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  1. The addon looks good, by the video presentation. But I make a suggestion. In the video, it is seen as the convoy being attacked, it stops right there. This is a tactical mistake, you should not stop where you are attacked, but you must leave the death zone immediately. Think about it, why stop where the enemies have just attacked you? In these situations, you continue with speed, and when you reach a position advantageous for you, it is when you stop and organize the counterattack. Otherwise, stopping there will cause many casualties in your unit. Therefore, if you could program the AI so that the stop did not do it in the same place, would be, militarily speaking, more correct. This is my suggestion
  2. legolasindar

    ASOR Vehicle Selector

    Hi, i use you script, and is very nice, but i have a problem. I used some mods, and the list of vehicles is very big. I have diferents categories, armor, car, etc... but the list is big for each one. Use mouse wheel for scroll is very slow. You can add scroll bar for fast scroll? Thanks.
  3. legolasindar

    ASR AI 3

    The outdated config files for RHS is needed in this version?
  4. With the latest update 2.96, I could not enter my own server. The reason is that the configuration of filepatching not match, looks for TADST error. In the TADST_config.cfg file generated in the profile, check the option filepatching (in my case with value 2), this generates the line: allowedFilePatching = 2; Compared to my previous setup, I have seen that P should be lowercase, I've changed to lowercase, and now it works. allowedFilepatching = 2; So it seems, TADST puts the command incorrectly. Also I have a request. In the list of addons, you can only move one by one. It would be possible to admit a multiple selection of addons? So it would be easier to put them in order, especially with each new patch that makes me loathe all;)
  5. The program as always great, good job (although this time you have cast several bugs :P ). Please could you do so that every time you upgrade, you do not have to retype all the settings again? It really is very annoying, and I have not found any program never force me to do it before, thanks :D
  6. Hi, i need an script show the hits in the targets. I search from armaholic, google, bis forum, but I did not find what I'm looking for. Im looking this, minut 4:20. Anyone can help me? I have no programming knowledges, I need a script already created, you only need to configure. Thanks.
  7. This mod is abandoned? He was a great mod, it's a shame that there has not finished. Someone could continue the mod with the author's permission.
  8. Any plan for include filepatching in the nice TADST? https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/183049-file-patching/
  9. legolasindar

    Enhanced Movement

    The addon are nice, but i not understand why have others things not related with movement, NVG, inventory acces, etc. The problem is that if I'm interested in the movements, but everything else gives me problems with other addons I use, so I can not use your addon. For me, in addon of movement, only search modifications about movement. This is my feeback, thanks.
  10. I use this script for install and launch arma 3 linux server. http://danielgibbs.co.uk/lgsm/arma3server/ All work well, except the addons. I try many diferent thinks, but nothing, the server not load addons. Is a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS i use in param -mod=@cba_a3;@agm -mod="@cba_a3;@agm" "-mod=@cba_a3;@agm" -mod=@cba_a3/;@agm -mod=@cba_a3\;@agm -mod=\"@cba_a3;@agm"\ -mod=\home\arma3server\serverfiles\@cba_a3 -mod=/home/arma3server/serverfiles/@cba_a3 And others and others, and never load the addons in the server. name | modDir | default | origin | hash | fullPath 13:44:16 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13:44:16 @jtac | @jtac | false | NOT FOUND | | 13:44:16 Arma 3 DLC Bundle | dlcbundle | true | NOT FOUND | | 13:44:16 Arma 3 Helicopters | heli | true | GAME DIR | EDITED FOR ME| /home/arma3server/serverfiles/heli 13:44:16 Arma 3 Karts | kart | true | GAME DIR| EDITED FOR ME| /home/arma3server/serverfiles/kart 13:44:16 Arma 3 Zeus | curator | true | GAME DIR |EDITED FOR ME| /home/arma3server/serverfiles/curator 13:44:16 Arma 3 | A3 | true | NOT FOUND | | 13:44:16 ========================================================================================================================================================================================================== I revised files, permissions, all with arma3server permission, deleted Keys (except a3), only one custom mission for test addon fails. Any solution?
  11. legolasindar

    Sweet markers system

    Nice job :D You could look completely integrate it into ACE3 if you and they want. Your system is much better than yours.
  12. legolasindar

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    I put Land_ClutterCutter_large_F for clean the base. But the ClutterCutter appear editable with Zeus. How I can do to not be editable?
  13. legolasindar

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    Can you hide Support Requester icons?. This ruin my screen captures, and i think is not necessary have this icons all the time in the screen.
  14. If i set the support requester module in the editor, at left of the screen appear permanent icons. I searched but i not found a solution for hide this icons. They are very annoying and I need to remove them. Thanks.
  15. legolasindar

    ASR AI 3

    Please see my previous post, i modify this before you post the last, and you not see the modification ;)
  16. legolasindar

    ASR AI 3

    I make a test, and you're right, still has some dependencies. But really they are few and not important, but as you say have dependencies.
  17. legolasindar

    ASR AI 3

    Thanks for the response. RHS USA is standalone, you not get errors. Maybay you use a old version of RHS USA, but from the 0.3.6 version not need AFRF. 0.3.8 is the actual version. Changelog link "FIXED IN 0.3.6 @ USAF no longer requires AFRF to play (finally!)"
  18. legolasindar

    ASR AI 3

    Optional RHS config have dependance from russian RHS? In my comunity only use USA RHS and ASR AI with RHS optional config give me RHS error.
  19. I testing you addon, is a very good addon , nice work, but i think now not work well. I tested with last CBA and bCombat versions (only this addons, no more). I tested in SP. - IA not alert from explosión. More than 250 meters not alert never, less than 250 sometimes. After default config test, i make test with this radius expanded, and same results. - IA not alert from shoots. Same test and results of other. - IA not alert neighboring units that are under attack. - IA not investigate near hostile activity (explosion, shoots,...). I tried to do same of , and i cant do.I used you vanilla addon, with vanilla config and with custom config fer expand radius of alert, detection, etc... But I have not achieved the expected results according to the documentation. Your last patch was four months ago, and since then there have been several patches of Bohemia. I think that has caused the malfunction addon.
  20. You repo work well, but that does not mean it's a problem of my server. It's much chance the same thing happen to two different communities with different servers and different addons :p
  21. Since the last update, my community and other friend communty have many problems with the Arma3sync. My exist build not work, people cant connect. I need erase the build and .a3s folder for fix this. But now, the download is very slow (before 4 MB/s and now 400 Kb/s) and never end the download, freeze at 100%. I think the last update have many problems.
  22. What is this? i not hear nothing about new version, this is oficial?
  23. I modified files and i replaced all \@bcombat\ entries with \@cc_bcombat\ and now works.
  24. legolasindar

    The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    Thanks, i think this new version work well.
  25. Thanks to all who helped with the project :cheers: