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  1. Hello! I used to work on City Life RPG and was one of the founders. Left for personal reasons. I have been working on an RPG Framework for about 3 years now. It's finished for the most part but just needs vehicles added to shops, etc... Here it is: http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&p=195868&highlight=LAND%2BOF%2BDREAMS#195868 It uses iniDB to save instead of any of the SQL ones, cause I don't know how to do SQL. I was really hoping to start a team but couldn't find anyone really. Does this framework interest you at all? Or maybe we can combine it with Altis Life somehow. If you have a server feel free to upload it. I still need to sign my addon pack but I figured it's ok as the mission is really in a late beta stage; everything works per se, just hasn't been stress tested and things like that. Thanks for reading, DaChevse
  2. Hello, I'm DaChevs, but I go by ShyCrowScarecrow now. I used to code for City Life but left a few years ago. Are yall still looking to make a team and mod? I am really interested in making a team as I don't like modelling but can do it, and absolutely hate texturing. I got tired of coding my mission so have taken a break, but does this interest you at all?
  3. Hello, it's been a while since I been on here. This is a new RPG mission/template. Currently there is no stringtable so it's only in English. Downloads below.Key Features: -Banking -Keychain-Garage-Trading-Personal Items-Crafting-Gathering-Stats-SkillsPictures: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 I am releasing this because I don't know what else to do with it and have become very bored with it. Haven't worked on it in months. I hope this can help someone with any issues they were having or it gets picked up and renovated. Please feel free to do as you wish with the files, just please leave my credits/thanks in and add to it as needed. Thank you! Download Mission & Addon Pack It also requires iniDB on the server for 'database' saving. Download iniDB Armaholic Topic
  4. Thanks everyone! @MaxRiga At the moment we use the houses for personal storage and you can save at them so when you log back in, you start at your house. I love your ideas too! I'm working on coding them in, keep them coming.
  5. well done mate. MaxRiga that sounds fantastic!
  6. Tobie, Bluevein and I have read over what Max has said, and if I may say, we both love it. If you have a hard time seeing people complain about the way SL/Chernarus Life is run, then please stop reading this topic.
  7. Thanks Vilas! Very well done mate. :)
  8. Really appreciate it guys, thanks! :) LOL Fudgeboy and UglyBoy!
  9. Lets hope you like it ;). I suggest to try it :)
  10. MaxRiga, your really starting to annoy me. For one, both me and Bluevein asked for the discussions of CL/SL in this post to be stopped, and you continue to talk about it, do I need to bring a moderator here? And two, you are on here, talking about roleplaying and you think that changing laws is nothing? So you don't know how to roleplay? Vino3, at the moment the taxi service works a bit like what you were saying. Someone has to get a taxi job (which gives them a taxi), then they can turn the fare on or off. Any passenger that exits the vehicle whilst the fare is on, is charged the fare. :)
  11. Cheers vilas! Thanks for your hard work too! :) Yes, ArMaTeC has converted and fixed nearly everything from ArmA to ArmA 2 and it's coming along nice now. I'm helping him with some bugs and we are currently beta testing. Tobie I must ask you to cut the discussions of Chernarus Life (or other) in this topic. Voting as of now is: Players can vote in any civilian to be senator, once someone is voted in, they can change laws and taxes on vehicles and weapons. Thanks, DaChevs
  12. dachevs

    Chernarus Life vs. City Life (2?)

    Here is our new taser :) http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/ffe9debd9e657aaa482e8d9a7e0e67b8ed13d217.png http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/a131e484987b2c49cad8c68a041e46a8c1a921aa.png http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/aaa51cb16833220d3d986968caa8aea0e3257a56.png http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/a3e22dd40921ed86b3ef10ed3ec09717d2e4a3aa.png http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/ece1a85c3bd3cdb909b10bb2a68ba4dfa89cd42f.png Sorry my graphic's card is so bad :(
  13. Sweet, thanks for the info Suma! Never knew that. :)
  14. Hello, I just want to point out you can shorten this script doing this: if (isServer) then { if (isNil "respawnX") then {respawnX = 0}; if (isNil "respawnY") then {respawnY = 0}; _respawnMarkers = ["markerRespawn1", "markerRespawn2", "markerRespawn3"]; _markerChoice = _respawnMarkers select (ceil(random(count _respawnMarkers - 1))); respawnX = getMarkerPos _markerChoice (select 0); respawnY = getMarkerPos _markerChoice (select 1); publicVariable "respawnX"; publicVariable "respawnY"; }; onPlayerConnected = "Server exec ""update.sqs"""; waitUntil {!isNull player}; player setPos [respawnX , respawnY , 0]; 1) Keep the declaration of the variables where they are. My understanding from Spooner is defining the variable on the server, is a quick easy way to keep the values syncronized between clients. 2) The publicVariable with send the value to all players, from the machine it is called from. Ex: Client1 has respawnX = 55.222. Then Client1 execs script that updates respawnX and publicVariable's it. Now ALL clients will have respawnX value of 55.222 3) To my understanding, the server always has the most up to date, or at least the last publicVariable'd value. 4) See above. 5) Not sure what your asking in this. If I read right, I believe it depends how your calling the script. if you use it once, or if their is a loop inside it, etc. Also all arma scripts run first and have the highest priority before your scripts if I'm correct. 6) Triggers have global effects. ---------- Now a quick question, if your meaning only to run this once, and have the current respawn point syncronized with JIP clients then you would want to change the script a bit.