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  1. Some follow-up questions: At present each wave consists of multiple groups. Can I use a multidimensional array - along the lines of gAttackGroupList = [[wave1group1, wave1group2, wave1group3], [wave2group1, wave2group2, wave2group3]] - with BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle? Or will that also shuffle the subgroups, so the invidiual waves might end up being mixed? Also, I'm making some of the subgroups conditional based on the number of actual players; is this a problem for a script like the one suggested by johnnyboy? Finally, is there anything I have to keep in mind with respect to MP, locality and the like? Do I have to check that the code is only run on the server? More specifically, I've adapted the script above as follows: // Put all attacking Group names in a list and randomize it with arrayShuffle function. gAttackGroupList = [ [wave1group1,wave1group2,wave1group3,wave1group4], [wave2group1,wave2group2,wave2group3,wave2group4], [wave3group1,wave3group2,wave3group3,wave3group4], [wave4group1,wave4group2,wave4group3,wave4group4] ] call BIS_fnc_arrayShuffle; // loop through the attack groups with a delay before each, and unlock their waypoints to start them moving to attack. { sleep 60 + (random 60); // delay 1 to 2 minutes before releasing next wave. _wave = _x; { _group = _x; _group lockwp false; _group hideObject false; } forEach _wave; } foreach gAttackGroupList; I'm thinking that if this is in init.sqf, it'll be executed on each player machine, which means that the randomised sequence will be different on each machine; however, I'd need one centralised randomisation but lockwp and hideObject would have to be executed on each PC.
  2. Cool, that looks exactly like what I need! I'll see that I can adapt it to my needs. (Attack boats off Alikampos might not be the best strategy, though they might be fun. )
  3. The first of the Chesty Puller missions, for instance, and the first Pirog mission.
  4. Thanks. That sounds strange to me, though; I understand deactivating the radio for anyone who's down, but in a couple of missions it's happened that once one person was down, *no one* could use the radio until that person had been revived, which is just weird. Might well be a bug resulting from an old version of the revive script, though.
  5. Another question from me: in a bunch of missions I've downloaded, we encountered the problem that TFAR stopped working when one of us was down; as soon as they were revived, it worked again. Those missions didn't use the default revive system but a mod (possibly AIS). I've not done any consistent testing yet - but is this something others have encountered? Are there known conflicts between TFAR and certain revive systems?
  6. Is it just me or are there relatively few missions for Arma 3 and CUP) that use the Arma maps, in particular Sahrani? Or am I simply looking in the wrong places? Ideally I'd need Sahrani missions that just need CUP but not RHS. Any pointers would be much appreciated!
  7. Thanks. I know I don't have much to go on at this point; I'll have to find some sort of systematic test in-game. Nevertheless, right now it basically looks like TFAR works perfectly fine for those of us with lower pings but it doesn't work as well for our Australian friend with his pings beyond 500.
  8. A friend I'm playing with has TFAR cut out every now and then; the rest of us can hear each other just fine, but there are missions when he can hear us only some of the time or not at all. From what he's said, it seems like it happens with direct chat as well as radio chat. Not sure if this might have something to do with it, but he's based in Australia and has very high pings on my server in western Europe. Is this something that's happened to others? It's well possible that it's a setup issue at his end, but I wanted to ask, in case this is a known but rare issue.
  9. thirith

    No love for Sahrani?

    Cool, thanks! Will definitely check it out.
  10. thirith

    No love for Sahrani?

    Thanks! Do you have the same user name on Steam? Will check there.
  11. thirith

    No love for Sahrani?

    True (I'll finally have to try them out with others), and thanks for the reminder, though I also like more handcrafted missions, since at their best they make great use of the environment that you won't find in generated missions.
  12. We did a coop session yesterday with my small group (up to 8 players, mostly of mediocre skills) and found that pretty much every mission was a meat grinder. Partly that's the mission design, of course, but I'm also wondering if there'd be ways for me to tweak the server setup and mods to make the game more playable. The current setup is as follows: We're playing on a dedicated server that also runs a Headless Client. The AI is at 1.00 skill and 0.30 accuracy. We're also running ASR AI and Pooter's Enhanced ASR AI. My goal is to find a good balance between fair and challenging, and I want the AI to behave interestingly. I don't mind losing against AI that plays cleverly, flanking us and showing behaviour that is believable. I do mind losing against AI that wins through sheer aggression and accuracy. Obviously I can tweak and test all of these, but we only play every two weeks, and you pretty much have to play an entire session to get a feel for what difference the settings make. So, my question is basically this: how would those of you with more experience of running coop games tweak this?
  13. Thanks for the additional tips. das attorney: The lines of code you mentioned, those would come into play if I used my own missions, right? Or is it somehow possible to inject those server-side?
  14. thirith

