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  1. Yeah, noticed that too. Annoying :P Any workaround?
  2. m0nkm0nk

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Thanks BI for the update (: So, 64bit executable but still my process manages to stay around 2/3gb of ram. I wonder how you guys did manage to fill it up as shown in the OPREP screenshots. Tried different ram allocators (64b included). All on Ultra and even with 12km viewdistance. Must say it did run very smooth and loading times are almost gone.
  3. My server was still on V4. Tried updating to V8/V7/V6 without any luck. V5 seems to work.
  4. Thanks for update! Linux server wont start on the v8 profiling/performance 139037 build. RTP : http://pastebin.com/TYAf49N9 startcup.sh : http://pastebin.com/dESFYmb0 No mods. ➜ arma3 clear ➜ arma3 screen ./startcup.sh ./startcup.sh: line 26: 14844 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ./arma3server -cfg="/$networkConfig" -config="$serverConfig" -name="$profileName" -world=empty -port=2302 -noS[screen is terminating]ePatching -par=startupparameter.txt >> "arma3server_$(date +%s).rpt" 2>> "arma3server_$(date +%s).rpt" ➜ arma3
  5. Is there some kind of change log for all releases in one file? Like A2 Beta builds had.
  6. Fixed. Starting with Arma3.exe gave me these issues. Now BE validated the ACE dlls I'm starting again with Arma3battleeye.exe.
  7. First; great work! The jams are real now lol ^ Sec; Me and some friends(not all of them) do have some interaction problems since last update. When we're trying to open the interaction menu with the Windows Key the game Alt-Tabs out. Only thing we changed is disabling BE for the time being as DLLS fail to load cause BE. Are we alone on this one? :mellow:
  8. Thanks for the update! Respect for the many years of effort! Finally some proper 3d editor play time without constantly removing ace optics :lol: @opendome, Nope, seems all good.
  9. m0nkm0nk


    Hey m4rt14l, First > thanks for the mission :) Second > some reports ^ *I know Arma3 (+ MODS) where recently updated, not sure if all of these problems are cause of that* 1. Not sure why but after around 1-2hours of playing fps drops to 1. Listen server. Happened to me several times now on this mission. Have no logs whatsoever atm. 2. TFAR doesn't seem to work out of the box. Tested with around 10 guys. TS says > Task Force Radio Status (0.9.8):Connected Y Play N P:0.9.8 A..... Fixed by removing REQ TFAR module in the editor. 3. Ace related > is it possible to fully recover a wounded medic with only one medic in the field? Like at the MASH? Fixed by placing Ace Med Facility module. Mods used: All REQ + Ace & ASR_AI. :wub:
  10. m0nkm0nk

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Amazing! Keep up the good work :cool: Offtopic: Any updates for the arma2 client? Would love to play i44 again with ACRE without the need to downgrade my TS
  11. In any Multi Session Operation mission with EOD mod enabled TFR removes the THOR3 backpack :( "No entry config...... THOR3" And the game removes the backpack. Is there anything I can do to play with both? I really dont wanna go back to older teamspeak versions with ACRE ^
  12. Hehe, should have mentioned that but nope, no GPS in my inventory. I mainly play I44 and when you sit in the back of (example) a C47 airplane you can see your position at all time. My guess is that all air vehicles have hard-coded GPS build in :( Pilot: http://www.swe-gaming.com/fsx/files/2014-08/141710_2014-08-14_00001.jpg Back Seat: http://www.swe-gaming.com/fsx/files/2014-08/141710_2014-08-14_00002.jpg Gear: http://www.swe-gaming.com/fsx/files/2014-08/141710_2014-08-14_00003.jpg Using a work around at the time. A script removes the player map while they are in the back seat.
  13. Its actually very easy. HOST (You in this case): 1. Open port 2302 UDP in your router/firewall. (if you have no idea how to do this http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001201.htm OR google) 2. Go to http://www.whatismyip.com/ and give your friends this IP. 3. Start your ARMA OA and go to Multiplayer. 4. Click NEW, fill in a Name, Password and change it to Internet. (leave port default) 5. Once you are in the mission select menu let your friends join. (see step 6) 5b. If you dont see your mission make sure you have it copied to Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPmissions CLIENT (your friends in this case): 6. Start ARMA OA and go to Multiplayer. 7. Click Remote and at Adress fill in the IP your host gave you and hit OK(see step 2). 8. Server should be in the list now and joinable. If you still fail to get this set-up you might wanna try Hamachi as Mirek stated above :) Good luck.
  14. There are a lot of missions you can just download and run without any editor need. Look around on the USER MISSIONS forum OR take a look at armaholic.com Once you found/downloaded a mission put the mission files (.pbo) files in the Arma 2\MPMissions folder and start a LAN server. If you still feel the need of making your own mission look the tutorials on the forums/internet. Good luck.