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  1. Hi, sorry I cant help with maps but I am trying to make a mission out of the stargate mod this is avail on steam workshop. Do you know of any way to have the stargate always on without a player having to turn it on? maybe by trigger? or just at the beginning of map? I tried all these in the init of the gate and also the computer and alien console but none worked. dial condition = "!(this in DHDs_inuse) && nearestobject [this,""sga_gate""] in sga_gates && !(nearestobject [this,""sga_gate""] in sgaopen)"; statement = "[this] execvm ""\sga_dhd\sqf\simple.sqf"" "; glyph condition = "nearestobject [this,""sga_gate""] in sga_gates"; statement = "[nearestobject [this,""sga_gate""]] execvm ""\sga_dhd\sqf\address.sqf"" ";
  2. cpl_hicks


    So much awesome worked like a charm!! btw what is _scr ? Thanks!
  3. cpl_hicks

    ARMAnet Podcast

    Great to hear the Unsung guys, good work thanks!
  4. cpl_hicks


    Hey pookie thanks for this great mod. Question I am trying to spectate while an ai flys to a waypoint and have the pods deploy but they dont work. In the config I found this: statement = "[this,1] execVM '\pook_aliens\scripts\pods.sqf'"; Not sure what to do with that so i tried this: helo1 animate "flapsDown"; Still no luck, is there any way to have an ai deploy it or maybe using unit capture deploy pods without actually being the pilot and doing it yourself? Thanks
  5. If i am in a harrier for instance i would see a list of user interaction's like lower flaps lights gear etc My question is how do i make an ai choose a certain one while i am on the ground watching him fly. Hoping i can do something like once he gets to a certain waypoint within the waypoint init i could put something like: This harrier "lowerflaps"; or this player2 " user action3"; And once it hits the waypoint he will lower flaps... Is this possible? Please show examples with real values not variables if possible.. Thanks
  6. cpl_hicks

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    I have not really tried FARPS. I would say a little less enemy vehicles but more diverse and deadlier Ai that do not instantly disappear when you kill them would make it more fun.
  7. cpl_hicks

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    I can concur with Bullet's findings. Also I did notice that some of the Ei disappear instantly after you kill them. If I recall the original evo had it perfect where some if not most would disappear fairly quick to prevent lag but some would stay much longer to give the feeling of persistence and also you could be resourceful and use their assets. As for armor I did notice it gets pretty heavy over time starting by the 3rd liberated town we noticed Shilkas and by the 4rth T72's mixed in. I would tone down the heavy air until the map is maybe half complete then unleash and maybe put much more Technical's near the beginning to make us feel more manly and let the noobs gain confidence as it gets harder =D Still a great effort nonetheless!
  8. cpl_hicks

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Whats the server? I currently only find one running sahrani evo
  9. cpl_hicks

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    There is a server that is running it and it is awesome. I cant remember the name but is the only server running this and 3 of us are going to play it tonight if anyone wants to join. Should be around 20:00 pst tonight there will be at least 2 or 3 of us. Just do a search on coop evolution blue. This brings back so much memories. The Ai is very nice and challenging though some tweaks need to be made but it is already great! I feel like it has so much potential, its a shame its not exploded by now.
  10. cpl_hicks

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    This is awesome great news will try tonight!! Thanks!
  11. cpl_hicks

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Especially since CUP now is getting pretty good traction any chance of Sahrani evo soon?
  12. cpl_hicks

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Sahrani evo still in the works?
  13. Any chance of a Zetaborn port?
  14. cpl_hicks

    What faction would you want next?

    I don't see how that would make people angry as all earth elements should be as realistic as possible. Just talking about adding a new faction and let the mission makers decide if they should use them or not.
  15. cpl_hicks

    What faction would you want next?

    I would like to see extra terrestrials maybe as little bonus expansion and story. Keep all the realism and authenticity but adding E.T.'s just as a little curve ball and an interesting story which would add the element of fighting something other than humans.