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  1. Must be locality then, as I ungrouped the other players from my group whilst having no AI available so I don't think it can be related to "effectiveCommander". Thx for the relies.
  2. guttersnipe

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Having trouble with the custom key mapping - am trying to change the sensor range in the BAF vehicles (the Bulldog etc (&I'm assuming the same key set also applies to the Apache) - Tried using Alt + ], but not getting any response. I'm running TFAR too & tried removing the switch SW radio control as it's also alt + ], but still not working. In terms of the custom key set which is the number I'm trying to remap? Thx
  3. Hi. Having an issue with the driverless tanks in MP. If I set down a tank in the editor and then play the mission on dedicated server the tank engine turns over but the vehicle will not move. If I then Zeus in a driveless tank I can jump in & drive normally. However if another player on my team tries to access the tank the tank refuses to move. Questions are: 1 ) are the DVL tanks mean to be MP compatible ? 2) Why, as Zeus can I drive the tank whilst regular players cant? V Confused (not unusual for me) Modset I'm using is IFA, @FOW, CBA, CUP Terrains Core, TFAR and TAW View Distance. Can anyone replicate the issue?/having similar problems. Thanks to Devs of mod, love your work!
  4. Yes, can confirm that works (well). Tested with Jebus's script. Wud love to add the hunt/creep/rush script to @achilles mod, but I'm not sure how to add as module. If any one manages it plse pm me.
  5. guttersnipe

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hi, loving your mod, great work. Where can I find the weapon/ammo classname data plse ? I had a dig about looking for the US 60mm mortar ammo names in the config, but all I could locate in terms of magazines was "fakeweapon" ? Am wanting to use removeMagazineTurret and replace with Smoke only. Thanks if you can help
  6. Am using the mk6 in manual mode (artillery computer disabled in init). I can aim, adjust range (pgUp/pgDn)/charge (F) with keyboard, however I can’t seem to be able to switch ammo types between he & smoke ? In the arty computer I get the drop down allowing me to switch round types on the default load out for the tube, so I’m assuming that with the same default mk6 placed in the editor that the tube has the option to switch ordnance.... is there a key I’m missing ?
  7. hmmm, working fine with vanilla 'small hedge' & BLUFOR present in condition. Odd thing is I tried this an hour ago & it didn't work. Have noticed that occasionally 'save' in editor removes last trigger set, must have been than? ta for helping anyway.
  8. Useful info re : however the trigger (which is server side) needs only one player to activate, and indeed is definitely being fired as I am also using it to trigger a hint which displays normally. I'll try with SIDE only instead tho. Re:hedge - I'm using an editor placed object (named 'hedge') from the @FOW mod which all players have on our group. thx for your help
  9. trigger was "player present" correct ? thx
  10. Im trying to destroy an object (hedge) via a setdamage=1 in trigger activation field. Works fine until I put it on a dedicated server. I've tried using the 'server' only checkbox in the trigger or without it, but the object's state isn't being transmitted to all clients. Can I do this without using a .sqf via a remoteExec command? I've looked but I'm not certain how to add my command into the BI format? // someScriptCommand; remoteExec ["someScriptCommand", targets, JIP]; ? thx
  11. @dreadpirate - thanks for quick reply, appreciated.
  12. @dreadpirate enjoying your script very much, it has awakened a desire to make missions after a long absence. Finally, the frame rates I’ve been craving for years! 😍 I know I'm being a bit thick, but I’m getting on a bit now & never was much good with the scripting - if I only want a squad to spawn once (ie just as I put them down in the editor and not returning from the grave) what do number do I use for “LIVES”,x ? Is it 0, for no respawn, or 1, as in the Life they spawn with?
  13. I'm looking for a script that will enable me to add an action to a vehicle to deploy a user made/custom composition (by mission editor) which will be 'player positionable' (rotate etc) within a small radius of the stationary vehicle. Ideally similar to the same way we build a base with Liberation/Dynamic Bulwarks, but tied support vehicle. Using, for example, an IFA Bren carrier, I would like the player to be able to drive to a destination of their choice, then using menu/add action, deploy an array of e.g m2 mortar in sandbag emplacement with ammoboxes etc, position/rotate it, then, preferably wait for a set build time before using the new assets. Repackable would be the icing on the cake . If array could be editor-configurable script, rather than a mod, then there'd be the flexibility to have different types of localised support, HMG, AT gun, mechanic's workshop... I've had a quick play with one or two scripts, eg Asaayu's Custom Cover Script (unfortunately the deloyables are not usable as weapons etc), but I'll readily confess my knowledge is extremely limited, and this is beyond my ability. If anyone could help/point me in the direction of an existing script that I've missed, it's be very much appreciated...
  14. hi nkenny. Really enjoying using this script, so much easier than trying to script suppressive fire for each individual group. Can I make one request: - When I use fn_taskRush on a editor placed group which I've hidden by having them lie down in stealth mode the group behaves as scripted in the fn_taskRush i.e. they move to contact with the stance reset to auto. When I do the same with fn_taskHunt & fn_taskCreep the group moves as requested BUT they remain in the "DOWN" position through their approach (which if they've a large distance to cover is very time consuming). If I leave the group simply standing on start they move normally. Can u give them a default setunitpos line plse? (I'd not have a clue how to start). Many thanks for your work.
  15. Hi, I'm trying to use a trigger to remove a custom objective named CustomObjectiveTatters I've been calling the script (described here - (http://alivemod.com/forum/2684-alive-and-scripting/0) with this in the trigger activated option ["CustomObjectiveTatters","GUER"] call cjb_RemoveObjectiveToSides; I'm getting this error 20:39:08 File C:\Users\Pete\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Pistol%20Pete\mpmissions\Checkpoint%20Sandybottom.Takistan\Scripts\opcomrem.sqf, line 17 20:39:08 Error in expression <ctive", _id] call ALiVE_fnc_OPCOM; }; } forEach _factions; } forEach OPCOM_INSTA> 20:39:08 Error position: <forEach _factions; } forEach OPCOM_INSTA> 20:39:08 Error Generic error in expression I've packed up the script in a .sqf named opcomrem (below) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Example:["ID_Name","SIDE"] call cjb_addObjectiveToSides; cjb_RemoveObjectiveToSides = { private["_factions","_faction","_opcom","_opcomSide"]; _id = _this select 0; _factions = _this select 1; { _opcom = _x; { _faction = _x; _opcomSide = [_opcom,"side",""] call ALiVE_fnc_HashGet; if( _opcomSide == _faction) then { [_opcom, "removeObjective", _id] call ALiVE_fnc_OPCOM; }; } forEach _factions; } forEach OPCOM_INSTANCES; }; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been using the other 'addobjective' option via a similar script described on that page in the same trigger without difficulty, but can't figure out what's wrong with the remove option. Can anyone help and or suggest another option to switch off an objective no longer required in scenario? Many thx