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  1. jgbtl292

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    portoeren muss man da nicht viel die dinger kann man einfach in den addon ordner verschieben und laufen ..... ich kanns auch in schlechtem ennglish schreiben ^^ bin schon wieder weg ^^
  2. jgbtl292

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    großartige arbeit. vielleicht noch einer version in dem man einige häuser von A2 mit häusern von dayz ausstauscht ;) die funktionieren sind grafisch ein wenig hüpscher und man kann sie begehen ;) nicht alle aber ein paar vielleicht der performance wegen - müsste man testen ^^ und man hätte auch noch ein ticken mehr Vielfalt bei der Bebauung >
  3. jgbtl292

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    sry BIS - goes on to make the game with unnecessary, exaggerated crap broken ^ ^ i never never has this shit in my active army time ( infantry ) .... absolutely exaggerated... play this shit self .............. why are you doing always new unnecessary shit to (has nothing to do with the real life) - rather than what the game really needs, after all these years to handle times - damn ............ ........................:mad:
  4. jgbtl292

    revamped the CSAT PLZ !! :(

    the ugly csat need a normal uniform ;) that what we have now, is better a very smal special groub inside the csat.
  5. jgbtl292

    Arma 3 and RV&Enforce engine

    this the the new infusion engine for dayz sa ;)
  6. jgbtl292

    We need worse weapon systems

    remove the colors off the radar - no longer ok empty friend enemy ;) is one little step. remove the vehicle name when its looked - only tank ,plane, copter etc. remove the radar for tanks apc etc. more hot thermals textures for all metal and glass in the game. fix the brightness bug in thermal sight , and give the visible stop for thermal on rain and fog . now its very harder and more real ;)
  7. jgbtl292

    Third person mode & realism

    Drive a kuma in firstperson, offroad good luck ^^ the game is too bad in many things, you can not all see from a infantry perspective ;)
  8. jgbtl292

    Unigine + Euphoria Engines

    not bad the engine but the artificial look like plastic world .....
  9. mh lol ok my bad - but the kuma has no hatch for a unbuttoned driver ^^
  10. from the last chancelog I could not detect any change, is the same black hole since arma 1 (in ofp we had driverplaces ) no chance for a hole left and right and to turn the head for a better sight to half left half right . last i played with a kuma on a hardcore server . its a pain to drive offroad .... and you have no driver hatch.... and no gps... no rear cam... no mirrors ..... only a smal single black hole ... you only see a very narrow piece forward, less than in a tank from the 40s
  11. jgbtl292


    nicccccccce but make the camo-net a little deeper on the front - for hide the chassis shadow on the front ;) and its a barracuda camo-net planned - our leo have one but not for friendly trainings ( to expensive ^^ ) and a multispectral camo garage ? has also purchased too against thermal visible in the disposal room. i have pictures from the new camo garage i think ...
  12. jgbtl292


    when the mg5 comes we become in the army only a green brown version ;) its no black version planned.
  13. jgbtl292

    Field Manual - Weapons Info: Titan MPRL

    the titan is never a spike ^^ in a spike you see the target from the rocket cam not from the start - and you have a tal threepod ;)
  14. the dead jumping at ruins is a feature in the game ^^