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  1. BelgarionNL

    Custom Face

    could anyone make a couple realistic face camo's I am not really the graphical artist!
  2. BelgarionNL

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    got an update! whats new for today?? :D Offtopic: I wanted to say: keep the updates coming! compared to arma 2 this has been such an improvement! ( sure it's still best to just ignore the AI because lets face that will never be good but for the rest its looking good).
  3. BelgarionNL


    needs a fix since now we can't use the mortar bags at all
  4. can't wait to see the UGV's and backpack size UAV's in the beta! but more then that no! a lot of the arma players already don't like the setting and vehicles that are in now! if you go any further you will alienate the fanbase! I also believe that way more people will download ACE this time around just because they like that setting better!
  5. its an alpha play something else then! I do and therefore I am not wining! they are working on the alpha and fixing the stuff that is already broken! Once that is done I am sure you get your new stuff! Until then STFU and understand what an alpha means and stands for! Do I need to repeat it just in case: SHUT THE FRAK UP!
  6. yes the six updater is horrible but once you know it gives you more options! which is better! with play with six its al to restricted! (perhaps a easy mode and advanced mode would be nice for play with six) [DEV] 1PARA Public Server is the one in question! the only way I can properly join it is to select CBA (by deleting the previously used mod profile) then switching to single player, start the game, find the server, join the server and voila it actually does require CBA! (let me know if you don't have enough steps to reproduce it) THE thing that would instantly fix all these problems if you could somehow make it that once you join server X it automatically downloads and activates all required addons and then optionally let you choose if you want to disable some. giving the log files would not help in this case! every time a addons is not downloaded I get that pop up window and then sent the error to you! more over I heard that loads of people have this daily so it has probably something to do with the mod availability with the mirrors? this is not a new error and since then I have tried it on multiple machines and even reinstalled windows on this pc! In all honestly I was hoping that BI would finally implement a proper multiplayer environment where addons would be automatically downloaded once you would join a server since THEY think mods are so great they should also support it to some degree, and then trying to compare that expectation to a 3rd party program is not fair since you cannot compete with BI alone.
  7. I actually prefer the old six updater to this! when I join a server that allows CBA does it then automatically download and activate that/those mods that are allowed? also making mod profiles is extremely unclear! edit: why is this broken? I join a server with play with six and it says you are missing CBA, ok fine I close the game manually select CBA look for servers and guess what! that server is not listed... can you understand why people think this program is shit! it needs to be reliable and it needs to be simple! it's clear to me that; way to many features are in here that do not work! strip it and make sure the basics work! even downloading addons or updating gives and error file not found at times! with the old six updater you could make different mod profiles and then create a shortcut with parameters! that worked and then you only had to find the server from the game's server list! right now I don't even know how to make that work so I reverted back to downloading the mods by hand and then using the just released launcher! THAT sucks since I was/am one of the biggest fans of this program but at the moment it looks to much like the windows 8 metro interface to be useful... and if I need a guide/tutorial to figure this out then something went wrong with trying to make it more user friendly since I understood six updater completely and play with six is a complete mystery to me (but that could be just me). anyway as a fellow countryman my intention was not to insult you! but I really really liked six updater and I think this has been a monumental step in the wrong direction that now I am forced to not use your program until it is improved! and that sucks! since I used the six updater pretty much from day 1.
  8. vehicle AI is still crap! try it with 3 cars in a column and let them follow you in the lead car! DISASTER!
  9. BelgarionNL

    SLI benchmarks - My results

    amen and tying this back on topic! SLI performance is bad because the engine is bad because it does not use all of its power! BOOM back on topic!
  10. BelgarionNL

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    I certainly hope some advanced helicopter/jet control will be in arma 3 final
  11. BelgarionNL

    Build 19_03_2013

    it probably won't be fixed! they couldn't fix it in arma 2 and since the original AI programmers are gone they are just tinkering with the code without fully understanding what they are doing! the AI engine is from operation flashpoint!
  12. BelgarionNL

    NEW NVIDIA BETA 314.21 FIX for lots of problems

    I can also report that with either the latest dev built or the latest beta driver I went from 30 FPS in multiplayer to 60+ NICE
  13. BelgarionNL

    RH PDW pack

    have to say! very very nice! can't wait to see your other weapon packs especially the SMG ones, my personal favorite the kriss and P90 ofc
  14. BelgarionNL

    Riouken's Gear Menu - Alpha

    sort of the same messages! at least the first one I remember! but still AWESOME script! would love to see this complete bugfree and expanded!
  15. BelgarionNL

    Good overall fps, but insane freezelagg

    that happens to me too! my framerate drops from 35+ to 1/2 for 5 seconds or so and then it goes up! running SSD i5 at 4ghz/gtx 570 so I should be ok there! its basically the dev built I think!