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  1. This map is giving me some serious Apocalypse. Now. vibes at some places. Beautiful map!
  2. Hawkins

    Black Ops Weapons '80

    Both versions do actually, so the M723 can have either the pencil barrel or the M4 profile with the M203 cut. Yours is correct! Good ref pics, I will amend my information. :) Checked my info again, and it stated that in -87 the M723 was "updated" to A2 standards, and then the M4 profile barrel with the M203 was added. So pre -87 with the pencil barrel is very much ok. I will not bother you with this again, you have clearly done your homework. Keep up the good work!
  3. Hawkins

    Black Ops Weapons '80

    Very nice! Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't that particular 723 model (with the shell deflector) have the M4 profile barrel with the M203 cut? Either way, glad to see these beautiful rifles being made.
  4. Hawkins

    Black Ops Weapons '80

    Very nice work! Loving the M653. M727 next? ;) Kidding aside, very nice job with the weapons. These weapons in addition to few units from certain packs and we have ourselves a base for some cool missions. :)
  5. Searching the topic also works. ;) Regarding the FPS, I also have good framerates with the new island and units, with a decent amount of infantry placed and fighting on the map. Very nice release guys! Thank you for all the hard work you have put into the mod.
  6. Have not felt a 'Nam buzz like this since Operation Flashpoint. Looks, feels and sounds great! The amount of stuff in the mod already is great (especially for infantry regarding uniforms) and I am sure you guys must have some surprises up your sleeve as well. The jungle feels great, firefights are intense and the tunnels add that spice that was missing for a long time. The rivers are great and thanks to the new engine they actually work well, now we just need some PBR's and we have an Apocalypse. Now! setting to work with. One question, and of course this is entirely up to you what you want to do; it is your mod. Are the M67 style magazine pouches staying or will they be changed? Naturally with the A3 engine you can swap around webbing setups (like we can do already with the mod) so making early/mid/late war setups is just a matter of switching the webbing for the particular unit. There were also some other bits and pieces that seemed "out of place" but I have always been too nit picking with this stuff. :) Do not get me wrong though! As I said, I have not felt this at home in a jungle and the 'Nam buzz is just overwhelming. So glad that it is holiday season. Thank you Unsung!
  7. Hawkins

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    Sounds and looks very good so far. Keep it up!
  8. Hawkins

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    Just wanted to let you know delta hawk, that this sounds absolutely wonderful. I have always been a fan of the 80's and 90's US Army stuff, and would hate to see this project fade. Your Arma2 mod was one of my favorites and this is exactly what Arma3 needs. It would most definitely get a special place in my Arma3 folder. Making a large addon/mod is difficult and time consuming (I know), but always remember that there are eager fans waiting for the next release. Keep it up, it's looking awesome so far!
  9. No idea if this has been answered already, but... Hafner from Siege of Firebase Gloria? Looking very cool nontheless!
  10. Drop me an email/IM Savage, I can do a few missions if needed. :) I have a few on the works currently. Zulu1, I'm around, mostly been lurking though. ;)
  11. Just playing for the moment and making missions. Still have not quite recovered from the modding years back in the day. :D I'm always up for some MP coop of course. ;) Maybe try and get the band back together for some good ol' fashion boonie hopping with pink bunny suits?
  12. Just wanted to say what an excellent job you guys have done! Been playing this and having more fun than I have had in a long time. Whatever projects you guys will be doing in the future, I am sure they will be awesome. I'll go back into the boonies now...
  13. Took a spin with the latest version of the mod and played a few missions. This mod is really the best 'Nam experience we have for A2! Polished and Savaged (pun intended ;) ) to the last poly! Really a pleasure to see results from a group of talented individuals. On another note, armanam.com and ofpnam.com down? Do you guys have a website?
  14. Thank you for the answers! The variable is defined before the trigger is hit, as I understand the init.sqf file is executed right at the beginning of the mission?