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    Editing the code for Arma,Rockclimbing,Gaming,Backpacking and Modifiying my 2011 Jeep wrangler JK
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    I've been rigging in the Entertainment/Trade show industry for nineteen years.Been an avid rock climber for over twenty. Love the outdoors and modifying my Jeep. Editing ArmA is something I also do.
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  1. xx-LSD-xx

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Yea I don't blame you. I've been avoiding doing any editing on addons/missions Arma3. Tired of every update breaking my missions. I'll see what I can come up with since this is the only inspiration to come along in awhile. EVO was is my all time favorite. Good work eggbeast!
  2. xx-LSD-xx

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Yea I hear you. I've been busy working. Haven't had time for Arma 3 but I have some time off. Stop by our TS3 server. PM if you don't have the addy. xx-LSD-xx out.
  3. The mod is not dead i still use it in my missions. ---------- Post added at 10:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:02 PM ---------- Post what you did because if you just copied an pasted. Each of those commands must be place in the proper class section of the file.
  4. @Meatball I use a 10 player edited version I created for the very reason you stated Meatball. I can give you a copy that you can look at and pull the files you need to make your own version. Mine will only work if your running a mod to control the AI. I use ASR_AI3 and I have heavily modified the way the ai is controlled in the mission files using the latest UPSMON update for A3 that I think has been removed from the latest version. Basically the same mission just with my added touches. You can P.M. me and I'll send you the pbo.
  5. I just noticed the comment about the rescue choppers. They work sort of. Last time we completed an escape mission the choppers came in like they are supposed to with one problem. The pilots decided the choppers should occupy the same air space when landing. Resulting in yes you guessed it flaming wreckage and the players standing on the beach saying "Are you fucking kidding me, after all that the dumb shits crash into each other while landing". So they might have the same coordinates at least that what it looked like to me but I have not looked at the code. Something I will do now that I have a few days off work. Also I hope to incorporate the updates into my edit and thanks for reminding me about the choppers.
  6. Yea I have re-edited the let me rephrase that. I have changed the way the AI is handled in this mission by removing the AISkills sqf it will not load in my edit. The AI are handled by my server so I can't really point out what settings to change since my edit must be run using a Mod and my edited version of the mission that is not intended for public release/use. I might have to rethink that. As of now it is for use on my server only. It not my mission after all. I have only modified it for my own use. P.S. The AI and how smart they are only as good as the processor running on any given server. So you are correct when you have noticed how different the AI are when playing on other machines. (Please no debate on this as I do not wish to go into detail. You either agree or disagree. End of discussion.
  7. @Vormulac First I'd like to say great job on porting this mission Altis. Like I said in my comment on Armaholic I know how much of a pain in the ass it must of been. Thank you and also Hyperz for doing all the legwork. I have edited the mission more specifically the AI behavior since the default BI AI are and have always been an area that has needed attention. They are an improvement from A2 i'll give BI that but I guess they figured that the community can do a much better job at it so why spend the money. I don't blame them its a good business strategy. Quality work for free. I was rather pleased after going over the code to find that I really didn't need to do a whole lot like I was expecting. After testing the mission for the first time on my server last weekend and having Hyperz join shortly after it appears he I think alike on what improvements I thought were needed and he made them thus saving me time to focus on the AI. I can not thank you guys enough. This has to be least amount of work editing I've had to do to make a mission playable. It takes a lot of work to get one running smoothly and most don't understand the time it takes getting to that point. Cheers to a great mission and to the AI solder who just flanked you and shot you in the back of the head. lol! As for your server issue I believe since the full release you need separate CD keys. That is for a dedicated server. I think you can still run multiples of the same copy on a dedicated host. Again Thank you and keep up the great work. xx-LSD-xx
  8. I wanted to use filters but deleted them after it went crazy. They would reappear after I deleted them. So I just wiped all things related to BE and had the game update new files. Scripts.log my bad. not the text file. So the scripts.log is not a BE file? Then why is it in my Battleye folder? and if not why does it use BE. Also if you do add the filters your saying BE has nothing to do with t he functioning of these files? Why do the go in the BE folder? So the first page in this thread BE is here quick tut is what I followed when I set up my server with BE and RCON. You don't recommend following this? Steps 1 and 2 ? I followed verbatim Leading to my issue Please clarify because now I'm confused? I just want the Rcon at this point and NO log\txt files that Log 50 gb of Data. All I need is my Bans.txt and the Rcon just Like A2. I never had this kind of issue. Thank you for listening to my problem and hopefully providing clarification as to what it is and isn't BE handles or does now? And where did I go wrong when following this tutorial.
  9. Look at your Batteye Files. That what was doing it on my server. 50-60 gb script and script1 files . Bullshit it will eat all your memory until crash. Awsome
  10. @Sable O.k. so no response on how to fix BE and stop it from writing Massive script and script1 files. BE is as it was when installed to the server. So settings are default and again the Server correction Batteye was writting to the script and script1 file to the tune of 22,000,000 kb the first time i caught it then deleted the file only to have it return and do the same shit over and over and over so I shut down my server. Then I thought Fuck that Batteye is shut down untill I can get some help on how to stop the insanity that is the default BE server settings and no Response from the Developer on how the fix this. Not my first thought but default should not be spamming my server with text Fucking 50-60 GB worth. Little help from the community would be nice since the Dev has nothing to say after what 2 and a half weeks now. Thanks in Advance to the community for any help.
  11. I noticed yesterday on my server that Battleye is writing to the script and script 1 files to the tune of 22,000,000kb that's not a type-o before I figured out what was going berserk on the server eating up Bandwidth like it was downloading something. I was D\Ling text to the before mentioned files. Making the game unplayable after about 30 min unless i kept deleting the files. Just to have them come back. I need to figure out what perams to edit to stop logging. Don't know if that's related to your issue or not. But definitely an issue for me.
  12. Turn off all unneded processes in taskmanager under your user name only. You dont need itunes running for example while playing. Most people have 80+ progys running and are not aware. you don't need this while playing. It will all return after reboot.
  13. xx-LSD-xx

    Arma 3 Crashing Like Crazy

    Are you guys turning off all unnecessary processes in taskmanager? Open task and turn off un-needed progys under your user name ONLY try and run only needed processes like explorer.exe and Arma3 for example. you don't need i tunes running while playing. Everything will return when you reboot. So don't worry as long as you only turn off items under your user name ONLY. Your game will run much better.
  14. xx-LSD-xx

    Config help

    Please be more specific to your issue. What inventory are you talking about? Usually load outs are saved client side. Not really sure how to help you need more info.
  15. xx-LSD-xx

    Elderly Players

    They guys I play with are mainly in their 40's and up with some younger guys in their late 20's. Most of us are Ex-Military but not all. I did my time in the military so I don't need to pretend while playing. We just like having fun and mostly control of my own server. Join us anytime xx-Team-xx US Server or Sometimes we are playing on Old Farts Server. PM me and I'll give you our TS3 info.