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  1. If you enable the debug console (there are mods for that on the workshop), you can use enableSaving true to save your progress in a multiplayer instance of Extraction. However, as Mr. Lexx kindly pointed out, this may wreck havoc upon the mission.
  2. ...What he said. Good work on the Alpha, lads!
  3. Hello, I tested it out a bit with ALiVE, and you seem to have split mechanized forces into BTR and BMD entries, thus making it incompatible with the setup required by ALiVE. All mech groups should be under a single "mechanized" header for them to work correctly in ALiVE. Everything else seems spiffy.
  4. I am with Mr. Hammer on this query: Anata wa maruchipureiyÄ no tame ni kore o shomei suru nodarou ka?
  5. hund

    [DA3] The Congo Crisis

    I am now excited.
  6. Will there be any drastic changes for mission makers, or can we just keep on truckin'?
  7. hund

    A3A (Arma 3 Actual)

    On the other hand, what kind of modder would he become, if he did not?
  8. No this is Invasion 1944, a WWII mod for arma 3. If you want ALiVE you should head over here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169350-ALiVE-Advanced-Light-Infantry-Virtual-Environment
  9. I would like to report the same issue.
  10. hund

    CiA Hardcore Coop Nights

    A group of Ye Olde Skool. Highly commendable, and recommendable as well, if you want to taste what else arma has on offer!
  11. I love how armaholic just slapped your incoherently druken-ass release post up on the front page - they are all business over there. XD Congratulations are in order, I suppose, and a girlfriend might be too. ;D
  12. hund

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    Yup, thats the stuff.
  13. hund

    Sham's US Armament Pack

    I like these Mr. Sham - nice with a few personal touches. Just need a fire team's worth of shooties and we are good to go! Might I suggest a bit of grit on them as well, adds to the atmosphere if they look a little worn.
  14. hund

    Why no NVG in Night showcase?

    He mentioned that the screenshot (for reasons unknown) is not as dark as the actual gameplay. Mr. Stealth, maybe you suffer from night blindness, which would be kind of amusing, seeing as your moniker denotes at least a passing affinity with skullduggery. The actual ailment is however no laughing matter, and I do sympathize with your plight. The only reasonable solutions that I can think of are (in no particular order): 1. Turn up your gamma. 2. Change your name to something more befitting ("MoleWarrior1337" for instance) 3. Adopt a more "can-do" approach to night-time combat, as I suspect the AI might be picking up on the subtle whining noises when you're trying to hide from them - they are quite adept at this. 4. Make a new mission called "Night Vision Showcase" (remember to include night vision goggles for your hero) and release it on Armaholic.com so we can all bask in the awesomeness of the Arma 3 engine, now with an nice overlay of garish green. I do hope you find a way to mitigate your particular obstacle, and I wish you the best of gaming in the future. Love and kisses, Hund
  15. As far as I can tell its the grass, I go from 15 fps with grass to 70 fps without. Might have something to do with the terrain being flat, but then on the other hand the framedrop persists regardless of viewdistance set. Big fan of Africa, so I am very excited about Wamako! ...and thats just an ... odd comment. XD
  16. Except it doesn't work in the homeland :D One of these days someone somewhere will tell someone else that universal camouflage, isn't. ...Or we invent the invisibility suit!
  17. @Delta Hawk While I agree that modding has become increasingly hard to do (at least if you want to make stuff that is on par with the BIS products of today), I have to humbly disagree that modders have any right to sit on their high horse and demand gratitude. However before you get all mad at me for saying that, understand that this goes both ways - the fanbase has no right to expect a damn thing from the modders either. I would much prefer a happy hobby community than the high strung caffeine fueled rage machine that this community produces from time to time, both from overly zealous modders who take things way to seriously, and from self-entitled fans who think the modders owe them something. In short: Expect nothing and be happy when you get something.
  18. hund

    Norwegian newspaper using ARMA 2

    They seem to think that it is a real world photo. I'd take that as a compliment :D
  19. There is the possibility of making a translator addon, like some smart dudes did for the german-only version of A2. It wasn't perfect, but it worked pretty well. Also I don't think this problem can be blamed on BIS, it is most likely the publisher calling the shots, since BIS has nothing to gain from cutting language support for you guys (other than not having to do the actual translating, of course).
  20. Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. Steamworks has not be officially confirmed at this stage (as far as I know), so I would wait it out and see what happens - there might be no steamworks and thus no problem. The language patch is indeed a problem - some of us had a similar experience when the german publishers of arma 2 refused to let us have a language patch. I take it steam isn't big over there on the sunrise island? Also: Are there any japanese arma sites? I know next to nothing about your community and I would like to learn more.
  21. hund

    Urban Patrol Script

    This is UPS, you're looking for UPSMON, which is a different script made by a different scripter.