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  1. Notice that aswell and now I'm remembering the Arma Reforger leaks for awhile back which was Everon. And the quote from the blog https://www.bohemia.net/blog/Introducing-Enfusion-Engine Maybe Reforger was just the playable demo of Enfusion.
  2. cozza

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    answer to number 6. There's a repair truck in the UN base. I only found out last night when going on the final objective.
  3. After playing for a few hours Its a great CDLC. Love the map and making my way throught the campaign atm. I'm a terrible merc. We had to stop for 5 minutes to admire the moon rising over the dunes. Screw getting intel
  4. I remember a 1 hour long intro to a campaign. and a car with a subwoofer. But that might of been FDF, not to sure now.
  5. cozza

    Combat Mission (Realistic Wargaming Sim)

    I'm cheap so I'm playing Command Ops 2 which is free on steam.
  6. cozza

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Maybe its a VBL? Thats 4x4. VBL is French for Light Armoured Vehicle or LAV. I'm wrong. I just want to stir shit up. 😅
  7. That's sounds like a you problem. Not a BIS, CSLA problem to fix. Make a mission all your group can enjoy with RHS. Or make 2 mission. A mission for 10-30 people to use the CDLC with. And 1 which everyone can without the CDLC.
  8. cozza

    Merry X-Mas!

    I recently found an old game I got for Christmas in 2001 on the shelf and I have decided to retro game today.
  9. cozza

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Favorite is the Angara. Feels heavy. Tank i'm really quite surprised at is the Nyx. I went in thinking I would hate the thing but after playing the first mission in Altis Requiem I fell in love with it. Having to think tactically in it. Fight from a distance and position it well. Don't go toe to toe with anything that can take out a tank. Vehicle handling is pretty cool. Tanks no longer feel weightless but big heavy vehicles. except the Kamiysh and Tigris. Is it just me or did the max speed of them get raised. I tell the driver to go slow and we go flying off at 60 km/h. At fast speed we at hitting 90. Seems to a bit to fast. Campaign, I haven't finished it yet but quite enjoying it. First mission was great, I'm might just be a slow player but it took me about an hour. Sweeping the ridge lines with FLIR looking for movement. Finding a good position to shoot a top attack missle on a technical.
  10. cozza

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    what the bet the Bohemia t72 tank will show up in the DLC or in the patch?
  11. Is this the last mission from Survive? My squad was all dead before we had to run away. I didn't fight the paratroopers. I just ran along the water front, over the rocks and reached Miller in his boat without a single fight.
  12. cozza


    ewww billboard trees. Horrible looking. Great if your in a plane, helicopter. Horrible looking elsewhere
  13. cozza

    Development Blog & Reveals

    is it me or do the lips on the co pilot from Mareks video looks like a womens. Maybe we get female soldiers in Apex
  14. cozza

    TTIP has been revealed

    hope this thing dies in the water and never heard of again. http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/nov/07/us-senators-claims-australia-is-being-greedy-over-trade-deal-rejected Oh no, we're greedy for not wanting medicine to be more expensive.
  15. Graffiti wouldn't really need to be added to buildings individually ruining immersion if 2 buildings are placed side by side with same graffiti, we already got a module in Arma3 that apply's graffiti and stuff to buildings already.
  16. cozza

    ArmA 3 Custom Buildings

    since when has a centerlink been right next to the bank? Should be next to the pub :P
  17. cozza

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I'm not the only person that can imagine a huge fight at Bohemia about why they cant call it Arma3 Splendid? :P :P :P
  18. cozza

    $13 billion warship is first of its kind

    From what I read somewhere the catapults don't work.
  19. cozza

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Hmmmm they maybe going for some kinda Bougainville like backstory. Thats kinda sounds allot like the Bougainville Civil War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bougainville_Civil_War
  20. BIS dont need to add landing zones. Just add theses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BLU-82 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GBU-43/B_Massive_Ordnance_Air_Blast Instant landing zones in the jungle :p
  21. That just the British way "Hello there old chap. Say, we will give you these lovely beads. Shiny. And we will just take everything you own from here to the horizon" :p
  22. I though this girl at work was annoying once. She spoke in a mean tone and all that and bossed me around. I found out later its because she liked me so I took her on a date, then another etc etc and we ended up being gf/bf. There was another women at work who hated me for no reason. Used to kick me outta work early, call me shit. She was one of those anti men lesbians that look like a truck driver. So before my day off I stuck a whole bunch of spoons on the knife rake with a note saying "you mad?" and stuck the knifes in the spoon drawer. She cracked the shits at the boss and had a huge argument. Then she got sacked for verbally insulting the boss :p
  23. well........................that ruined my holiday plans. :(
  24. considering the houses don't have toilets it would be a huge waste of money on the Altis Republic to build a sewage plant. :p
  25. cozza

    Steam discussion

    i wouldn't mind if BIS chose selected quality mods to be sold. RHS being one. If charge some money for RHS. I would be happy buy it. I like RHS stuff and think they do deserve some money. Atm moment though 25% is too low. especially since valve is getting so much for doing fuck all really. if payable mods came to Arma3, yes, BIS deserve some of it because its there game. the modder yes, because they built it. Vavle getting so much. They just host the bloody workshop. With all the money Valve is making Half Life 3 better be pretty fucking good :p