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  1. You guys still working on this mod ?
  2. @ sgt_savage I think this is the 3rd time i asked : Are you guys interested in original music score ?
  3. Are you guys looking for original Music for the mod ?
  4. smiley_ie

    [WIP terrain] Nevid

    Very nice, I'm trying to get into more modding what tools did you create it with cring0.
  5. smiley_ie

    Hosting games

    @ Ishnhelm908 try Evolve and join as Lan
  6. smiley_ie

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    For me Tanoa fps drop 50 - 60s and seem to be getting a drop when zooming but overall it did feel smoother : Altis Jumped onto invade and annex with 27 players wow ran very very well holding pretty much 60fps.
  7. I cant freelook when i fast run, W+Alt freelook works fine but if i W+SHIFT+ALT i Stop on the spot ?
  8. smiley_ie

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    I think a lot of people are gonna be disappointed expecting it to fix fps as with DX12 i think you gonna see better streaming less stutter on SSD but that is it, @ LuckyArma do you have a link for the video i be curious to see it cant find a link. As Scimitar said don't sweat the negative posts.
  9. A few weeks ago i noticed my weapon menu disappeared when i use the roller mouse nothing would show on screen “top left†but it was there for everything else like entering vehicles. Only mods installed but disabled are “ CBA – ADR Weapon Pack (official Mod) I installed 1.66 update and the weapon menu is back, Then i noticed free look didn’t work if i ran fast. W+ALT free look is fine if i SHIFT+W+ALT i stop on the spot so i deleted Arma 3 in the documents folder/ Appdata-local-Arma 3 & Arma 3 Launcher & Bohemia_interactive. In Steam Verify Integrity re launch Arma now Weapon menu is gone and still can’t free look when i fast run.
  10. smiley_ie

    Possible fix for the "3 FPS Drop" Issue

    Played Anoy world 40 players ran very well for me 40- 60 fps @ night seems very smooth this was tanoa lots of lodS at the start which seemed to smooth out but tanoa runs worse than Altis so far so good.
  11. smiley_ie

    Possible fix for the "3 FPS Drop" Issue

    Much better experience so far less stutter and over all more fps will do more testing but its a lot smoother :)
  12. smiley_ie

    LOD Discussion

    Is there any changes made to LOD in dev build or improvements FPS drops are making it unplayable on Tanoa & Altis since 1.62