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  1. smiley_ie

    Stuttering after upgrade

    Tried everything i can think of thanks for the help guys but im gonna knock the game on the head for a while pain in the arse with it running like crap in MP. Cheers
  2. smiley_ie

    Stuttering after upgrade

    Tried it still the same , I did manage to connect to one wasteland stratis server with no stutter ? updated battle eye manually tryed a few there and still getting stutter.
  3. smiley_ie

    Stuttering after upgrade

    Tried -nologs Vsync on & off Have disabled Nod32 not uninstalled Just installed latest driver 331.58 Connected to wasteland altis & Stratis still stutter, One thing i did notice is its only when i move "e.g in first person if i turn around with the mouse is smooth but one i move in any direction and free look it stutters.
  4. smiley_ie

    Stuttering after upgrade

    If i connect to any MP game i get this, I just tried stratis (used this server many times) and got 60fps. Now i get 60fps as before but stutter.
  5. Yes it does, Every time you turn a light on with a light source hitting it, It kicks in with PhysX and when you turn a light off there's no hit on your CPU or PhysX it should be on your GPU but BIS made it that its a CPU which works better and better well done aoshi. So rain is PhysX based.
  6. smiley_ie

    Arma 3 : Operation Make Faster Game

    Update Part 3 and Part 4 Update Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kUyl...Mm-XrfT0ldALjg Interesting stuff with part 4 and PhysX
  7. smiley_ie

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    Played last night 3 of us for 2 hours nobody crashed ? Im using -nologs -cpucount=4 -maxmem=4048 -maxVRAM=1860
  8. Nothing for Arma 3 i thought there would since release 1.0 ? I posted when in alpha where there drivers and the response was BI are in talks with Nvidia. Guess talks didn't go to well. Haven't tried them yet hopefully there good :p
  9. smiley_ie

    Nvidia GeForce 327.23 WHQL. No Arma 3 ?

    Any response on drivers ? Nvidia/ AMD sice the Alpha that turned to Beta that transformed to 1.0 came out on a update with SLI and Driver WHQL update that we can not travel to long to 327.23
  10. smiley_ie

    Low FPS

  11. Gonna stick with stable much better FPS.
  12. I have being running DEV build and i got 60 - 9 fps all over the place in MP (private and public) i think if you find a good server i got 40-60fps but that will decline as player count goes up. Last night i tried a private game 1.0 with two friends played the BIS new missions and we all had 60fps - 45 in the big towns. It really felt like a new game when runs properly with high FPS. Over time BIS should be able to tweak the network code and we still have to get drivers from Nvidia/Amd hopefully will see more use of GPU! Id recommend playing with friends (private games) for best experience, Public servers just seems to fall apart.
  13. My FPS have being all over the place in DEV build the last week from 60 - 9 on Altis with this 1.0 seem to get 43 fps max in MP no matter what setting's i use can anyone hit 60 in MP.
  14. Played last night with 3 friends everyone giving out about performance on Altis and Stratis, something's changed last couple of dev patch's
  15. Javi_KT It's just me or death animation it's better in there that the one we have now? min 3:55 Looks better to me than whats in game at the moment there's no delay when he gets hit, Now its when bullet hits the physic kicks in, He fall's on to his rig/bones then fall's.
  16. Is there any update on Nvidia/Amd driver's for Arma 3 since the release is soon.
  17. smiley_ie

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    Performance is good getting good FPS its the stuttering thats killing it for me, MP seems to be hit and miss as far as performance :rolleyes:
  18. Walking with sw keys with Binoculars out cause's gun on you back to rotate 180 degrees.
  19. That's what i was doing i hope they change it as default with them pointing down :confused:
  20. Bug. If you go to the highest stance with (ctrl + w ) then press ctrl + s then ctrl + w again it loops the sitting animation ?
  21. Seems very smooth for me LOD is much better
  22. ;)That was the first thing i tried
  23. Got a few FPS extra also its using more video ram 1666mb that's the most Ive seen before it was 1200 - 1300