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    Feedback Thread

    do not see download link I have linked my account to steam but still unable to get copy of game
  2. wolfflight

    [CO 22] Evolution Nam mission

    Ah, you meant the music. Ah yes, the music. Please see eggbeast's comments.
  3. wolfflight

    [CO 22] Evolution Nam mission

    You need to blow up the radio tower in the center. There are explosive charges and satchel charges in ammo boxes back in base.
  4. wolfflight

    [CO 22] Evolution Nam mission

    Base raids. To be honest they are not that hard to deal with. Even solo. See I was on with a guy and he gave up. Minutes later, not only had I cleared the base, but ended up taking out the radio tower at Nui Pek, solo... alone... You have ALL the tools you need. You might not know how to use them when you first get in, but everything you need is there. Can't give you patience or skill. You gotta bring those with you.. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=622839930(Brenden gets frustrated and leaves right after I connected) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=622839888( I clear the base and go on to assault Nui Pek alone) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=622839916(The damage I did to the enemy in a short period of time) Again, is the enemy inside the wire a challenge? You bet. Impossible, not even close.
  5. wolfflight

    [CO 22] Evolution Nam mission

    I will admit that the enemy can be a challenge inside the wire, but I actually don't mind clearing them out. I too have spawned in and been surrounded... if you get a chance to break for the trench around the base you can then pick them off. It's a a challenge, I agree. And it does help if the first ones that get in game set up a mine field around the outside of the perimeter. But don't get too disparaged. The mission is still in development and Egg might tweak some of that.
  6. Man, sure wish I had made it into one of those screenshots. That was epic gameplay yesterday. Had fantastic fun. The map and mod are great, the team is great and willing to listen. I think if I like Razorback's map I am supposed to say something. oh yeah, AYE! AYE! ..... from this Marine. Aye Aye Sir!!
  7. wolfflight

    [WIP TERRAIN] Puget Sound

    Schulzit, Being born in Tacoma and raised in and around the Puyallup Valley, I seriously appreciate the Pacific Northwest. You mentioned in your Forests and shite twitch stream about a lake and replacing that with a town (because you cannot get water there?) you might want to ask Anthariel (maker of Tilos Island) how he placed his inland ponds and swimming pools.
  8. hm... that zip file is only 6+ MB... does not seem big enough for the AiA map pack etc... appears to be missing the rest of the stuff needed....
  9. the Iron Brits run a great server with this mission. If you go to their site theironbrits.com and download the launcher it can install all you need.. I see people try to connect all the time and immediately disconnect, prolly because they are missing something. Would love to see more people on and get to work on killing those terrorists.
  10. And it is a fantastic mission on a freaking fantastic server.!!!!
  11. wolfflight

    TZW KoTH Server

    Elite mode, no 3rd person, no crosshairs, we play tough. port 2702 Come join the battles.
  12. trying to find server running ALiVE and not having much luck... anyone know of one?
  13. This is my point of view as well. It now takes SKILL. Those who claim that there is no horizontal component to sway are a little 'off-putting.' In actuality the sway does describe a figure eight. I will say that yes, A3 has the figure 8 a little too horizontal... for a right handed shooter the rifle should go roughly in a figure eight that is tilted 45 degrees offset right... in other words up and right, down and left... a left handed shooter would be the opposite, up and left, down and right. but there is definitely a horizontal component. Add to that, jerking the trigger, anticipating the shot, etc. and actually A3 does not even model ALL the things that can make a shot go wrong. and thank whoever the gods are that they do not just use a a random circle where the bullet hits somewhere inside it like pretty much EVERY other game does. And all these people holding their breath. I have been shooting for over 30 years. And as a United States Marine Infantryman who shoots Expert, I can say that in all those years of shooting, I NEVER, that is I say NEVER hold my breath to shoot. That induces muscle fatigue and oxygen deprivation which causes microtrembles. Holy crap. You shoot with the breath... Some shoot on the inhale, some shoot on the exhale. I personally shoot on the inhale. I aim through the sights and make it so that on the inhale, right before I exhale, the crosshairs are on the target. Inhale, pull trigger, exhale... What the game needs is better breathe control and obvious indicators of breathing, but you need to learn to AIM better, not complain about sway. Sway ALWAYS exists, because you are breathing. I personally like the new system. And yes, quit running around the battlefield, and use TACTICS and teamwork...
  14. wolfflight

    TZW hosting Survival 1.062 server

    Now hosting both US and European servers running this mission.
  15. wolfflight

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    Sorry, don't know what you mean 2 years old... the 7900 series is from 2006 NVIDIA® GeForce® 7900 GTX July 2006 Where did I get my 'facts'?? Why from Nvidia themselves http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce_7900.html