    ASR AI 3

    Question from an ASR AI newbie: how do I best set up the mod with respect to overwriting missions and clients? Do I need to tweak anything there to get the intended basic effect?
  15. I was hoping to run a session today using serious mode; I created a channel called TaskForceRadio with the password being 123, but the game behaved exactly as it did before. Is there a step that we’ve forgotten? As far as I can tell from the TFAR site, that should do the trick. Edit: Please ignore - user stupidity. No, Thirith, TaskForceRadio and TeamSpeakRadio aren't the same channel name. :-/
  16. Cool, thanks. This'll definitely come in handy.
  17. I'm trying to check the patrols, their coverage and paths in a coop mission, for which it'd be great to have a view that constantly shows the positions of all units. I've seen this in Zeus videos, but I can figure out how to do this, neither in spectator mode nor in Zeus. Is there something I'm done by wrong?
  18. Cool, I'll give that one a try. Talking of which, I'm also hoping to add your "Patrol chatter" script to the mission, which has six survivors of an invasion gone wrong scattered around Kavala while patrols are looking for them. I think it might be a great way to make things more atmospheric - it should be pretty tense and exciting to cower in a bombed-out building while hearing CSAT soldiers calling to each other in the early-dawn fog.
  19. I've put together an intro sequence heavily based on kylandia's Black Text Intro Fade. However, I'm running into the following problem with the code pasted below: during the fadeout of the text, the screen suddenly goes from black to showing everything normally. The text is still there, fading out, but I go from black background to the game world showing in a flash. Then, as the mission title and author name appear on screen, the background goes black again, only for the black to fade out. Any idea why that is - and, more importantly, how I can solve it? // Start with a silent black screen. waituntil {time > 0}; cutText ["", "BLACK FADED"]; 0 fadeSound 0; // Spawn text effects. _this spawn { // Starting quote as volume fades in. titleText ["The battle of Kavala hadn't gone well.\n\nThe scattered survivors wait for sunrise\nas enemy patrols search for them...","PLAIN",7]; sleep 9; titleFadeOut 1; 12 fadeSound 1; sleep 11; // New "sitrep style" text in bottom right corner, typed out over time. [ ["TTLG presents: Herding Cats","font = 'PuristaSemiBold'"], ["","<br/>"], ["by Thirith","font = 'PuristaLight'"], ["","<br/>"], [" ","font = 'PuristaLight'"] ] execVM "\a3\missions_f_bootcamp\Campaign\Functions\GUI\fn_SITREP.sqf"; // Fade from black, to blur, to clear as text types. sleep 4; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [6]; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 0; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [0.0]; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 5; cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 5]; sleep 16; [west, "PAPA_BEAR"] sideChat "We're sending a Hummingbird your way. Find a rally point to defend until they get there. Godspeed!"; };
  20. For instance because I only play with my group every 2-3 weeks, so I'd like to know how to make things happen beforehand. That way we can start playing immediately. It's difficult to just try something out if it depends on others trying it out with me.
  21. I'm feeling a bit stupid asking this, but... do I understand correctly that in order to activate "Serious mode" (in our case mainly so that the dead aren't tempted to help the living by revealing the position of enemies) all I have to do is create a channel on our TS3 server called TaskForceRadio that has 123 as its password, and the rest takes care of itself? Also, another newbie question: if I have someone with a long-range radio set to the same frequency as infantry more than 10km away equiped with regular radios, can they radio the infantry units but not the other way around, or are long-range radios on an entirely different comms network?
  22. thirith

    Force player to spawn prone

    I did that with all playable units, but when I launch the mission the unit I play stands up. Don't know why that is, but Grumpy Old Man's solution worked just fine.
  23. thirith

    Urban Patrol Script

    My apologies - I've figured out what caused the error and it wasn't UPS. Since me implementing UPS occurred at the same time as something else, which I didn't expect to have any impact), I made an incorrect assumption.
  24. thirith

    Force player to spawn prone

    Brilliant, that did the trick. Thanks!
  25. thirith

    Force player to spawn prone

    My apologies for the thread necromancy, but I've tried applying this and it doesn't work. Whether I put the switchMove command in the Init box or set the unit to PRONE in the editor, when I test the mission, I always start standing up. Any reliable way of fixing this?