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  1. Hi all, ive not played Arma since 2013 and i'm buying a new laptop soon. Any recomendations to get the most out of the game?
  2. Hopefully get a new laptop soon and get back into arma. Not played since 2013 and this mod seems awesome
  3. Iget this error on my game as it says its missing and my saves don't work. Someone said to validate my files but i'm not using steam. Anyone able to shed some light?
  4. Sweet, all I need now is a good opposing force
  5. Hi just a questions is it's possible to add a pistol to the officers? Something that was missing in A2
  6. me neither, i'll have another look and if success will post
  7. nicklomas

    ASCZ CAF AG Replacement Config

    Are you planning on creating units?
  8. hmmmm then I must have done something wrong :(
  9. Great mod! Exactly what I needed. One thing though is the CDF soldiers speak in a US accent
  10. Would it be possible if I can edit these for personal use?
  11. nicklomas

    How do i stop the AI running over friendly units?

    Cheers guys, i'll give it a go
  12. nicklomas

    Editing addons

    Hi, I'm new to this and was wondering how I go about editing hit points on vehicles and how I would go about editing a already created addon for personal use?
  13. nicklomas

    Armaholic advert malware

    yeah I get it on my PC at home and my iPhone (which is weird). I literally can't go more than a page without it taking me to an advertorial for Fit Mom.
  14. Does anyone know how to stop the AI from running over my own men? Like a lot of things in the game this is absurd. It makes having a vehicle in your unit dangerous let alone trying to board one and removes the ability to have combined arms battles. I'm shocked that a year and a half after the release of the game this is not fixed. I know BIS are busy fixing the monumental mountain of errors in the game now that 'all' the 'content' is done. It's not like they are moving at speed either and seem to fall when they get brushed by a vehicle!