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  1. hi,kegetys,greetings!please check on this,please!




  2. kegetys

    Praha (Prague) - what to do, what to see?

    The aviation musem (Letecké muzeum Kbely) is worth a visit if such things interest you. It's free, quite easy to get to and has alot of planes from different eras.
  3. I'm quite cautious about this, doing the future aspect _right_ is something that is going to be extremely difficult compared to some "realistic" era. It would require extensive research into current day weapons systems, what is being developed and what of those are realistically going to make it (My impression is that a lot of the "coming soon" high tech gadgets end up being cancelled as they are not practical or the resources for their deployment is not there). Too often these future based games go all "cool factor" and forget practicality and the fact that militaries do have limited resources. For example I hope there is some pretty well thought out and believeable story as to why and how the Comanche was digged out of it's grave in this scenario (Where did the budget for it come from? Why is it better than a cheap UAV solution? What does it do better in practice that some upgraded Apache could not do?). If it's put in just for the cool factor and all the reasons for it's original cancellation are ignored then it's an entirely wrong approach for a game that is supposed to be taken as a serious milsim. That said I do hope the game will be good and I'm looking forward to it. :)
  4. For a "civilian" sim like this, I hope it will be full-on realism at least on the flight dynamics side (DCS Black Shark level) and with realistic ATC, weather and navigation. Without full detail avionics (button/switch mashing) however I'm not sure how interesting it will be. It also sounds a bit odd that this would be left out, as I dont think the full detail systems of a civilian helicopter would be that hard to implement as there's no weapon systems to worry about. I'd say a clickable cockpit is definately the absolute minimum requirement for today's flightsim standard though. (IL2COD, DCS series, Combat Helo, Jet Thunder, etc. all have it, and those are combat sims)
  5. I wont vote since I didn't test the RC, but from the videos and description it looks & sounds completely wrong. There are some animations like the grenade throwing and pistol/rifle change that feel sluggish in game, but even for those just speeding them up is not going to work. If they are going to be fixed then the animations should be re-captured with a real person doing them faster. If that's not possible then leave it as it is, just speeding the animations up for gameplay's sake makes it look bad and is against what the game is supposed to be about. True, I'd much rather see this fixed (maybe just much slower reloading if you're moving).
  6. No. I simply have had way too much problems with Steam, ranging from issues with the application itself (cant count how many times I have needed to delete clientregistry.blob when Steam decides to break itself) to problems with the service (downtimes or very slow startup times, slow downloads). It is very annoying when I just want to play a game, but there is some issue with Steam and I have to start troubleshooting that. Or when it takes an extra minute to start the game when steam is connecting and then "preparing" the game. The auto-patching is nice though, except it being forced on you can sometimes be a bit annoying. Especially when the download speeds are absolutely terrible when big updates come out and you can't play the game until the update is finished. I also do not like the fact that it adds an extra dependency on running the game (Valve goes bust, there goes all your games) and the fact that Valve can, according to the subscriber agreement, terminate your purchases at any time without notice or refund. Ever since the "euro=dollar"/zone based pricing change the standard price of games in Steam are also ridiculously high here (Finland). It is almost always the most expensive option I can find, even more expensive than the already high retail prices at supermarkets. Though there are some very good sales every now and then. Also, I believe the steam subscriber agreement disallows game modding for any non-valve games without written permission from Valve (IANAL though so this may be wrong). As a whole, the service just doesn't feel reliable or friendly to me and I dont want my purchases to rely on such. Of course I dont mind BIS, or any other, games being available there but as an only option its a big no.
  7. Looks quite nice, though for some reason there is a horizontal scrollbar when the page is less than ~1200 pixels wide. The content itself seems to scale properly though and on the overflowing space there is only white. edit: now it is gone
  8. It was just a quick update from the Armed Assault launcher to ArmA 2 as some people kept asking for it and it was simple enough to do. It is a bit lacking in features nowdays so I didn't make that much noise about it... The code is very old (I think I made the first version in 2001) and made with Delphi 5 so its not very nice to work with anymore :P
  9. kegetys

    Fdf mod ad-aware warning

    There is nothing like that in the exe, the FDFmod.exe's only purpose is to "intelligently" select wether it will launch flashpointresistance.exe or the beta patch exe with the appropriate mod parameters. A long time ago I posted the source of the exe somewhere on the fdfmod forums when someone else wanted to do the same thing, but I'm not 100% sure if it is there anymore. The RAR SFX installer, being based on HTML "pages" has an iframe that grabs the latest news from the fdfmod website, purpose being that if you're installing an old version it can tell you that there is an update available etc. edit: Here's the source of the exe:
  10. I hope the expansion would fix some of the long standing realism issues that have been there since OFP, for example: - Proper weapon magazine/chamber simulation (ie. you can have a round in the gun separate from the magazine attached to it, and you need to pull the hammer if you fire it completely empty) - Adjustable rifle sights, barrel heating for machine guns, removal of rounds remaining from HUD and replace with more realistic system - Better vehicle damage system, no total destruction of a car for example no matter how much it is fired at with non-explosive rounds (and no magical everyone-inside-immediately-dies feature even if hit by an explosive) - Improvements in the weapon systems (FCS for tanks, some improvements in the radar systems and guided weapons) - Many other things I cannot remember now :) Typical fps games have many of these features today, even "arcade" shooters that have better weapon simulation than ArmA 2. They were issues with OFP already, but understandable since the game was otherwise so revolutionary and it would really be the time to fix at least some of them
  11. It shouldn't be compatible with 1.02 either :) It is unlikely that I'd update it as since 1.02 you can disable the postprocessing effects from the video options.
  12. kegetys

    Walker for moderator!

    We already had that a few years back :)
  13. kegetys

    Ram limit hard-coded?

    The limit is 2GB in normal applications (You can use 3GB of memory but a single application can only use 2GB), with the large address aware setting it can be increased to 3GB but I guess ArmA2 doesn't use that.
  14. I have heard there is some odd feature in Vista/Win7 where it will stop cpbo from extracting the files where they belong and instead they end up extracted in some kind of "virtual" program files directory under your user home dir. I dont know how it works since I use XP, but I would assume there is some way to disable that from Windows. (Though it should only happen if you are trying to extract PBO files under Program Files).