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  1. Hi folks, I have a dedicated Linux 1.63 server running with Operation Arrowhead. Are there COOP missions that will run on it? I tried Escape from Chernarus but apparently I would need Arma 2/OA hybrid for that... I also have steam copy of Arma 2 standalone, but can't figure out what I need to merge and then make it Linux friendly (caps and etc) I remember having loads of fun with EVO and Domination but looking for a smaller team gameplay. Thanks in advance!
  2. I highly recommend to follow official instructions posted in the first post of this thread. I had huge headache following necromantix's outdated instructions.
  3. EDIT 2: OK, installed and running fine. Opened ports and can see the server via IP. New problem. Tried installing Domination and of course all files are with caps in their names. Any way Linux could host such mission that also looks like to be script heavy? EDIT 1: Decided to just follow official BI instructions (duh) and will port back how it goes. Hi gents, I followed the following tutorial and installed "a2oa-server-1.63.112555.tar.bz2" on a dedicated physical Ubuntu 14.10 32bit server (clean install) with steamcmd method. When I launch it through ssh, i get "no product.bin found" and "global stringtable not found" errors... Appreciate your help in advance.
  4. I'm afraid improvements you saw can not be attributed to this switch. -cpuCount is only for limiting number of cores, not forcing more. See my sig for Arma2 start up parameters. This switch may help to resolve graphical glitches and sacrifice speed.
  5. Yep MP is very demanding, more so if it's coop with AI. So you get double whammy effect: CPU bottleneck in cities plus load of AI. BIS needs to do some serious optimizing.
  6. HDD is not an issue. I'm running off SSD RAID-0 with two OCZ Vertex drives that push about 460MB/s with sequential reads. There is good discussion going on about DX API calls scheduling in Arma2. Somehow it is coded that causes conflicts and CPU struggles especially in cities. No amount of HDD defragging or speed of RAID will help at the moment.
  7. Any positive feedback with 9.7 or 9.8 cats over 9.6? I'm still on 9.6, since latter ones break Empire Total War AA.
  8. LOL, it doesn't degrade it - it displays garbage for image quality.
  9. DX10 or 11 have nothing to do with this. This is simply ATI drivers. W7 is widely expected so ATI driver team probably polished it more than XP.
  10. Under WinXP 32bit I have to set VidMem to Very High (I have HD4890 1Gb), otherwise I get really bad glitches. Under Win7 64bit no such problem.
  11. Pleas elaborate, what do you mean dated platform? This is state of the art 3D Engine. The fact that executable is not compiled under 64bit means nothing. There are few games out there that run in native 64bit, and there is no proof that 64bit exe runs better than 32bit one under 64bit OS. One potential benefit of 64bit exe would be ability to utilize over 2Gb RAM. I'm not sure Arma2 needs that much, so there shouldn't be a problem. ---------- Post added at 08:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:25 PM ---------- Arma2 seems to be CPU limited, higher clocks might help a bit, but I hope future patch will address this. ArmaMark doesn't test CPU performance much because there is nothing going on with AI. Regards.
  12. Skeptic

    Arma 2 Community Issue Tracker

    -cpuCount is for limiting number of cores. You have four so it won't do anything for you. Also with cpuCount switch you need to also set affinity accordingly. Read here.
  13. Skeptic

    ArmaHolic ArmA 2 Optimization

    Current Arma2 engine is limited to -maxmem=2047, anything above reverts to default and will never use above 2047. ---------- Post added at 07:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:26 PM ---------- You got that right. 3D Res<Interface Res=Faster FPS but crappy image.
  14. Yep, I've had better experience on W7 64bit. Will install 1.03 today on XP and see what's up.
  15. In my case going from XP SP3 32bit and Cat 9.4 to Win7 RC 64bit with 9.5 Cat cured it. This is definitely driver issue. I'm back on XP now with 9.5 and in few short MP sessions (<=1hr) I had no problems with mem setting on very high (have 1Gb HD4890 here).