMin'" and a 4th empty POV.
  5. MrMasMola

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Forget what I said, was my PC f*cking around.
  6. MrMasMola

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Any reason for the big difference in quality between the LA5 for HK416 and the ones for the RHS weapons?
  7. MrMasMola

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Since yesterday, last update, i can't open a mission with "real_names_weights" dependency missing. Have something to do with RHS? It's the only mod updated. Nevermind, solved, its a problem with the Real Engine mod.
  8. Available soon in DEV CUP?
  9. We have been waiting 7 years for this. Thanks!
  10. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh okey! Thanks a lot.
  11. It's just me or you can't adjust range with the RPG-26 and RSHG-2?
  12. MrMasMola

    3CB BAF Weapons

  13. MrMasMola

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hi! How i disengage the safety in the vehicle weapons? Regular safety key?
  14. MrMasMola

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi everyone. I’m having a problem with the M203 and launchers (All of them), AI simply don’t use them against any target. I’ve done the test with only RHS mods and still have the problem.
  15. MrMasMola

    Italian Spec Ops

    Very nice Massi :D