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  1. Flatulent Robot

    Arma 3 local server problem

    Arma 3 does not support IPv6.
  2. Flatulent Robot

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    I got an error on Lythium regarding some addons that I did not have (misc_ramps, afghan_houses, etc). Not sure if it's the same error but I went in mission.sqm and deleted those addons and it's working again.
  3. The closest i've found is crCTI Kastenbier missions and crCTI Proman mod .. easy to build up defenses in towns you conquer and if it's a main town it will get attacked frequently. Works great with AI / Coop.
  4. Flatulent Robot

    Shooting teammates by accident? (Warlods)

    I believe it's due to the server if they have friendly tags turned on because on some servers when you point your weapon at someone on your side, you should see the green tag pop-up notifying you that they are friendly in Warlords. Also, I tend to look a little more closely at their uniform, helmet, and what main weapon they are carrying if friendly tags are not turned on.
  5. Flatulent Robot

    [Release] Vcom AI 3 - Dangerous AI

    I notice the AI doesn't want to take helicopters any longer since the latest Arma game update 2.00 - is it broken or just my config?
  6. Flatulent Robot

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Hey Law-giver can you post your Warlords edits? The links are dead in the warlords thread as well. Thanks!
  7. Flatulent Robot

    [Release] Liberation RX

    Hi pSiKO, I copied the aircraft carrier and everything on it (markers, objects) from the Stratis map to Altis but when I respawn on base_chimera I just fall through the aircraft carrier. What snippet of code allows you to respawn correctly on the aircraft carrier?
  8. Flatulent Robot

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Hey Boss, the OFPS team has recruited Benny to continue working on beCTI. I could not find anywhere to download the actual files but search the server browser in Arma for "OFPS" and join to download the latest mission. I have no problem loading the mission on my own server for some beCTI fun, and there are alot of improvements over the .097 versions. The mission is obfuscated so you can't edit it but there are tons of parameters you can play with to your liking. I find the current beCTI runs exceptionally well for AI with lower load than older or modded versions but if you're looking to freeing up more CPU cycles, look into Arma 3 headless client which distributes the AI processing amongst active players. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Headless_Client Good luck soldier!
  9. Flatulent Robot

    ARMAnet Podcast

    No show since June 1st? Looking forwards to the next cast.
  10. Getting some startup errors about missing addons on the newly released v1.60. A3_Soft_F_Truck, A3_Soft_F_MRAP_03, etc.. I fixed it by editing out those addons in mission.sqm and then exporting to singleplayer.
  11. Skanda, by adding the backpack does this cause them not to yell "out of ammo" any longer? I always thought it was because they don't spawn with any pistol ammo.
  12. Maybe after Tanoa so I can port that and see whatever new vehicles there are. I've seen the tasks issue, not working on that. I'm poking more at the mod compatibility stuff.
  13. That's great to hear Saok! On my own i've been poking at the code and making it fully RHS compatible, ported it to other islands, squashing some minor bugs and adding features I like. Your code can be messy in places and I see some stuff from Arma2 floating around but I can see how much work was put into this and really appreciate you giving to the fans and the community.
  14. Hi Jerry, I paradrop teammates often and never had the issue you described. You also mentioned in your second point about using ace? Have you tried the mission without using any mods to see if you have the same issue? Good luck. FR
  15. Saok, I want to only play with RHS vehicles so I edited the mod options from shift+1 to only have all RHS vehicles, click 'save' then 'reset veh zone'. A majority of the vehicles changed to RHS yet I still get some random Arma 3 vehicles spawning such as green army reinforcement hunters and some CSAT mobile artillery that spawned while patrolling. How is that supposed to work? Do you think I need to reset the map i'm playing completely from start?