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  1. Cannot wait to play Sa Matra Wasteland on that map :)
  2. >.< please be true ps: Please allow weapon resting on backpacks again, pretty please
  3. el_muerko

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Can someone tell me if you're able to rest on vehicle roofs/bonnets or on some equipment like a dropped rucksack? Thx
  4. el_muerko

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    As someone who played the OFP demo and rushed out on the day of release to buy it and every game since then ARMA3 makes me sad.
  5. CH+ & Sa Matra's Wasteland in the ARMA 3 engine would be a reason for me to buy DayZ. I'd get the content and avoid the community, high-fives all round!
  6. el_muerko

    A3 - single player - Is game enjoyable yet?

    The game is not enjoyable as a single player experience, the AI spoil it completely, dozens of issues have been raised regarding it, I think one developer works on it occasionally. The development build forum shows rare updates that do little to fix the problems. I don't think BIS care, they're counting their DayZ money.
  7. So DayZ makes five million dollars already, what chance BIS can make a 64bit exe for dayz/arma3 and my computer can be used to it's full potential?
  8. el_muerko

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Do you not think 50% accuracy is too high, which is compounded by the AI's likelihood of seeing you first, real armies would love to have soldiers hitting their target first time 50% of the time, it's not realistic.
  9. I reloaded from the last checkpoint and it worked. Played on until I met some survivors and we were moving through the forest to the south, got killed by the depressingly unrealistic AI and now I'm off to bed. So far, so good, shame the AI is bullshit.
  10. In the opening mission we go through the checkpoint and see a destroyed vehicle and exit our own, radio chatter says 'We lost contact with Kamino, can you confirm', the AI passenger remains motionless in the road. No clue what I do next but I assume something scripted never happened.
  11. el_muerko

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    So, where do we stand on seeing this fix in the game? Are BIS considering patching? It's hard to fathom why they wouldst want to make their game look better.
  12. el_muerko

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    100 times this!!! You are engaged by an enemy and move to flank, you step out from behind a building to engage them from outside their FOV in a firefight and then they snap aim to you and shoot you in the head. Possibly the most annoying AI problem in the game.
  13. It does look lovely, shame it'll make it even easier for the AI to get the drop on you and shoot you with it's radar eyes and hive mind communication :(
  14. http://s12.postimg.org/7ievs1qcd/MGS_Rabbit.png (428 kB) Original Image
  15. el_muerko

    Development Blog & Reveals

    All in ARMA is done by one {awesome} guy but BIS cant? Come on guys, unofficial support leaves mission and mod makers in limbo. Take some time to bring them over properly, or pay .kju for his work and make it official! [edit] just to be clear, I don't mean upgrade anything such as making weapons support attachments, I just mean make the game not crash with a combination of A2 and A3 stuff playing together, have the attachment boxes turn red if you've got an A2 weapon for example, and have A2 vehicles obey the same physics as A3, I'm not saying it'd be easy just that it'd be worth it for the community