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  1. Indeed. I hope Mr. Grimes some day has the time, and desire, to implement this. Would be wonderful for those of us who spend our time playing offline solo.
  2. r.flagg

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Android app for these forums.
  3. Hi. Just curious if you'd made any further discoveries about this, as I've recently ran into it myself. Was gonna try and investigate further, but first wanted to ask if you had any further info that might help me and/or save time.
  4. r.flagg

    GLT Respawn Template Fix

    Yes, it was very frustrating how they gave us a feature, we liked it and started using it, and then they take it away. Very frustrating. Which is why I was very happy to see this fix from you guys. Thank you Legislator and sxp2high, much appreciated.
  5. I'm curious about the change made that I believe is dating back to 3/28; "Added: MenuInventory and MenuPosition respawn templates will now force respawn at the scenario start". Was there a problem with respawnOnStart = 0 ? Was it added to fix a problem, or was this just a design decision of some sort?
  6. Yes, this is a bummer. I too have been using respawnOnStart = 0 with MenuPosition. Forcing the respawn on start wouldn't be quite as annoying if it at least took my whole group/squad with me, but it doesn't even do that. Seems as if it's always couple steps forward, one step back, isn't it? ;-P
  7. This is just fantastic. Can't wait to get to my gaming machine to try it out. Thank you again for being you.
  8. r.flagg

    Tao Folding Map

    Looks very cool! Thanks guys :)
  9. r.flagg

    Tao Folding Map

    I agree w/Gliptal , that tablet version Mr. Tao showed a sneek peek of is the one I was looking forward to. Good luck 1212PDMCDMPPM ! I hope you can get that tablet look/feel to it. Would make it feel more like something from this century. ;)
  10. Would you consider having the dialog go away and focus automatically returned by the script once the download is complete? Or a second or two afterwards, once the hint and/or task completion animation is complete.
  11. Really awesome mod, thank you for creating and sharing! Yes, yes! An 'App Store', of sorts. Where people could add new icons to the CTab or androids, that do other functions added by other community modders. Another gentleman for example released a script recently for a mission he was working on, where you locate an enemy laptop and download critical data from it. What if that could be added as a icon on C-tablet screen that says ~"wifi detected, click to download data". Other folks have released various CAS scripts, or mortar support scripts etc.
  12. Just want to add my 'thank you!' to the chorus. Really wonderful tool you folks have brought. Thank you to everyone involved.
  13. That is just perfect! Very kind of you sir, to share you time and talent to help like that. Thank you very much. :)
  14. Neat script. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping to use it in a slightly different manner, but I can't figure out how to do so. I'll try to explain best i can. What I was hoping to do was not assign it to a specific Task, but simply fire a trigger when done Uploading a file - and then sync that trigger to a new MenuRespawn respawn position. I know how to place a respawn module, and sync it to a trigger to get it to show up in mission. No problem there. But when I tried to simply place respawn module position and sync it to the trigger in your example mission, it didn't seem to work. Anyway, my desire is to be able to use it over and over again all across the map. So everywhere I go and upload 'data' to certain laptops, a trigger is fired and a new respawn point becomes available there. Just thought it would be neater then simply walking into an area and having the respawn point activated. If anyone is interested in helping this happen, I'd be very grateful.
  15. That sounds very cool. Can't wait to get time to try 'em out. As always, thanks for all your efforts!