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  1. Recreate OFP content with few liberties to make things more interesting. In the screen I posted we have our current resistance (Fia) uniform. It's Swiss M70 Alpenflage with Norwegian M77 boots. In OFP resistance units had Alpenflage uniforms and some sort of vests. M70 combines both vest and uniform
  2. Once NSVT gets made (not a priority atm) it's just a matter of copy paste but for now we'll go with ye olde DShKM. Basic T-72A in FIA colors:
  3. I have to correct myself - C'85 will feature T-72AV: Should be accurate for the timeline anyway. Notice the slightly deformed ERA layout on side skirts.
  4. Visually T-72AV would be closer match but T-72B with ERA (T-72BV) will do for now.
  5. Indeed. We will have T-72B with ERA which could be the spiritual successor to OFPs odd T-72.
  6. Soviet T-72: Note the red stars and blueish rubber side skirts like in OFP
  7. Testing some improved MUTT textures and new materials: Still WIP naturally. Click for hires.
  8. Wheels are done so everybody should be happy now
  9. Tire thread is based on Goodyear AT-2A. Another option would have been Michelin XZL.
  10. New set of wheels for M939 series by Mr.Skellington: Wheel textures are still WIP
  11. The 5t truck had indeed camo paint in OFP. Camo itself won't be a problem but if we make one it's probably MERDC camo. But since there were many variants of this truck in OFP, there might aswell be different styles. We'll see.
  12. I started working on M939 series 5t trucks. They will use Arma 1 models for now but with new textures. Arma 1 M939 models will get some love with new wheels and other little details. We can export the wheels and details to brand new M939 model whenever that gets done. M939 series early wip: