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  1. Hello Everyone, I would like to show case some content that I'm creating for Arma Reforger and Arma 4. Here is the list of Unguided AT launchers I'm planning (please note the Unguided part) What I have complete so Far as June 2022. M-72 Law M20 and M141 RPG-76 Komar Rpg -18 and 22 RPG 26 and MPO
  2. Hi All, We are trying to launch an new UK server, however we require some help with some dev work please contact me if interested, oh by the way this isn't some popup server this will be a long term heavily invested server. We are here for the long run!
  3. Revolution is a next generation, fast-paced, open source gamemode and framework for Life type roleplaying missions in Arma 3. --- Revolution as a gamemode has been inspired by Chernarus Life: Revolution gamemode from Arma 2. Revolution started in 2012 as a passion project of a couple of Finnish Arma players who had fallen in love with the gamemode and essentially dedicated their whole free time to it, enjoying it vastly. As rookie developers, they failed to deliver such a complex and large framework, leading to their competitor, Altis Life eventually conquering the Armaverse in 2014. The developer team still wanted to deliver a vastly different experience from Altis Life that would remind the relatively fast paced and completely dynamic nature of Chernarus Life: Revolution or Urban Life in Takistan back in the Arma 2 days. They tried to develop the framework multiple times, but all attempts failed due to monetary constraints, issues with developer group dynamics, health issues or real life events that forced us to quit our passion project. --- --- This time it's different. We've learned from our previous mistakes each time, and we're able to deliver the gamemode much more likely this time thanks to the gained experience. --- --- We want to share the amazing feeling and memorable moments that we had in Chernarus Life: Revolution with as many players as possible. That's why we've decided to make the framework open source and allow monetization of the framework for communities approved on Bohemia's Server Monetization list to allow communities to pay their bills to run the community efficiently. --- --- If you're interested in the gamemode and want to affect its development or just to follow our progress, make sure to join our official Discord! --- --- Best regards, Ezcoo Revolution Developer
  4. Hello, I searched a long time for a working restraining script, which works in MP. Long story short, I didn't found one, so I wrote one myself. Yes it's not perfect, so feel free to improve it, but it works. ******************************** Create a file called onPlayerRespawn.sqf (or use your existing one) and put the following code into it: restrain=false; restcaller=false; Create a folder called scripts. Inside this folder create a file called restrain.sqf and put the following code into it: restcaller = false; if (restrain=false;) then { if (player distance cursortarget < 2) then { restcaller = true; [[[],"scripts\restrainTarget.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",cursortarget,false,false] call BIS_fnc_MP; }; }; player distance cursortarget < 2 --> the number is the max. distance in meters to restrain someone. Change it to whatever you want. Inside the folder scripts create a file called restrainTarget.sqf and put the following code into it: if (restcaller isEqualto false) then { if (restrain isEqualto false) then { restrain=true; player setVariable ["restrain", true, true]; while { player getVariable ["restrain", false] } do { player playMove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_EaseIn"; //Animation in if (((!alive player) || (player getVariable["onkill",FALSE]))) then { player setVariable ["restrain", false, true]; }; }; player playMoveNow "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_EaseOut"; //Animation out } else { restrain=false; player setVariable ["restrain", false, true]; //Set surrender to true player playMoveNow "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_EaseOut"; //Animation out }; }; restcaller = false; Using the script: You can either use addaction or a keyhandler to execute the script. When you execute the script the player pointed at by the cursor will be restrained (as long as he's in your configured range). Executing the script again will set the player free. If you have any questions or need help with your mission feel free to ask! Cheers Puffin
  5. Click Here to read the same information in google docs: CLICK HERE Development Status: Early Development We are currently recruiting more developers and staff if you think you have what it takes to join The Fallen team join our discord and sign up. What is fallen? Brief Game mode description Arma 3 The Fallen is a PvE / PvP game mode inspired by Tom Clancy's The Division being developed by the Arma 3 The Fallen team. It is set in a fictional city using Midtown Manhattan's city road layout, in the aftermath of a virus escaping a lab; the player, also known as an agent employed by the United States armed forces, is tasked with helping to try to fight to take back the city from enemy ai factions and combat criminal activity in its wake. The Fallen is structured with elements of role-playing games, as well as cooperative and player versus player online multiplayer, there are no cars or transport; the only way of getting around is by foot. Gameplay Arma 3 The Fallen is an action role-playing game (RPG) mode set in an open world mid-crisis city with destructible environments that can be freely explored by the players. The player's mission is to restore order by gearing up and fighting the factions trying to take over the city. The player can carry three weapons, and explosives like sticky bombs and mines and handheld throwables to fight against enemies, The game mode is played from a third-person perspective. As players progress, they earn Fallen Credits. They can use this in-game currency to buy weapons and gear, and use the Credits to learn perks. You can progress through tier levels to get better perks. The player's gear is categorized into seven levels of rarity and commonality: worn, standard, specialized, superior, high-end, gear set items or the rarer exotic items. Gear can be either bought with credits at the vendors, or found as in-game loot, or crafted from gathered blueprints. There are 3 perk tier categories these are Medical, Security, and Tech. By battling AI and players, completing tasks and objectives this grants the player credits which the player can spend to gain access to new perks and more XP meaning they can fight harder and better AI and higher perk tiered and level players easier, the higher your player level the more chance you have of getting better gear, guns and rarities.The game mode features a dynamic weather system which may bring benefits or disadvantages to players. For instance, storms and mist can hinder a player's visibility and make aiming difficult. The game will also feature a day-night cycle which can change the aggressiveness of the ai in the game. PVE The core gameplay of The fallen is Player vs Environment. The Agents will go against AI Factions. These Factions are split into Tier systems of how dangerous they are (1 is the easiest). Each faction has identifiable gear and items on them and different factions will give you various loot and monetary rewards for killing them. All factions will immediately be hostile towards the player upon seeing them. Some of the AI factions will require help from friends due to number or difficulty. There are 2 player hubs and 7 safe houses throughout the world, these are where you will get missions. Missions are the best way to get rewards and content and give you the highest chances of rewards as you are helping the populace The main hub is where you will respawn when you die and is considered to be the central hub of the world, often most missions will send you through or back here, the hub is a good location to talk to players and try and set up a group. Groups We have no player factions, every player is a part of the Agency, instead, players can form groups, these groups are run by their group leader and it is up to them what tasks and areas they operate in. PVP/Dark Agents In the Fallen zone agents can decide to go rogue otherwise known as going dark. This is the PvP element of the game mode. These agents are marked on the map and can be killed for a reward but also kill other players for their gear and gain the reward. Dark agents are the most extreme and dangerous ways of getting rewards and gear and are one of the hardest methods on the server for gaining gear. Fallen Zone The Fallen zone is where the virus first spread and is the most hit area, thus this area is extremely dangerous. At Fallen Zone 9 Also known as FZ-9 of the Fallen zone is the lab where the virus was created and is one of the most dangerous locations in the game. A Lot of equipment and people were left in this zone as the military tried to gain a foothold and stop the spread of the virus. This area is where a lot of high-end weapons were left behind when the military fell back beyond the quarantine wall because of the increased violence and infection rates in this area. Specialist equipment must be worn to even enter the Fallen zone... Better quality items can be found within the Fallen Zone, but are considered "contaminated"; contaminated loot can be stolen by other players and must be flown out via helicopter in order for them to be available to the player after they leave the Fallen Zone. Players can be accompanied by other friendly agents, however, anyone can turn against each other at any moment, this is called going dark. Players credits may drop if they die too often in the zone. Backstory The year is 2020 a supervirus escaped a lab when there was a massive gas leak leading to an explosion; most of the specimens were contained or were killed by the scorching heat of the flames...but this supervirus escaped the flames through survivors using their bodies as a trojan horse and incubator to ravage through the host’s body, through the flames and into the city population, this supervirus was phage and antibiotic-resistant and ravaged through the population of the city within 14 hrs of infecting patient zero of this viral epidemic, this supervirus was highly infectious and caused symptoms of coughing, sneezing, sweating, viral rash and major respiratory problems leading to lung collapsation. The supervirus was known as the Neo-Virus named after the lab called Neo Virology Laboratories that was based in the part of the city we now call the fallen zone, this virus caused widespread chaos, and the city was placed under quarantine. The U.S. Government activated sleeper agents in the population, they are tasked with restoring order in the city. They combat criminal groups, such as the Rioters, common street thugs who generally want to take advantage of the quarantine, and the Cleaners these are insane City Sanitation workers who wield flamethrowers and believe everyone is infected, You even fight blacked agents who have gone insane after witnessing the chaos and destruction caused during the breakdown of order following the initial outbreak. You also can fight an ai faction called "Darked Suppressors" (DS) that were originally the front line against the darkness that swallowed this fallen city, a blacked private military company that was abandoned by the government during the evacuation, and are now hostile to it. A Fallen Zone is a place that has been left behind and fallen into chaos. This is where the lab was and there is evidence of the damage and how badly the supervirus hit this area of the city, the government walled this part of the city off as a last-ditch effort to keep the infection contained, It’s your job to survive and help the city get back on its feet, will you be the hero or turn your back on your people.. let’s find out! Factions During the short period of this disaster, groups have formed into factions. Most factions within the zone are enemy factions but some factions are friendly or neutral to our cause and will help us during firefights or even give us supply, shelter and gear. Civilians You will have AI civilians walking around the map, some may have missions so make sure to go up to them and check as they have good rewards. Enemy Factions The following are the most prevalent enemy factions, these are the ones that are the most dangerous to us or we know where they are. Cleaners The cleaners are an enemy faction that wants to kill the virus by burning everything...but they believe everyone is infected and won't stop at anything to burn everyone and everyone to death! Darkness Suppressors ( DS ) "Darked Suppressors" (DS) that were originally the front line against the darkness that swallowed this fallen city, a blacked private military company that was abandoned by the government during the evacuation, and are now hostile to it. Looters Looters are AI that attacks people for their loot, they only care about their own survival in this world and will do anything they can to benefit themselves for a higher chance of survival. Dark Agents Dark agents are an ai faction of Agents that have gone dark and are now trying to gain power in the city. More factions to be added! Connection Information Discord
  6. Welcome to No Cure A Single player Arma 3, Open world action RPG.. In 2017 the asteroid named Mortifera 71 began its collision course with earth. As Mortifera 71 drew closer to earth Governments around the world decided to nuke it in an attempt to destroy it or reduce its size. This resulted in a cataclysmic disaster breaking Mortifera 71 into thousands of smaller meteorites that showered the earth causing utter destruction to most major cities and our planet’s surface. In the wake of the disaster the climate effects where detrimental Earth was shrouded in a dust layer plunging the planet into complete darkness. Communications across the planet failed and governments lost control as humanity fell into panic mass killings /starvation /and a breakdown of medical systems left behind a broken world. Several years on as the dust began to lift a dark and daunting horror began to manifest. The asteroid contained water within its core, the water was host to a bacteria unlike anything we have ever seen. When Mortifera 71 was split by the nukes the bacteria thriving water was spread into the earth’s ozone and all across the planet’s surface. The effects are devastating, mutating most living things only the stronger immune systems manage to scrape through. 2047 The shattered world now consists of factions and colts banded together from survivors of all kinds desperately trying to cling on to existence at whatever cost…. And on top of everything…. Something dark and sinister is rising from the old world…Pure evil is coming. Let chaos take its place. Features Large progressive quest system Full survival system Loot system Building system camps and barricading, full blown settlement building. Ui overhaul / interaction dialog / new inventory Crafting and farming system Hunting system Ulak a fictional 40K terrain set just north of Alaska Melee combat system New weapons / clothing and vehicles multiple new factions An abundance of new inventory items / Terrain assets Lighting overhaul and ambient weather effects Explore the ruined past of the former world. No Cure has its own web site Interaction System: Inventory system overhaul TERRAIN DEVELOPMENT: You can follow the development of No Cure here and No Cure website Facebook Twitter Discord ModDB Armaholic
  7. This mod modifies the ammo "cost" of the RHS OR Vanilla RPG-7s such that AI is MUCH more likely to use RPGs. It also removes the restriction on firing RPGs against infantry. The AI will finally use their RPGs like in the movies! I fully acknowledge this is bad tactics, but it's a lot of fun! Right now this doesn't work if the unit has a pistol. The screenshot for this mod was the first time I played with it enabled on a server. Bad day for me... So far I've used this with the Project OPFOR units, running the RHS RPG-7s. It should work on ALL RPG-7 units that use the standard 7.62x39 ball or 5.45x39 ball ammo from RHS in their primaries. Technical background: this mod sets the cost of using RPGs to 0, and the cost of using standard 7.62 or 5.45 ammo to 100000 - this is the only way to "trick" ARMA 3 into allowing units to use their launchers regularly against enemy infantry. During my testing, the changes didn't appear to have any negative effects on standard infantry, but this is an early development item. If you see any issues, please let me know ASAP. UPDATE 2018/03/24: Added a Vanilla version per request. This should do the same thing for the Apex RPG-7s if the AI is using 5.45x39 ball or tracer ammo. UPDATE 2019/07/01: Added a CUP version per request. I tried a different technique on this one - it should be less finnicky than the other version. I'd appreciate feedback to confirm/deny this. Planned Changes/updates: Create equivalent add-on for other weapon packs (CUP?) Increase variety of primary ammo types the addons work with Look into creating mods to Project OPFOR to add AP RPG-7 gunners Thanks! Demonstration Video Steam Workshop - RHS Version Steam Workshop - Vanilla Version Steam Workshop - CUP Version
  8. Fall of men is role playing game where you can talk and commerce with NPCs and do quests. You must also try to survive in the hostile post apocalyptic world, where even other players maybe hostile This mission is continuous work in progress but can already be played. Note the mission on server below is not always up to date but is running last stable release Features currently in game: Quests: NPCs with quests Doing quests will reward you XP and money Talk to NPC via dialogues over 30 quests! (more to come) Quests to clear bandit towns (one so far) Survive: Hostile world outside of towns (AI controlled bandits) Bandits drive cars Bandits call for backup if given enough time! CSAT controls north west of the map The bandits and CSAT will send hit squad after you (via air) if you mess with them too much The enemy has placed road blocks and small camps around the map Beaware that players with high lockpick skill may break into your house Hireable companions Abandoned vehicles spawn across the island Skills: XP / level system Different skills (total 8) Gain money and XP by killing the bandits You can try to lockpick and steal cars Skills include: Accuracy (amount of weapon sway) Stamina Armor Speed Barter Speech (Unlocks special options in conversations) Lockpick Pickpocket (Try to take items from NPC, who will get mad if you get caught!) Law: Law and guards in towns (don't shoot or steal!) You can surrender and get rid of the villain status if you break the law in town (but you lose couple skill points) Player can rob the bank. Making him hostile to the current town Commerce: Trading with NPC shopkeeper Buy houses where you can store your gear/loot Caravans travel between towns (You can trade with the caravan trader) Loot from previous plays go to your house's container when you buy a house Player can deposit money in bank. Each town has independent bank Some houses outside towns may contain valuable loot. The doors are also locked if any Money you left in banks will be saved to your character Also money you used to buy houses is returned to you when you quit Car dealers in towns! Property: Claim any house in the wilderness as your home! You can build walls around your houses in the wilderness (using zeus, press Y) Lock your car Setting: PvP 8 populated towns so far Tweakable gameplay via parameters Weather parameters Cool atmosphere parameters Ambient helo flying around (CSAT area) Instructions: Look for NPC with icon on top of them. They will give you quests and trade. Use mouse scroll wheel to select actions and middle click to use Player data is saved so you can continue where you left Fast travel between towns via helicopter! Talk to the pilot in town Notes: Multiplayer support No addons required Should disable weapon sway mods Game is saved when you press esc and also periodically Map is Altis version 0.8.13b To play: Multiplayer -> Server browser -> Host server Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1401710021 Screenshots in the steam download page Official site: https://armagc.blogspot.com/
  9. Greeting, dear Community! Today I would like to make an introduction to the project, I am participating as server-side programmer. Stalker Life Mod. What is this? The project goal is to produce a total conversion for Arma 3, bringing the Stalker fiction universe to Armaverse. Project is NOT about recreation of a famous video game title. The very first idea is exploration of a dangerous and beautiful industrial environment. Then - survival, a challenging task, since you will need to care about your body's temperature, hunger, dehydration, deseases, equipment, charge in your devices' batteries. And the last major foundation is adventure, every step on the zone of estrangement brings a chance to face a deadly creature, find yourself in an anomaly, or get a valuable artefact in your hands, which would make you wealthy, if you reach the trader... So again: Survival Exploration Adventures The SEA of emotions. Everything will count. Forgot to charge your PDA? hope you at least taken the paper map Forgot the spare filter for your gas mask? sleep well No NVG? flashlight is seen from a great distance You will be welcome to the atmosphere of horror and despair So in "two words": Stalker Life Mod is a hardcore online RPG gamemode with horror elements. Main features The vast 50 x 50 km terrain based on real geodata The real buildings that were present in the area ALL buildings are enterable. Yes, ALL, every floor, every room. Buildings are based on real photos or construction plans we were able to find. A massive dungeon system under the main industrial objects Multi-server setup, if we grow to multiple servers, they will be sharing the same database backend and SOME objects will be synchronized across all servers. Say when you create a cache in a secret place somewhere on the map - it will be synced to ALL servers, and someone may find it and loot. PDA. One of the key game elements, if you manage to get your PDA - it will be a great companion in your travels. PDA would allow to store notes, map markers, but if you lose it - you lose all data in it. And if someone finds it - he will get access to your markers and notes. Dynamic quest system (inspired by Skyrim's Radiant) Where we now? Finished: 550+ models of buildings and props Session manager (for multiple server setup, prohibits a single player to login to more than one server at the same time) Equipment database storage In-game bug-report system Multiple internal tools to automate routine tasks and improve the development/deployment process Radioactivity system Headless client support In work right now: Finishing models we yet have to create more than 400 of them Cross-server object synchronization framework Roadmap Finish models Texture models (right now they are greyboxes) Implement various immersion systems Dynamic trade system Weapon customization (something beyond swapping scope, bipods and sidemount) Team 2 developers 6 3D-artists 1 screenwriter The team can be reached at https://vk.com/stalkerlifea3 SHOWCASES! (VIDEO) Anomalies Props Artefacts Buildings (long and boring) Earliest terrain build (over one year old) I would be glad to receive a reasonable critic and answer your question. Thanks for your attention!
  10. Hi all, Recently published my framework for open-source on Github. This framework is aimed towards servers / developers wanting to do things with RPG and Life. This framework is made completely from scratch by myself during last summer. Go check it our yourselves on Github. Unfortunately I do not have time to write a full-on post for this. https://github.com/SimZor/A3RPGFramework Enjoy it, and don't hesitate to open up issues or pull requests! Testing is very appreciated. Sincerely, SimZor
  11. I would like to make a new game based around firing rpg's from hummingbirds. Can anyone help?
  12. This script is best used with a keyhandler, however if you have a bit of experience with coding you can get it also work with addaction. This script works in MP ******************************** Put the following code in your keyhandler: case 38: {//L key if (_shift) then { _vehicle = (vehicle player); if (isNil {_vehicle getVariable "EmergencyVeh"}) then { _vehicle setVariable ["EmergencyVeh", false, true]; }; _ComVeh = _vehicle getVariable "EmergencyVeh"; if (vehicle player != player && (driver _vehicle == player && _ComVeh isEqualTo true)) then { if (isNil {_vehicle getVariable "lights"}) then { _vehicle setVariable ["lights", false, true]; }; _LightState = _vehicle getVariable "lights"; if (_LightState isEqualTo true) then { _vehicle setVariable ["lights", false, true]; } else { [[[_vehicle],"scripts\light.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",true,false,false] call BIS_fnc_MP; _vehicle setVariable ["lights", true, true]; }; }; }; }; Create a folder called scripts. Inside this folder create a file called light.sqf and put the following code into it: Private ["_vehicle","_lightRed","_lightBlue","_lightleft","_lightright","_leftRed"]; _vehicle = _this select 0; if(isNil "_vehicle" OR isNull _vehicle) exitWith {}; _lightRed = [20, 0.1, 0.1]; _lightBlue = [0.1, 0.1, 20]; _lightleft = "#lightpoint" createVehicle getpos _vehicle; sleep 0.2; _lightleft setLightColor _lightRed; _lightleft setLightBrightness 0.2; _lightleft setLightAmbient [0.1,0.1,1]; switch (typeOf _vehicle) do { case "C_Offroad_01_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-0.37, 0.0, 0.56]]; }; case "B_MRAP_01_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-0.8, -0.90, 0.6]]; }; case "C_SUV_01_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [1.1,0.4,-0.05]]; }; case "I_Heli_light_03_unarmed_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [1.23, 4.7, -1.42]]; }; case "B_Heli_Light_01_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-0.75, 1.7, -0.95]]; }; case "C_Hatchback_01_sport_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [0.62, 1.87, -0.52]]; }; case "C_Offroad_02_unarmed_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [0.62, 1.87, -0.52]]; }; case "O_MRAP_02_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-0.8, -0.90, 0.6]]; }; case "B_APC_Wheeled_01_cannon_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-0.8, -0.90, 0.6]]; }; case "B_Heli_Transport_01_F": { _lightleft lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [1.23, 4.7, -1.42]]; }; }; _lightleft setLightAttenuation [0.181, 0, 1000, 130]; _lightleft setLightIntensity 10; _lightleft setLightFlareSize 0.38; _lightleft setLightFlareMaxDistance 150; _lightleft setLightUseFlare true; _lightright = "#lightpoint" createVehicle getpos _vehicle; sleep 0.2; _lightright setLightColor _lightBlue; _lightright setLightBrightness 0.2; _lightright setLightAmbient [0.1,0.1,1]; switch (typeOf _vehicle) do { case "C_Offroad_01_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [0.37, 0.0, 0.56]]; }; case "B_MRAP_01_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [0.8, -0.90, 0.6]]; }; case "C_SUV_01_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-1.1,0.4,-0.05]]; }; case "I_Heli_light_03_unarmed_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-1, 3.2, -2]]; }; case "B_Heli_Light_01_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [0.75, 1.7, -0.95]]; }; case "C_Hatchback_01_sport_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-0.62, 1.87, -0.52]]; }; case "C_Offroad_02_unarmed_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [0.37, 0.0, 0.56]]; }; case "O_MRAP_02_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [0.8, -0.90, 0.6]]; }; case "B_APC_Wheeled_01_cannon_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [0.8, -0.90, 0.6]]; }; case "B_Heli_Transport_01_F": { _lightright lightAttachObject [_vehicle, [-1, 3.2, -2]]; }; }; _lightright setLightAttenuation [0.181, 0, 1000, 130]; _lightright setLightIntensity 10; _lightright setLightFlareSize 0.38; _lightright setLightFlareMaxDistance 150; _lightright setLightUseFlare true; _lightleft setLightDayLight true; _lightright setLightDayLight true; _transitionState = sunOrMoon; _brightness = 0; _repeat = true; if (_transitionState < 1) then { _brightness = 2; } else { _brightness = 50; }; _leftRed = true; while{ (alive _vehicle) && (_repeat isEqualTo true)} do { if(_leftRed) then { _leftRed = false; _lightright setLightBrightness 0.0; sleep 0.05; _lightleft setLightBrightness _brightness; } else { _leftRed = true; _lightleft setLightBrightness 0.0; sleep 0.05; _lightright setLightBrightness _brightness; }; sleep 0.05; _repeat = _vehicle getVariable "lights"; }; deleteVehicle _lightleft; deleteVehicle _lightright; You can remove any vehicles you don't need or add some. Just remember that you have to add them twice (for the left and the right light). Now you can place a vehicle in the editor and put the following in the init box: this setVariable ["EmergencyVeh", true, true]; Only vehicles with this variable can activate the lights. As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Cheers Puffin
  13. Author: JTS Introduction: A mission in post-apocalyptic style. This is the continuation of Virus X - Scientists Description: August 10, 2023. It has been almost 2 years since Russia sent a squad to search for scientists. Chernarus is completely isolated from the outside world. There is almost no electricity left. The border of Chernarus is guarded by the best russian soldiers. However, some stalkers found a secret path to the territory of Chernarus. A squad called "Walkers" entered the territory of Chernarus a couple of days ago to find valuable items. One of them (Artem) was bitten by an infected. After a couple of hours, he felt sick. He had to leave the squad. A couple of days later he contacted us. Symptoms of the disease disappeared. Everyone realized that he is an antidote. Artem left the squad near Polana. After he contacted us, he said he was in Solnichniy and was heading to Tulga. After that, the connection was lost. Perhaps he is still there. Our squad of stalkers detected demons who were going to Tulga. It is necessary to distract them from there and save Artem. Currently the squad is in the hideout near the village "Kamyshovo". 30 minutes ago, electricity disappeared almost everywhere... Features: - Hardcore - Cut scenes - Inventory script (Read briefing and use items to restore your health and reduce fatigue) - 2 localizations: English & russian - Story - Almost every house is filled with objects for atmospheric gameplay - Toxic rain script - The number of the infected depends on the number of players - Lootable objects (Sacks, boxes, cabinets, boxes, cars and etc..) - Post-soviet color correction Notes: - This coop requires good teamwork! - You have to enable music in your game settings (60% is enough). Otherwise - don't play this mission. There is no crazy loud music - Read briefing carefully - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ACE and other mods, which change the behaviour of AI - No JIP (Join in progress). To avoid arma bug with mission restart - choose the mission again from the mission list - Be sure you disable all not needed mods before you start the mission Credits & thanks: Urban (Mission testing) ALIAScartoons (Roadflare script, Monsoon script) Screenshots: Requirements: - CBA A3 - CUP Terrains Core - CUP Terrains Maps - CUP Terrains CWA - CUP Weapons - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - RHS (All packages) - Zombies & Demons Download (Steam workshop) Download (Armaholic)
  14. This script is best used with a keyhandler, however if you have a bit of experience with coding you can get it also work with addaction. This script works in MP ******************************** Download the sounds here (or use your own ones) Make a folder called sounds and put the two files inside this folder Put the following code in your description.ext class CfgSounds { class Siren { name = "Siren"; sound[] = {"sounds\Siren.ogg", 5.0, 1}; titles[] = {1, ""}; }; class Yelp { name = "Yelp"; sound[] = {"sounds\Yelp.ogg", 5.0, 1}; titles[] = {1, ""}; }; }; Put the following code in your keyhandler: case 33: {//F key if (_shift) then { _vehicle = (vehicle player); if (isNil {_vehicle getVariable "EmergencyVeh"}) then { _vehicle setVariable ["EmergencyVeh", false, true]; }; _ComVeh = _vehicle getVariable "EmergencyVeh"; if (vehicle player != player && (driver _vehicle == player && _ComVeh isEqualTo true)) then { if (isNil {_vehicle getVariable "siren"}) then { _vehicle setVariable ["siren", false, true]; }; _SirenState = _vehicle getVariable "siren"; if (_SirenState isEqualTo true) then { _vehicle setVariable ["siren", false, true]; } else { [[[_vehicle],"scripts\siren.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",true,false,false] call BIS_fnc_MP; _vehicle setVariable ["siren", true, true]; }; }; }; if (_ctrl) then { _vehicle = (vehicle player); if (isNil {_vehicle getVariable "EmergencyVeh"}) then { _vehicle setVariable ["EmergencyVeh", false, true]; }; _ComVeh = _vehicle getVariable "EmergencyVeh"; if (vehicle player != player && (driver _vehicle == player && _ComVeh isEqualTo true)) then { [[[_vehicle],"scripts\yelp.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",true,false,false] call BIS_fnc_MP; }; }; }; Create a folder called scripts. Inside this folder create a file called siren.sqf and put the following code into it: Private ["_vehicle"]; _vehicle = _this select 0; _repeat = true; while{ (alive _vehicle) && (_repeat isEqualTo true)} do { _vehicle say3D "Siren"; sleep 5.5; _repeat = _vehicle getVariable "Siren"; }; Inside the folder scripts create a file called yelp.sqf and put the following code into it: Private ["_vehicle"]; _vehicle = _this select 0; _vehicle say3D "Yelp"; Thats it! As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Cheers Puffin
  15. Hi to all! How can I assume, the Tanks DLC will have to add not only new tanks, but also new anti-tank weapons and I would like to talk about it. Today (v1.76) in Arma3, very few anti-tank weapons for the infantryman. Before, I was inspired by the topic by @SuicideKing in which he suggests expand the AT - infantry weapon. I fully support him on this issue, but he did not mention the new AT-weapons for FIA/Syndicate factions. The FIA and Syndicate has very little military potential before enemy armor. Yes they can use AT's infantry weapon from other factions, but I would very much like them to have a unique anti-tank weapon based on Offroad! They have for this purpose all the prerequisites. I would like to see Anti-Tank Offroads, for example which we can see in the trailer of the game Squad Before, I saw such weapons in the middle east and this is suitable for the FIA or Syndicare factions. As seems to me, It will be unique vehicles, which can diversify the gameplay of Arma3, because it will be very mobile and powerful to use, while remaining weak in the area of armor. Since this will not require much work (We already have Offroads for which it only remains to add AT weapons) with the least cost to the developers, these AT-vehicles could be an excellent addition to the Tanks DLC. Who likes this idea, please support me.
  16. Nabeeh Abusaleh

    Arma 3 crash!

    Hey there, I downloaded the game yesterday, and whenever I try to launch a server, it starts to receive the server's files, however, after it finishes, the loading screen pops up and afterwards the game crashes saying (Bad file format in p3d file 'a3\structures_f\wrecks\wreck_car3_f.p3d'.) and after I press OK on the error message another one pops up saying (The exception unknown software exception (0x0000dead) occurred in the application at location 0x8b6595fc .). The last time I've played Arma 3 was before 4 to 5 months, I have uninstalled it then and today I reinstalled it. Hopefully you can help me to solve this problem, thank you for your time and have a nice day! (BTW I have saved the ArmaReport_log so if needed tell me how to send it to you).
  17. When using this script Toolkits can be used to repair a vehicle. Repairing the vehicle will take some time. ******************************** _truck=cursortarget; if (vehicle player == player) then { if (player distance _truck < 3) then { if ("ToolKit" in items player) then { if(animationState player != "AinvPknlMstpsnonWnonDnon_medic_1" ) then { player playMove "AinvPknlMstpsnonWnonDnon_medic_1"; sleep 3; player playActionNow "stop"; player playMove "AinvPknlMstpsnonWnonDnon_medic_1"; sleep 3; player playActionNow "stop"; player playMove "AinvPknlMstpsnonWnonDnon_medic_1"; sleep 3; }; sleep 3; player removeItem "ToolKit"; _truck setdammage 0; hintSilent "Repaired vehicle"; } else { hintSilent "You need a toolkit to repair this vehicle!"; }; }; }; You can either use addaction or a keyhandler to execute the script. If you have any questions or need help with your mission feel free to ask! Cheers Puffin
  18. Obsidian Entertainment's new game, Pillars of Eternity II : Deadfire recently began crowdfunding on fig.com. I decided to start this thread to let everyone know about the game and the fact that it's crowdfund process is ending in a week. I missed out on the last one for Wasteland 3 on fig.com and was really annoyed by that, so I thought I'd spread the word a bit here. I recommend you check out the trailer-the new Pillar's looks really fantastic and looks like it will improve on everything from the last game. Have a look at the site,as well as the stretch goals-there are some cool rewards there. I know many of us in the Arma community can get quite fixated on one genre of games, and so miss out on others as they are released, but have a watch of the trailer and let's get a discussion going here.
  19. CyDoNgr

    Dark Business

    In this game there are 3 sides: -BluFor Special Forces They are tasked by saving the pilots tha the Rebels Hold. -Opfor Russian Army They are tasked with exchanging the ammo truck with the pilots. But they also want to keep their truck. -Indipendant They are tasked with exchanging the Pilot Hostages for the Truck that Opfor hold. But they also want to keep the hostages. -Civilians The pilots, they are US Army Pilots . They need to be rescued by Blufor. How you will complete your objectives and how you are going to negotiate it's up to you! Notes -The ideal number of palyers are as many as you can. Blufor needs to be 1 for every 9 players the other sides have. -You can apply your own house rules, (our community for example does not allow for other sides to enter their delivery areas). Mods -RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27150 -RHS: United States Armed Forces http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27152 -RHS: GREF http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30998 These mods here are in workshop too _____________________________________ -CBA_A3 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 -ACE3 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28557 -ASR AI http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080 -ALiVE http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23684 -Spyer Addons http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30013 -Task Force Radio http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23615 Sendspace Reddit Steam Workshop +++++++ -Credits- +++++++ CyDoN Saberbit - for help with some scripts ShackTack Community for the conept ________________________________________________ If anyone wants to help, I am open to suggestions, cooperation and new ideas.
  20. So... What is Project Arcana? Ambitious. It's a new gamemode alike KoTH or Wasteland, but built from scratch and adding new abilities to the players in the area of magic (if you want to call it that way). The goal is to create a new combat dynamic with fire bolts, lightnings, astral projections for intel, healers, buffers, debuffers, sensory-types, while maintaining the gameplay equilibrium (the most difficult part). Players will be able to specialize in a Psien branch and develop their character through that tree, or reset and start over another. The principle of design is that is has to look smooth or it's not going in (hint "This is a scketchi output for a production release" <-- nope). I am aiming to make it as easy to edit/extend as I can, right now there's no docs (cos so early is not worth it) but I will document e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (even Arma 3 vanilla stuff that's unclear). PLEASE MAKE SUGGESTIONS When? Who? How? When?:No idea, when it's ready, I guess a month to 1.0. Who?:Right now I am alone, and it's still an on-going process, adding new stuff each day, from design to implementation. I have been in the Arma scene for a while, mostly developing the hard stuff in roleplay server (life_server overhauls, creating network-savy functions, data managment in DB, stuff...), and lately I have been doing some experimental stuff that somehow ended up making this big idea. I am currently looking to add more people to the team if someone is interested. I can do it on my own, but having a sidekick surely will boost the development time. Right now the most needed are scripters (SQF, and if someone knows C++ with threading and networking PLEASE DO COME HERE WE HAVE COOKIES, CHOCOLATE COOKIES). Once in 1.0 we will need a basic modeler familiar with basic, but just for UV adjustments, material edition, stuff like that. Mostly for visual effects. How?:Many Monster cans, pizza and cigarettes. And beer. Lots. Links: Code (GitHub) LICENSE (CC Attr-NC-SA 4.0) Wiki Media: I am not at home right now. Will post some when there's something to show (teleport spell ready + basic core functionality up un running). Roadmap: Get Arma local client running. Get Arma serverside running. Get network RPC server running. Get network RPC client running. Surprise. Intense testing. Moar testing. Beta. Moar moars. Profit.
  21. -Providing something new to the RP community- Divinity Gaming will be opening a new server that will excel in the community or RP, as we are using some very special mods to help push the RP experience that players can enjoy. Our team has been working around the clock to build up a server that will explore the Aussie map, combined with the custom Arma Life RPG infrastructure. A custom mod that takes players into a whole new RP environment. It was our mission to provide something bigger, something better and something new. With custom content, mods, designs and opportunities, we are here to provide to you what others can't, a great RP experience. We have brought together a strong, passionate and driven team of developers who are here to provide you with the greatest RP experience, it's our goal/mission to listen to our community, take feedback and provide them with the responses they deserve. Our staff team is under strict regulations to provide you with the support you need, the direction you seek and the help you require. Civilian White-listing This will ensure our community holds the best of the best, seeking out those who care and being rid of those who don't. Custom Content We provide custom content to our player, which include cars, clothes, buildings, weapons, etc. Strict Law Enforcement We have see a lot of corrupt forces, and we will not allow that to become an issue. Our law enforcement will be under strict guidelines & training Role-Play Experiences No more being stuck on what to do, we are going to provide players chances to seek out much more RP opportunities that don't revolve around violence, killing, kidnapping, robbing, etc. "MORE" is our motivation and the answer to a great RP experience. Companies We will allow our players to create companies that can access the ability to push RP to a higher level, gain the power to run a corporation, and provide players a fun and entertaining RP experience. Gangs Gangs can either cause havoc or join forces to help protect and serve. Or maybe your goal is to build an empire to control areas of the map. We will provide gangs who seek it, the opportunity to own their own gang hideouts/HQ's, which can be equipped with discounted stores, garages, etc. Houses We have a lot of opportunities for houses ranging from a small apartment to a mansion, players can use their hard earned money to purchase the luxury life within the server. It's your money, and you want it now! So do what you'd like. Airports Our server is using a massive map, meaning who got the time to drive when you can fly? Open up an airline to help transport civilians across the vast map. Operate private jest for those of higher class and be part of a growing business. The sky now becomes your world! Government Feeling like becoming a government official? Well our server will run on a strict and expansive Government system. Players can run for President, Governor, Congress, etc. To help establish new laws/rules, decide where funding goes, etc. The server will start with a certain amount of money supplied to the Government, they will decide where it goes (Business Spending, Emergency Upgrades, City expansions, etc.) Opportunities for growth It doesn't all stop there, we have great opportunities for players to grow in the community from member to Head Admin. We like to see those involved push themselves further, being able to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to our community. Join us today! - Staff Positions are open TeamSpeak: | Website: Divinity Gaming Status of Server In-Development, public launch coming within this coming week 09/3/2015 - 09/13/2015 CHECK IT OUT! PROMO VIDEO PROMO VIDEO 2 |CIVILIAN| Vehicles have been updated Clothing has been updated Sounds/Audio have been updated (cars, sirens, weapons, atmosphere, etc.) New system has been put into place
  22. Background Information For the past year and a half, I've been working on building and bringing together a server community. I've been a frequent Arma Life player (mainly Takistan Life, when it was still based in Arma 2), so I have a strong passion for RP game modes. I have tried and failed many times in the process but it hasn't discouraged me, I am still motivated to reach my goal. While playing on popular Taki Life, and Altis Life servers I felt that something was missing. Although I loved the chaotic environment of Takistan Life, and the never ending mischief of terror bombings and police shenanigans, it got quite old after a while. My main goal for this project is to create a profitless RP community that thrives and is sustained by passionate members, yet can still be fun and interesting for beginners. I plan on making this a modded Life RPG, though I am completely liberal to the idea, and if that isn't what you guys want, then I am willing to listen to your voices. However, keep in mind that this 'proposal' is based around a modded Life. Overview I plan to significantly increase the amount of content for the civilian faction, in order to boost interest for that particular faction so that players will be more motivated to be part of the carefully designed economic system I plan to implement. Furthermore, I plan to add a level system, or some sort of skill based stat chart that will enable players to access certain features that will only be available to sufficiently experienced players (ie. Mining will become more efficient as you level up your mining abilities) as well as basic abilities (Stamina, Accuracy, etc.) improving over time. Though this idea is still very young. I also plan to add a simple crafting system so that players will be able to craft a few basic objects. Obviously the system will not be extremely advanced because this isn't a survival game mode, though I remain optimistic. I believe that a justice system is one of the most important aspects of an RPG, so I will definitely be implementing a court system. I will not be whitelisting the cop faction, though players who are willing to join will need to partake in a short training course and agree to the cop faction's terms of agreement. For the main cop faction, I am planning on adding several branches of law enforcement. We have a lot of other unique features planned. If you are interested in learning more about our project feel free to hop on our teamspeak and talk to us personally. Release So when will this be available to play? I am working on this project with only a single partner at the moment who is helping me with the web development. I am developing the Arma side of the mod completely alone. I hope to have a rudimentary beta by the end of January 2016, though development is still very slow. As you can see, I have all of the concepts and features planned out, and I have a basic understanding of how to code 95% of what I am planning to offer. All I really need now is manpower. This is why I am reaching out to the community, and asking for support. If this results in positive feedback from you guys then that would mean a lot to me and would really motivate me in going forward. If any of you happen to be interested in contributing to this project, or helping out with development then I will be sure to find a way to thank you. I am not looking for money, I am only interested in contributing to the Arma community, and to create something that everyone can enjoy. So if there is anything any of you would like to add or recommend, please voice your opinion and I will listen to anything you guys suggest if I think it would benefit the community. Edit: We are looking for a terrain editor/map creator! Anyone who can fill this position please add me on steam. Steam: pixelmonkey1 Teamspeak: tssyd1.vilayer.com:10060
  23. The Republic Of Elektrozavodsk Life Multiplayer RPG Hi all, I currently have a new mutliplayer RPG gamemode I have been working on, and I would like to share it with you all and it would be great to get some help!. I'll firstly explain it to you in a nutshell. How it works is, the town of Elektrozavodsk in Chernarus is a small republic/city state, and is governed by a voted prime minister. The prime minister has partial control of the police and military forces within the republic, and the police force enforces the people and the military keep a careful eye on rebel uprising and the national militia. The national militia is a paramilitary force, who can side with itself or the government, and it can act as a back up police force or a threat to the Prime Minister. The civilians, can choose to become a criminal, take a job and earn money, and can join any of the these agencies just like any other RPG gamemode. Your may be thinking here, 'here we go again, another RPG going to fail, just like all the others'. However, this gamemode is unique to other RPG's as Elektro isnt massive, and its easy to make a living and also easier for the police to patrol. The map isnt locked to Elektro, there are borders to cross using visas and passports to sell your petrol in Chernogorsk, enter illegally for a drug run or take Elektro Airlines (Elektro doesnt have a runway as we know, so we use helicopters!) on a holiday on the beaches of Berenzino. The RPG is a serious but friendly and fun roleplay mode. The RPG uses Chernarus as a map and RHS escalation for the weapons and some vehicles. Sorry if it wasnt very breif for you but I will go into more detail about the gamemode. I have halfway made the gamemode, but I still need help with the money and taskbars like other RPG's have. People may think this is a copy of Chernarus life, but isnt, as for starters the police sometimes struggle to cover the map! Now, I will go into detail on each role in the game: Prime Minister The Prime Minister is voted in every 4 real life days, and is voted ingame at the polling station. His job is to keep his civilians happy and his aim is to keep them doing wealthy legal runs e.g Petrol, and keeping away from criminal or rebel activity using the police and military force, while keeping a careful eye on the militia, whom can overthrow him. The Prime Minister can be replaced by the military using Martial Law, and can be declared only when the Prime Minister has served a day in office, and renders the Prime Minister powerless. The military takes control until the next voting day. The Police can back the prime minister on such events, but again can still overthrow him on command of the Superintendent. These forces can either back the Prime Minister if they think he is doing a good job, not because he likes having sausages and mash at dinner time. The militia however, can back the Prime Minister, but the militia are not refrained from doing drug runs and rebel activity, and this goes against the Prime Ministers law. The Prime Minister can create laws not too absurd, and can change wages and prices of jobs and shops, but this is at his own risk however. The Prime Minister usually has 4 bodyguards and they are chosen by himself and always loyal to him, and they will usually chauffeur him around. The Prime Minister cannot leave Elektro, but can take exile in Chernogorsk if he is overthrown. When the Prime Minister first takes office, he will then have to say a short speech to his people on getting power on the balcony of the town center. The Prime Minister is given a relatively good wage, but at the same time is a risky job. The Police Force The Police Force is lead by the Superintendent who's job is to control and enforce the people of Elektrozavodsk. They wield RHS weaponry like Shotguns and drive a custom skin SUV. There job is to enforce the laws of the Prime Minister, and the Police tend to overthrow the PM only if hes being a massive nuisance e.g Envolved in Criminal activity. They crackdown on drug trade and criminal activity,and man checkpoints along the border. Unlike other RPGs they wield guns not tazers, however they shouldnt abuse this privilege, and should use a strict gun behavior. The police can handcuff and arrest people, and for bigger cases e.g Murder or robbery, this requires a prison sentence and the Police have to organise a court session including a jury, prosecutors, witnesses and a judge. Lawyers may accompany the defendant, and if the defendant loses the case, they are so forth sent to Prison. The Police in the republic of Elektro should use a very serious RP attitude and should be friendly and helpful. Joining the Police force gives you a better wage, but you need to put an application in to do so like alot of RPG's. The Military The Military are the defence of Elektrozavodsk. They crack down on drug runs and defend the border and man checkpoints. Along with the Police, they have to follow the Prime Ministers laws and help enforce them. The Military use RHS weaponary and vehicles, and usually the opposition to the National militia. If there was going to be a civil war, it would be the Military vs The Militia. The Military cannot intervene with the militia, but the military are better equipped and well trained compared to the militia. The National Militia Civilians can join the National Militia anytime, as long as they have no criminal record of any sort. The Militia tend to not be linked in criminal activities, and militia members dont get payed. Someone could be doing a job e.g Petrol trading and still belong to the