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  1. bakimaster91

    tws move speed mod

    I think movement should not be AS slow as it is now, it looks weird and slow motion...some of it should be slowed down like crouching movement and crouching sprint.... and overally it should be even more clearly dependent on gear weight. The idea is brilliant however, as the infantry pace is comical in ArmA....
  2. Hi! TeTeT, some time ago I asked about collimated HUDs in both F-18s and Su-35s. Will it be possible to add such feature?
  3. bakimaster91

    ArmA 3 vehicle throttle option

    It would be also nice to have gradual throttle control from the position of a commander... like in Steel Beasts series..
  4. bakimaster91

    ArmA 3 vehicle throttle option

    Really, there is such an option??
  5. Hi guys! As I remember there was a talk somewhere about the gradual or percentage or even analogue throttle option for vehicles as it is for airplanes.... I cant find it now, however I would like to ask - as the Tanks DLC is close - will You help us players and implement such feature?? It would certainly help us with infantry synchronised movement in cities for example... Any opinions, thoughts?
  6. bakimaster91

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    Exactly, what You said... DEVs please deal with it, the same with TGPs for aircraft as in real life they measure distance from like 20kms away not 5km... Wysłane z mojego SM-G920F przy użyciu Tapatalka
  7. bakimaster91

    Attack Helicopters FCS and stabilised turrets

    Exactly man, I've just read Your reply - that is very true. There should be something similar to TGP's laser locking, the only difference being the auto-elevated cannon. I think that is the way to go and suppose it is doable for DEVs :) Thanks to this the stabilisation system would simply work as You wrote. I know that ArmA is not a total simulator, however in my opinion manual ranging or the CCIP is just wrong and I hope - temporary, as it is not too effective + I have not heard about such solution in any gunship turret.
  8. bakimaster91

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I would like to submit what I wrote earlier about FCS :) Wysłane z mojego SM-G920F przy użyciu Tapatalka
  9. bakimaster91

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Good job guys!! One question - some time ago I ve seen pictures on Your FB profile with T-14 Armata, is this one still in plans? I am asking because the 2035 mod will introduce T-14 as well..
  10. bakimaster91

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I dont know if DEVs will even notice my feedback.. How Can I put it to the feedback tracker??
  11. bakimaster91

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    I ve got one bug report, in the newest DEV branch I ve noticed that in tanks, APCs, IFVs (doesnt matter) in any vehicle that has Your new FCS there is one big problem. The new FCS calculates the range, auto elevates guns and machine guns, calculates lead magnificently....only when standing... whole new story begins when the vehicle starts to move and LASEs targets... the FCS goes crazy and treats its own vehicle movement as a movement of the target in crosshairs and applies lead ! :P I mean I am moving for example 20km/h in an AMV-7 and the target is on my 2 o'clock at 2km distance and its not moving at all. So I lase the target keeping it in my crosshairs (pressing LASE key only single time not to calculate lead) and after positive ranging I shoot and... rounds fall to the right of the target constantly, re-lasing does nothing, it happens every time, in every FCS equipped vehicle and in similar situations, either if the target is on the right side or left or whatever. As a proof:
  12. bakimaster91

    Attack Helicopters FCS and stabilised turrets

    Oh I see. However, to clarify I am not talking about any lead prediction like in tanks but lasing only. I'd go with stabilised turrets as well. Since yesterday I ve been watching more apache gunnery videos and I have seen that the range is measured constantly and displayed on TADS. I don't know if the gunner has to click any button to adjust cannon elevation to the displayed range or is it automatic. Maybe in the game it should be automatic constant ranging as it is now and as it is in TGP but only the cannon elevation should auto adjust constantly to the measured range?? and I don't mean locking targets with TAB and the game turns from manual ranging into AUTO as it was in tanks... it should be done without any locking of targets...
  13. bakimaster91

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    I ve noticed that Shikra and Gryphon HUD information is only partially collimated..... It is like that from the beginning of staging on dev branch. Will this be fixed?
  14. Hi everyone! My question is: will we get sometime in the future a patch containing FCS and stabilised turrets for attack choppers ? Did DEVs say anything about it recently? In terms of FCS I am mainly speaking about automatic elevation change of turret cannons basing on laser designation. I suppose that nowadays gunners of attack choppers do not use manual elevation as it is in ArmA now :P Stabilised turrets - I am speaking of something similar to TGP tracking and ground stabilisation, this is really needed as it's really hard now to shoot anything accurately while flying... If You watch videos of apache gunnery from Iraq it is clear that the stabilisation system is used... What do You think about it?? Cheers ! :D
  15. bakimaster91

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yes, that is true :) however i ve played Arma 2 recently and the problem with MG's is there also so its got a long history :P if there is too much to be done then its not worth it... but i think it would further improve the look and quality of the top-notch quality mod ;)