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  1. TPW crashed by me on startup. Said "TPW_MODS.hpp not found" but the file is there. then the game crashes and a "bad_module_info" message. pops up.
  2. What gear level support this CTI? Vanilla, DLC or Apex?
  3. I dig that thread, because i want to rent a server for my Friends and me and have som Questions about that. I known from my old days that ArmA Server Hosting has some trouble and only root/dedicated server was sufficient for that, because Game Server Hosters tend to overbook there Racks and restrict your access to the Server so you mostly can't run a full fledged CTI on it. Is that still a thing? also the servers gets regular restarts, what i wanted to avoid for resuming coops and long run CTIs. Another questions i have: Is the dual Core only still a Thing? So i have to get a high clocking CPU? Or get they the Threading finally right so i can utilize a multi core Server? Is there already an AI memory improvement made? Last time i run a Single player CTI it was crippled down after a while because of that (which was usual for Desktop running CTI server back then) but even the Server based CTIs tend to cripple down after a while and wasn't playable around Midgame. i known that this depends on AI Settings and most public server shut down AI for that reason, but i want AI up to 24 if i like. /€: I work me through the HC wiki right now...i can run per slot 1 HC client if i want? sounds good. How big is the Storage usage of the Server. I Known that a ArmA 3 Installation can pumping up to some GB due to Mods and such. Is this on a Server side also a thing? Yes, i known that dedicated Server hosting means part wise a serious amount of work/learning. or should i restart with a small GSP server and later then upgrading? I aim at the moment for a 12 Player private pw secured server without regular reboot (only if i wanted it so). Or a ded root server with ftp access for modding or is that not necessary?
  4. NTGhost

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Then haul his ass back to his own Thread. He has run and Cover far to long now. :D
  5. NTGhost

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    Spatsiba: Yeah, the mission IS hard if you play it like the devs have plan it. The Kuma there will be a real pain in the arse. and the Chopper also, not to mention all the gorgons and Moras around the town. But if you break the rule the mission is quite easy. I actually discover that BIS may have change some important details on the missions. In fact i was early this Week able to finish this Mission with the Kuma and a Mora. both 100% health. So here in my opinion the way with the best possible outcome:
  6. wut? oh holy...sry. i was searching for somthing and this was in my results. :unsure:
  7. thx for the link. That means we get rid of floating Stones an Trees in the distance? nice
  8. Hi BIS, short question about further dev of your engine: Do you plan to upgarde this to 64bit?
  9. Why should it break the EULA? if i remember correctly it exist all Campains also a Coop version from some dedicated modders. / €: Is the Asset loadout in the Missions Changed in the last patches? the Ammo Bearer is totaly gone now. ^^
  10. NTGhost

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    envy that, i try literary DAYS to get them...no friggn Chance. i was plain to dumb to shoot of the Crew properly. /€: to the guy abouvr me. Why don't use the enemys gear? take out all enemys in the Town you should have enougth gear for all what you want inkl some rockets.
  11. In fact the timer thing grinds my Gear at most. In the old OFP Days i have to stay with my binoculars an hour in bushes to figure out how to crawl with Amstrong througth the enemy line, Now you have to RUN guns blazing to get in time to your target. This was not supposed to be CoD. pls devs put the friggn Timer off!! Also the staged Arti fire. what the hell? if i friggn WANT to fight against them let me. don't put shells on me because i don't run fast enough in a certain direction. If i dont do so as if it was supposed put Enemys at me. Even Tanks. but let ME decide what i want to do. If there no Chain of Command anymore so I can do what i want.
  12. They will add to the Crates anyway. But if you get one you can't it put back again. Mostly the Clothes Crates is empty every time you reload the camp they will be sortet right again.
  13. NTGhost

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    At the east swamp heliport you have a S***load of AT Weapons. Use them. the Tanks are no thread anymore. Because the 2nd dangerous thing in this game was a Tank...the most dangerous thing in there was a Infantry soldier with a AT weapon.
  14. NTGhost

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    if they can shoot at you, you are to close. get a MG and the TWS and a good chuck of distance between you and your enemy. 500m above should good. then kill them BEFORE they even get a glimpse of you.