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  1. Wonderful! [OG] Grind House Argo Server up and running. Thanks Bunches!!!
  2. ajax420

    Sopwith Camel

    Your mod has an error it gives every time we start our dedicated server with your mod. Something about rotory wing .cfg missing...
  3. ajax420

    BMR Insurgency

    Are you serious? Go somewhere else and act the "Know It All" How do you even know your solution will even work given the extreme complexity of all the things happening in this mission. Geez dude. Where is your missions at? Like this one with all the stuff happening in it all working together...? Honey gets the sweet bees. Shit gets you nasty fly's.
  4. ajax420

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    +1. Love you mate. I have been a huge fan since 2001 when a buddy of mine gave a me a disc with ofp beta was on it. HOOKED! EVER SINCE! I see this whole thing as a possible downfall to the best title and development studio ever. Im am very nervous as to how this will turn out. Please BIS, think twice before this goes live.
  5. Try this out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/igymq40svv...Insurgency.zip just make sure you use ASR_AI Mod to make the AI human like in their hunt for you and your team. The mission requires cba, a3mp and a3mp-ap. Dont use ALIVE. It is friendly to most other mods.
  6. JIGSOR =BMR= Has an incredible Insurgency mission working great on several maps... check it out... It will not disappoint.
  7. ajax420

    BMR Insurgency

    This mission is some seriously LIVE ACTION!. Great work Jigsor.
  8. The sights epileptic shaking is ridiculous!!! Come on BIS!!!! Really? Oh yea... I have been waiting for doors to make a sound for years!!!!
  9. Can ASR_AI be used with the ALIVE mod? I hope or the script from Robalo can be used to make the AI's fighting skills better than the place card hold skill of the dumb stock BIS AI.
  10. Does asr ai work with the mission?
  11. ajax420

    TMR Modular Realism

    I still am having optics being squished into an ellipse while using 5760x1080 resolution on 3 monitor setup. Is there a fix for that? Thanks.
  12. please remove the @HAFM folder from six network... So that play with six wIll launch your game with the correct mod folder. ---------- Post added at 09:53 ---------- Previous post was at 09:44 ---------- the label for both of your mod folders is exactly the same label (Hellenic Armed Forces MOD)and play with six tries to sync up the client with what the server is running the very first folder it assigns you is @HAFM not @HAFM_A3 Either re-label the mod to the mod folder name or remove the old @HAFM from Play With Six network. That is two ways to fix the issue. Thanks.
  13. When the mod "@HAFM_A3" runs on a server it shows up as "Hellinic Armed Forces MOD" in the list of mods running on the server. When you as a client tries to connect to the server using "Play With Six" your game launches with "@HAFM" (The incorrect mod). "@HAFM" has the wrong content and is not able to be updated with "Play With Six" You can manually search for the "@HAFM_A3" mod folder and get it with "Play With Six" If you use "Play With Six" it will force you to launch with a broken mod folder....... "@HAFM" I don't know how else to explain this any clearer....... That is why I want to chat with you , in hopes to get you to understand the problem.
  14. "Play with Six" sets you up with "@HAFM" mod folder for servers running the "@HAFM_A3" mod..... "@HAFM" Has nothing in it, nor can it be updated or downloaded........... The client can not get the correct "@HAFM_A3" mod folder to launch and connect to the server. Please fix the naming so the server running "@HAFM_A3" will cause the connecting client to launch with "@HAFM_A3".... Please fix this!!! Love your mod, would love to have people be able to play it with us using "Play with Six".... If you have any questions please jump on our TS3 server to help us. ts3.oniongamers.com or give me your TS PW so I can chat you up if you don't know what I am meaning. Jigsor tried to explain this as well... He is one of the guys adding your content to our missions.... Just the mod folder naming thing needs to be fixed.
  15. Dog fighting... Oh yea!
  16. Hey terox... try using robalos asr ai mod. It makes the ai amazing. It not official but he has it to get off his site. Asr ai or no ai...
  17. ajax420

    Real Armor Mod

    Sorry if this was asked already as I did not take time to read the whole thread... Is this fully Mp dedicated compatible? If so, does the server and client need it? Also I freaking love that you are doing this and I hope BIS implements it in game as well. Also I read your small comment about there being a NATO vs Warsaw mod.... AWESOME. Please keep us all posted on that. Cheers!!!
  18. If you want to need the use of cas then run your server with the ASR_AI mod and you will never feel like cheating again. That mod is a GAME CHANGER! Use the latest verion of Robalos awesome mod to play against ai that act nearly like live players in soooo many way. Stock bis ai are just awful in soooo many ways...
  19. I really want to see a tactical cooperative dedicated server mission for free fall skydiving Challenges. I think it could even be made into its own stand alone mini game.
  20. We run Robalos ASR AI mod on our coop server. Will it conflict with this mission? Has anyone else tried it yet. ASR AI is the only way we have found the bis ai to be any good at all. I really want to be able to play against ASR AI in this mission. Regular bis ai are just dumb as dirt. And have you got the HC to work with battleeye running?
  21. All the stuff is there. Please devs... find some time to make a multi-player skydiving game out of Arma3 and its Halo jumping abilities. Start with a briefing of what your jump teams needs to accomplish on the free fall and how to insert after pulling chutes and if you succeed you get money or points to upgrade chutes or jump suites and such. BIS or some talented mission maker... please make this come true.
  22. Some fellas over at B.I.S. need to give this company a call and do some cross marketing. http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj409/AJAX429/20131013_182149_zpsa74e3c18.jpg (123 kB) http://i554.photobucket.com/albums/jj409/AJAX429/20131013_183004_zpsf65b5d03.jpg (213 kB)
  23. ajax420

    Widescreen / Multi-monitor set up

    I have 3 1920 by 1080 24 inch displays. Also a GTX 660 Ti video card what I set up the game it says that shows 5670 by 1080 resolution but all I get for my aspect ratio option is 12 by 3 widescreen why shouldn't it be 16 by 3 I feel something is wrong. The circle and square are squished and do not overlap properly. Please help.
  24. ajax420

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Yes the bullet system as well as everything Arma2's engine does is more CPU demanding than any other game out there. Period! What is it with soooo many people complaining about how Arma2 is not optimized... Stupid statement! You just can not say that Arma does not run as smooth as BF3 so there fore it's not optimized?????? What???? Learn about this game a little. Please! Arma2 is a very well optimized game for all its capabilities and massive scope and I think we all can agree on that.
  25. ajax420

    Arma2 RFT 1.60