militia, and when called to fight against e.g Police for a valid reason, they will follow that order. The militia can be a threat to the Prime Minister, but again the Prime Minister can make a friendly bond with them. The Prime Minister can make them a back up Police force, help enforcing and fighting crime but again thats the Head of the Militias decision. The Civilians Civilians have to follow the laws of the Prime Minister, and have to make a living. They can start off farming or selling peaches to mining Iron and bringing it to the Elektrozavodsk factory to create steel. Usually the mines are across the border in Chernarus, so they need a work visa and a passport, and then sell the items in Elektrozavodsk. Also, civilians can start criminal lives by robbery or drug runs. The drug fields are in Chernarus so they have to illegally enter Chernarus and back into Elektro to avoid being stopped at the border and checked. Civilians have a taskbar like any other RPG, a cell phone and may buy many things from Gun Stores to Restraunts to Car shops. Civilians also can join the militia, Police or the Military. Civilians are the backbone of the republic, and may take many routes in their RP lives to make themselves wealthy or even dangerous. Thank you for reading this overview, and need some help with scripting money and creating the taskbars. I have made the shops and alot of the maps features, and will post more on some pictures of the skins the police, military and the militia with use. I am in the process of making an official website I thank you for reading this overview! List of Jobs: Help with making of skins Scripting (Taskbars, .sqf files, money, Shop scripts) Alpha Testers Mad Musketman
  24. Hello there soldiers! Today i decided to make the first post about this mission project i have been planning for a long time now, and i wanted to make something that i think it has been missing on the community regarding single player missions (or maybe i have not seen this kind of mission yet). Since there are plenty of multiplayer missions following the idea of survival and RPG like gameplay, i decided to focus on a simple but immersive single player mission. My goal today is to introduce to the community the general idea of this mission and to get some feedback on the features for this project, and use this feedback to plan the features this mission will have, so everybody (including myself) can enjoy the experience. Also please notice that this is my very first post on the Bis Forums and also i'm not a native english speaker, so please be patient. This is the "story" for the mission that i have written so far, so lets start with that to get the general idea shall we? Story (Probably will change in the future with the feedback from the community) "You are the team leader of a special forces unit assigned to assist in the takistan war scenario. The world has changed a lot since the third world war, Takistan is the last front-line after the peace treaty was signed by Eastern and Western leaders. Since the war, military investment was cut down by 95% all over the world, and almost no resources are available to the current war scenario in Takistan. UN Forces are still present in the region but with very little control over the situation, they also suffer from lack of supplies to carry on their mission. You will need to survive to carry out your mission objectives, in order to survive you will need to suply your base and your units with food, water, medicine and fuel, of course you will also have to look for weapons and ammunition from time to time, the US has made available some supplies for your unit but dont get too excited, some toolboxes with spare vehicle parts also may come in handy when your convoy gets damaged (if you are able to get some vehicles to form a convoy of course). There are rumors of civilian scavengers throughout Takistan that are willing to help you with supplies, for a price of course. Your main objective is to fight off the Takistany insurgents throughout the region and help stabilish order." END OF STORY "So what are you planning to do?" Great question! I have a pretty solid idea of what the mission will look like, but i still dont know if the gameplay mechanics will work out well, so that's why i need your feedback! ;) Instead of laying down a list of features, i will describe in text what i want to do and what will happen in the mission, so here we go: Gameplay "You start off in a plane with your special forces team consisting of 15 members of varying roles, due to heavy enemy presence in the region you will need to perform a HALO insertion in order to garantee your team safety and not atract too much attention. After you and your team hits the dirt you will need to find a suitable location to deploy your initial base of operations, consisting of a barrack and the supply depot to storage your food, water (not sure if survival will be included in the gameplay mechanics), fuel and military suplies such as weapons and ammunition. Now that you have a place to call home, is time to get your hands on some supplies like weapons and vehicles, since we wont be hearing from HQ anytime soon, we should be one step ahead if we encounter heavy resistance. Some intel is provided from HQ that we should search for nearby towns for supplies from small enemy groups and civilian scavengers. You head off on foot with your team to the nearest town to find out that there was an enemy truck by the road you could use as transport, you get in and find it is still in working condition but with half fuel, no problem, you get in the truck with your team and head off to the next town. In the next town you find an enemy patrol guarding what it seems like a weapons cache, you attack their position and fill the truck with the ammo crates they were protecting and go back to your base to fill your depot with the loot. On your way home you see the UN fighting off a insurgent group, you choose to ignore and quickly pass by the conflict. Once you arrive your base you load off the truck with the supplies you gathered and decide to keep the vehicle for further use. When the night arrives you decide to set up a camp fire and plan your next actions based on the current situation, you tell your units to assume defensive positions and commence the patrol, you go to sleep, or you can choose to carry out a night patrol into enemy territory to get the upper hand and find some supplies. The next day you encounter a group of civilian scavengers and decided to buy a crate full of ammo, since they liked doing business with you, you can call them next time you need supplies and they will take their trading truck to your base in order to carry out further transactions with you. And the mission goes on and on without end..." END OF GAMEPLAY DESCRIPTION So, this is my idea, sure there are a lots of stuff i could include, but for now its enough, i will lay out a detailed features list after i have done some more thinking and have received some input from you guys. Currently i am the only one developing this mission, so if anyone (modders, addon creators, programmers, etc) wants to join me, please feel free to post on this thread and let me know you would like to contribute, and i will gladly set up a repo or something so we can work together! Also any input and idea will be more than welcome and very valuable, so if you have an idea, dont keep it to yourself, even if you find it useless or silly, just let me know and i will gladly take into consideration. ;) Basically this mission will not use any third party addons, you red it right, no addons and no custom 3d models or any other sort of external requirements, because of 2 reasons: First, my skills are limited only to programming, im not a 3d artist. Secondly, i want to make this mission as simple as possible, in regards of technical requirements. The only requirements are Arma 2 OA, thats it! I will also make the code for this mission publicly available and well commented so the community can benefit from my efforts. "So what have you done until now?" Awesome question! Right now i am still figuring out how i am going to be doing the software engineering part (array manipulation libraries, procedures and functions skeletons, coding guidelines for the project, garbage collection, the mission loop, etc), i have some test scenarios to help me figure out the best way to do things in the game engine, but after this week or the other i will probably have this part sorted out. So that's it guys, i will post some screenshots when i have something solid to show to you. Criticism is welcome, but please lets keep it respectful ok guys? Sorry for the uggly english mistakes. See you in the next post!!! :D