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  1. madeineano

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I've just had this problem I had set -malloc= to system in my startup parameter, changing to tbb4malloc_bi fixed it for me. :)
  2. You nailed it. That seems to of fixed it for me. I had set -malloc= to system a long time ago,changing it to your suggestion tbb3malloc_bi has so far been stable. Thanks man :)
  3. Only happens since I've switched to the dev branch. Games fine for so long and then like a flick of switch it start to degrade down to 4 fps in about 5 to 10 seconds,quitting the editor back to the main menu and even reloading the editor didn't fix anything, only quitting and restarting the game seems to solve it. No mods. Happens in Eden editor. Map Altis. Specs i7 3770k - no overclock. GTX 970 x2 - no overclock, sli on driver 361.91. 8gb of viper 3 black mamba. 240gb ssd x2 - in raid 0. window 10.
  4. I'm also experiencing the game dropping down to around 2 fps with the degraded graphics.
  5. madeineano

    Arma 3 Mod Preset Launcher

    This looks really cool man, nice features, nice and clean. But unfortunately I don't keep mods on the same drive as the my game install.
  6. I to cannot Play Steam Workshop scenarios in MP since latest patch.
  7. madeineano

    "Arma 3 has stopped working"

    Also have same problem, mine just crash in the pause menu in SP after sitting there for 5 minutes then locked up. 4th lock up of the day lol
  8. madeineano

    Weapon Sway Tweaking

    Played since Arma 1,still playing Arma 2,but with the weapons sway and the fatigue system in Arma 3 I cannot hit a barn door at 200 meters ..no joke :)
  9. madeineano

    ArmA 3 is a Beacon of Light

    There is no doubt you're flying the flag for true PC games, high and proud. Thank you for staying loyal to your fans.
  10. We had to use tunngle as a work around for tonight.
  11. Same as above,upon firing a weapon in multilayer game stops responding.
  12. madeineano

    The Shooting Range 2 by [MIC] Murcielago

    Awesome work. Just downloaded your ACE version, again Awesome work. But could you in a update add the kestrel for wind info? Regards
  13. madeineano

    Advanced editor modules

    A instant essential fantastic work.
  14. The ability to cut through or remove parts of wire fences. I keep getting stuck in the corners of fences, having to try to find an opening (which is quite hard to do on a dark night) also, to walk round them can comprise your mission. Just a small pair of wire cutters in your inventory (where your radio map icons are displayed) would be great.:)
  15. madeineano

    Grass and Foliage on a 6950 pixelly

    After reading the release notes for the 10.10 drivers,it turns out that my card is not supported until 11.1 drivers...... That mite be why they are not working for me? lol I also tried 11.2 drivers as well but still the same.Didn't fancy the 11.1 drivers since they seem to be there first drivers to support the card. Never mind at least I can still play with Atoc =0.Vegataion looks a little sharp around the edges but a lot looks better than it did. Thanks again all. regards. Deano.